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Trading License in Dubai

Trading License in Dubai
The Trading License in Dubai is the most sought-after business license category among business investors. The Cost of a Trading License in Dubai is starting from AED 12,500 in Dubai Free Trade Zones. Trading License enables the Investors to conduct business in UAE for the specific chosen business activities under the Trading License.

In UAE, most Free Zones have a provision to include 3 related business activities under a single business license. There are few Free Zones in UAE where the cap of maximum activities under a single business license is 10. Trading Licenses are available in UAE across the 40 plus Free Trade Zones and also in the Mainland of UAE.

Trading License in Free Zone

Investor prefers Free Trade Zones for the easy setup of the company. UAE Trade License from the Free Zones comes with a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs. There is a wide range of business packages available along with the Free Zone Trading License in Dubai. Also, the 100% foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, office space facilities, etc., make it easy for the investors to start their business operations in UAE.

Trading License in Mainland

For the entrepreneurs getting a mainland Trading License in Dubai is a prospective business opportunity. A Trading License in Mainland enables the investor to conduct business in the UAE mainland as well as export the items to a new market. Dubai Economy is the Governing body and Trading License issuing authority for the selected business activities. The investor can set up a Limited Liability Company in the UAE Mainland and obtain the Trading License.

Difference Between Trading License in Free Zone and Mainland 

There are differences between Free Zone and Mainland Trade License in Dubai in various levels ranging from administrative to process. Here are a few major differences between the Free Zone and Mainland Trade License in Dubai.

Free Zone Trade License Mainland Trade License
Free Zone Trade License in Dubai is issued by the respective Free Zone Authority. In the Mainland of Dubai, the Trade License is issued by the Dubai Economy (Department of Economic Development).
The Free Trade Zones offer a host of business infrastructure and facilities ranging from customized office spaces to warehousing facilities with in free zone. Mainland Trade License in Dubai provides the flexibility to expand the office space, take retail shops, rent warehouses anywhere in UAE
In free zone investor can own 100% share of the company for all kind of business licenses. Certain business activities require share capital investment for 100% expat owner ship

How Can You Get General Trading License in Dubai?

General Trading License in UAE is a popular business license category among investors. The cost of a Free Zone General Trading License in Dubai is AED 17,900 for 1 visa quota (Special Promotion Offer until 30 November 2021). Entrepreneurs choose the General Trade License in Dubai for easily conducting trade operations in UAE. Obtaining a General Trading License from Dubai has many advantages for the investors the major one being the ability to trade multiple items.

The General Trading License in Dubai is acquired from either the Free Trade Zones of Dubai or the Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economy). Depending on the business expansion goals and locations targeted, the investor can choose between the Free Zone and Mainland of Dubai for setting up their trading company.

Advantages of General Trading License

General Trading License in Dubai can be obtained from the Free Zones or the Mainland of Dubai. For businesses aiming at tapping the local UAE market, opening retail stores, and distributing items in UAE and GCC markets; the General Trading License from the Mainland of Dubai is a preferred option due to the flexibility in conducting such operations.

However, for international trade, the Free Zone General Trading License is a preferred choice. As there are customs duty exemptions, VAT exemptions for companies in designated free zones.

Key Benefits of General Trading License in Dubai Mainland

  • Easy to conduct trade operations in UAE, GCC, and worldwide
  • Take Warehouses and Office Spaces in UAE and expand the business as required
  • Easily set up a company, take UAE Residence Visa for investors and employees
  • Hire more staff and open retail outlets and distribution centers in Dubai
  • Get an Import Export Code and register in the Port and Custom to conduct international trade

How Aurion Will Assist in Obtaining Trading License in UAE?

Aurion’s team of expert Business Consultants will guide you with the right Free Zone or Mainland Company Setup depending on your business license, nature of the business activity, and other business requirements.

The Team will assist in the end-to-end process of obtaining the Trading License from the Free Zone as well as the Mainland in the most hassle-free and cost-effective way. Connect with our team right away to know more about the cost of a trading license in UAE.