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Business Center in UAE – Office Type facilities available in UAE

Business centers in UAE are commercial office spaces available in the mainland of UAE. It is one of the preferred choices for business owners as the rent for the business center is comparatively lower than Free Zone offices and other commercial buildings in the UAE.

Also, in the Business Center, there are options for Flexi-Desk, Co-working Spaces, Shared Offices, and also executive offices. UAE is a trade hub and many large and small businesses operate in the country. Few of the Free Zones such as the IFZA, DMCC, Meydan in Dubai have dedicated Business Centers in the Free Zone premises for the investors.

There are many cost-effective options available for setting up a company in Dubai such as the Free Zone companies. However, when the office rent for a year is factored in, depending on the location of the Free Zone, the overall cost will be on the higher side.

Office Facilities in UAE – Various Types of Offices

In Business Centers, there are very competitive Flexi-Desk hourly, weekly and monthly charges. Businesses with a license from Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET) can easily take office space in any of the Business Centers in Dubai without any hassle. The Office Facilities in UAE are of top class standards.

business center in UAE

Similarly, Free Zones such as Meydan in Dubai and Sharjah Media City in Sharjah, etc., have provision for the entrepreneur to obtain a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from the Free Zone to take office space in the mainland of the respective Emirate.

So, the business owners can take the license from the Free Zone and lease an office in any of the Business Centers to keep the initial business setup cost low.

Types of Office Facilities Available in UAE

There are different office facilities available in UAE for business owners to lease for their companies. The lease agreement is for 1 year and is renewable yearly. The Office facilities are available in the UAE Mainland and Free Zones with varying infrastructure and amenities.

UAE has the perfect business infrastructure for business owners to successfully launch their businesses. For most of the business activities in UAE, having an office space is advisable for gaining customer trust and coordinating operations efficiently.

1. Office Facilities in the Free Zones of UAE

Most of the Free Zones in UAE have office spaces in their premises for business owners to use readily and conduct their business. Also, there are many advantages to having an office space for a company.

In the Free Zone, there are co-working, flexi-desk, and shared office types available for both short-term and long-term. The investor can use the Flexi-desk space on a daily basis, weekly basis, or on a contractual lease for 1 year.

Also, there are executive office (semi-furnished) and fully-furnished office spaces available in the Free Zones of UAE. The Free Zones in UAE offer a variety of facilities for business owners. The office facilities are top class with meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, meeting pods, lobby area, etc.

Office Facilities in UAE

They also have a dedicated area for co-working and Flex-desks that business owners can use as per requirement. Additionally, the Free Trade Zones will offer fully-furnished and semi-furnished office space with varying floor areas ranging from 15 sq. m to 50 Sq. m.

Furthermore, the gated Free Zones in UAE have warehouses of varying sizes ranging from 100 Sq.m to 300 Sq.m and more. The gated Free Zones will have an in-house Customs check post for checking the goods imported from and to the Free Zone.

The warehouses will have a small office space inside for the staff to coordinate the operations. Also, they will have lighting and additional power requirements depending on the business requirements.

2. Office Facilities in Mainland of UAE

Office facilities in the mainland of UAE consist of Business Centers and other commercial units that are leased by the building owners or real estate agents. Business Centers are usually owned by a single real estate agent or developer.

They provide lease agreements to business owners for the available office spaces for starting a company in UAE.

The Business Centers in the UAE Mainland will have a real estate office that will handle the business requirements and allocate the office spaces. Depending on the location of the Business Center the demand and cost will increase. So, it is ideal to locate a business center that is not in a prime location to keep the rents low.

However, for certain businesses it is best to be in a prime location, it could gain more customer confidence and more valuable business. For example, a management consulting company, accounting firm, IT Software solutions, etc., are best to be in the city center locations rather than in a remote office location.

Again, it can depend on the overall budget and business requirements of the investor.

UAE Mainland Business License and Business Centers

In the mainland of UAE, it is the respective Department of Economic Development (DED) offers the business license for investors. The Trade License will allow them to legally operate in UAE for the selected business activities. The business owner can take an office in any of the Business Centers in the Emirate to keep their business setup cost and rental expense low.

UAE Business Center

Business Centers in the mainland offer a wide range of infrastructure facilities for investors. They have common meeting areas, a lobby, various sizes of office space, and more. Above all, the rent for the Business Center offices is lower than the other commercial buildings in the UAE Mainland.

Choosing the right Business Center for your Business in UAE

So, it is really beneficial for the business owner to take office space in a business center in UAE. The investor will have all flexibility in owning the space as per the contract. AURION will guide business owners in choosing the right Business Center for their company in UAE.

Furthermore, the process of leasing a business center is very straightforward. The investor must provide their passport copy, photograph, and trade license copy, for review to the real estate office. After the review of the documents, the lease contract for the business center office space will be provided to the investor.

Hence, in conclusion, taking office space in a business center in UAE is very beneficial for investors due to many of the above-mentioned reasons. AURION will coordinate with the business owner, Free Zone and mainland authorities in processing the required trade license and office space for the business owners to seamlessly start their company operations in UAE.

Also, to start an entrepreneur bank account; the trade license and lease agreement of office space in a business center will be accepted by many UAE-based banks. The AURION team will help in coordinating with the investor and bank personnel in UAE for the corporate bank account for the new company opened in the Business Center in UAE.

To know more about the ways to open a company in UAE and take an office in any of the Business Centers in UAE, reach out to our team right away!

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