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Visa Assistance in UAE

Assistance for UAE Investor, Employment and Dependent Visa

Visa Assistance in UAE

Visa is an official document stamp on your passport, which allows you to enter or stay in a particular country for a specific period of time. Under UAE Law, there are different types of visas available. The type of visa depends on the entry purpose of the visitor. Any visitor coming to UAE requires a valid tourist visa. The visa can be either in the form of a visa on arrival or a pre-applied tourist visa depending upon your nationality or the passport you are holding. Hiring a reputed Business Consultants for Visa Assistance in UAE will help foreigners obtain visas without hassle.

UAE Residence visa is mandatory for all other nationalities to enable them to stay for long in UAE. There are various Visa options available to opt for. Setting up a company in UAE and obtaining visas under the company is the easiest way to settle in UAE for foreign investors.

Explore the below visa options and reach out to our expert Business Consultants, we are here to assist you in UAE Residence Visa processing and allied business support services.
Visa Assistance in UAE

Types of Visas in Dubai- UAE

To live, study, work or visit UAE one must be having a valid visa corresponding to their purpose of visit.

A tourist or visitor in UAE must hold a valid Tourist/Visit Visa. They are legally not allowed to work in the country.

Similarly, for employment, the employer or the sponsor will apply for an entry permit for the employee. They have to enter UAE, conduct medical test and then proceed to the residence visa stamping on their passport.

Following are the type of visas available in UAE:

  • Employment Visa – permits the foreign national to work for a specific time period.
  • Investor / Partner Visa – allows to enter or stay in country based on his/her investment.
  • Visit or Tourist Visa – permits you to enter for a certain time period.
  • Family or Sponsor Visa – permits sponsoring of parents, spouse, and children.
  • Maid Visa – allows the foreign national to work under the sponsorship of the employer.

Sponsoring your Dependents in UAE

You will be eligible for sponsoring your dependents once you have a residence visa. The dependent must meet the minimum salary requirements for sponsorship.

Obtain an Investor Visa by opening a company in any of the Free Zones or in the Mainland of Dubai. You will be eligible to sponsor your dependents and apply for employment visas based on your visa quota.

All shareholders/Directors/Managers & Employees of a Company registered in UAE are eligible for UAE Resident Visa. Depending on the visa quota allotted to the company, based on their license and business setup package.

Visa Rules for UAE Resident Visa Holders

Expatriate Residents holding a UAE Resident Visa can only live outside UAE for not more than six months continuously. Their residency visa will be automatically nullified. They will have to apply for a new entry permit to enter the UAE again.

There are few exceptions to this rule. Under certain criteria it allows UAE resident expatriates to continue their stay outside of UAE for more than six months. They can still maintain the validity of residence visa.

The Exemptions are the following:

  • Foreigner wife of an Emirati Citizen who is on the sponsorship of her husband.
  • Expatriate government employees sent abroad for treatment. They submit medical reports approved by the Ministry of Health or any other medical authorities in the UAE.
  • Domestic helpers accompanying Emirates for studies or medical treatment.
  • Expatriate residents working for the public sector sent by their employers to attend training or specialist courses. Also, those working in the employers’ office abroad. Their families who are holders of valid residence visas in the UAE is also exempted.
  • Domestic helpers accompanying diplomat members. Also on Consular missions representing the UAE abroad and employees of such missions holding resident visas in the UAE.
  • Expatriate students studying in the universities or institutes abroad (as per Dubai rules). For each emirate, these rules are different, you can check with GDRFA for more details.

1. Documents required to Employment Visa in UAE

  • Offer Letter
  • Copy of Passport (at least 6 months validity)
  • If inside country Current Visa copy (Visit or Cancelled Visa)
  • Passport size photo with white background
  • Attested Degree Certificate (Applicable for higher position)

2. Documents required to obtain Investor / Partner Visa in UAE

  • Color Copy of Passport (at least 6 months validity)
  • Passport size photo with white background
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
  • Trade License Copy
  • Partners List (for LLC)
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License)
  • Last six month’s Bank Statement (if the company is old)

3. Documents required to obtain Visit or Tourist Visa in UAE

  • Color Copy of Passport
  • Passport size photo with white background

4. Documents required to obtain Family or Sponsor Visa in UAE

  • Passport Copies of Wife and children
  • One photograph (white background) of each sponsored person
  • Sponsor’s original passport and Emirates ID
  • Original Marriage Certificate – attested from UAE Embassy and home country (applicable for spouse)
  • Birth Certificate (for child) attested from UAE Embassy in Home Country and Foreign Affairs in UAE.
  • Original Ejari Certificate & Electricity Bill
  • Six months Bank Statement

5. Documents required to obtain Maid Visa in UAE

  • Passport Copies of Wife and children
  • One photograph (white background)
  • Original passport of sponsor and spouse (for scanning)
  • Emirates ID of sponsor
  • Original attested marriage Certificate of the sponsor
  • Labor Contract
  • Tenancy Contract consisting of minimum two bedrooms
  • Electricity and Water Bill in the name of applicant or spouse

Applying for a New Visa – Common Reasons to Get Rejected

The visa application process in the UAE is very seamless and quick. The individual has to apply for a visa by filling in the required application form.

The individual has to provide the necessary documents. Submit the scanned copies of passport, invitation letter from the sponsor, return tickets (tourist visa), etc. Receive the required visa from UAE after the document review from the authorities.

Common Reasons for Visa Application Rejection in UAE

Even though the visa application process is seamless. There will be instances of visa rejections due to the following most common reasons:

  • If the individual has held a visa previously and left the country without canceling the UAE visa.
  • To get approval in such cases, the PRO Agent will have to get the clearance from the immigration department.
  • Any handwritten passports will automatically get rejected by the UAE immigration.
  • Visa applicants with previous criminal offense, fraud or misconduct committed in the UAE.
  • Previously applied for the tourist visa and not entering the country.
  • Applicants who applied for employment visa via a company (prospective employer) but did not enter the country.
  • Visa application with typo errors. Misspelled name, passport number, and profession code will see a delay in approvals or may result in rejections.
  • Passport copies in not readable format.
  • Visa applications with an unclear photo.

When applied via the online UAE immigration system, the approval will get delayed or may even get rejected due to the above reasons. Consult an expert in the UAE and get a visa assistance to avoid visa application rejection.

Long term Residence Visa – 10 year Gold Visa

UAE Government has broadened the professions eligible for the specialist talent visa of 10-years. Now a wide range of specialists can avail the benefits of a 10-year Residence Visa in UAE.

The visa eliminates the need for a Sponsor and issued to the individual upon meeting certain criteria. Under the long-term visa the individual is eligible for sponsor spouse and children too and settle comfortably in UAE for a long period. Explore more about the 10-year Gold Visa here.

Aurion provides a professional PRO Service with dedicated PRO Coordinator and a well experienced team that can assist to arrange your visa quickly without any hassle. Contact Us for any kind of Visa Assistance in UAE.

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