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Professional License in UAE Freezones & Mainland

Professional License in UAE

Update: For obtaining a Professional License in UAE from the mainland, there is no requirement of appointing a Local Service Agent. It is based on the amendments in the Commercial Companies Law.

Professional License types are the most sought-after license types in UAE across the Free Zones and the Mainland. There is minimal documentation for obtaining a Professional License in UAE. Also, Professional License in Free Zone or Mainland enables 100% foreign ownership for the investor.

However, in the mainland, there is a requirement of appointing a UAE Local Service Agent for a foreign investor.  The 100% ownership rests with the investor and the Local Service Agent will have no role in the ownership or operations.

Professional License in UAE Free Zones

Professional License in UAE Free Zone is always on high demand among investors. It is due to the various business benefits offered by the Free Zones of UAE. Hence, to drive more foreign investment and trade in UAE, Free zones are offering cost-effective business setup packages.

Additionally, the UAE Freezones have launched a series of initiatives such as the reduction of Company License costs, waiving certain government fees, reducing share capital requirements, free addition of business activities, etc.

As a measure to boost the company registrations in the free zones and empower investors, the free zones are offering exciting offers and benefits for new company formations in the UAE.

Now, let’s look at the business setup process in the UAE Free Zones

Legal business types in Free Zones

You can set up either of the two types of companies in the Free Zones of UAE

  • Free Zone Limited liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

The difference between the above legal business types is the number of shareholders. Also, whether the shareholder is a holding company or an individual owner. Meanwhile, all the Free Zones in the UAE do not register both types.

You can check with the respective free zone authorities to know more. You can also take the assistance of a business consultant to decide on which of the legal structure to choose.

Also, discuss and check the feasibility of your desired business activities across the various free zones of UAE.

How to get a Professional License in UAE Free Zones?

Once you have chosen the legal business type and business activity; proceed to get a name approval for your trade name. Then apply for the professional license in UAE Free Zone and choose an office space.

To get the Professional License in UAE Free Zone, obtain all the pre-approvals and register your business in the Chamber of Commerce. The respective Free Zone Authority will issue the UAE Free Zone Professional license.

Get the approvals by submitting the documents either through a business consultant or directly to the Free Zone Authorities. 

For UAE Freezone Professional License, reach out to us here!

Professional License from the Mainland in UAE

There are a couple of advantages for the individual by applying for a professional trade license in Dubai Mainland. The most important one being the professional license allows 100% ownership for foreign investors.

An investor can utilize the advantages of a civil company when applying for a professional license in the Mainland of Dubai.

For a non-UAE national to get a professional license in the mainland of Dubai, you must appoint a UAE National as a local service agent to complete the business licensing process.

The agent will have no direct involvement in the company operations. However, there is an annual fee for administrative service delivery by the agent. The professional license in Dubai mainland is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Procedures to get a Professional License in UAE

  • Local Service Agreement form to be prepared along with the UAE National and a local translator.
  • The form then has to be attested from public notary service in Dubai
  • If the document is prepared in Arabic, the legal translator seal is not required.
  • Prepare a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Mention the LSA fees in the agreement
  • For Civil Company registration, there are additional documentation
  • All partners have to attend the notary to sign the court agreement
  • Get the tenancy contract approval ready
  • Submit all the attested forms to the DED
  • Submit the passport copies of the partners, & any NoCs to the DED
  • Make the required payment for the issuance of the professional license via authorized payment options specified by DED.

Who needs a Professional License in Dubai?

Any company or individual who requires to share their expertise as a service and who are professionally trained to deliver the services are eligible for a professional license in Dubai.

Activities that are categorized under the Professional License in Dubai

  • Construction Engineering Consultancy
  • Electronic Engineering Consultancy
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultancy
  • Science & Technology Consultancy
  • Safety Consultancy
  • Advertising Consultancy
  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management Consultancy
  • Facilities Management
  • Immigration Consultancy
  • Corporate Services Provider
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Health Awareness Consultancy
  • Marketing Research & Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Media Consultancy
  • Event Management Consultancy
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Health & Fitness Consultancy
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Real Estate Consultancy

Professional License Renewal in Dubai

Based on the business jurisdictions, the individual has to approach the concerned authority to renew the professional license every year. The investor must submit the required documents and make the License Renewal Fee payment to the concerned authorities.

Expert business consultants such as Aurion, will handhold you for license renewals and other allied business support services while you focus on your core business activity. The License Renewal process in the mainland of Dubai and Free zones in the UAE are almost similar.

Below are the steps to renew a Professional License in Dubai

  • The tenancy contract must be valid for at least three months from the application date. (Hence, ensure the tenancy contract is renewed before you apply for professional license renewal with the concerned authorities)
  • Get the required approvals from the concerned authorities to renew the license.
  • For professional license, there are no such additional government authority clearances required
  • Submit the valid tenancy contract, Ejari attestation, renewal form to the DED. Also, submit any supporting documents requested by DED.
  • Get the payment voucher and transaction number,
  • Make the payment through the authorized channels and receive your renewed Professional License.

 For any assistance on UAE Free zone company license, mainland company formation, license renewals in Dubai and UAE, feel free to reach out to us any time!

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