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Company Setup in UAE

Setting up company in UAE is a prospective business investment

Company Setup in UAE

Company Setup in UAE is a prospective business investment for investors and entrepreneurs. UAE has got a robust business ecosystem and enormous business opportunities. The well-governed business jurisdictions, government support, and ease of doing business are making UAE the favorite choice for global and local investors.

The tax-free status, 100% foreign ownership in the Free Zones of UAE, and a host of business benefits are driving foreign investors and entrepreneurs to set up their ventures in the UAE.

Setting up a Company in UAE will allow the entrepreneur to sell goods or offer services to other businesses and consumers without any hassle. The Company will have legal rights to operate their business, hire employees, take office space, etc.

Company Setup in UAE

Company Setup in UAE paves the way for lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs. They can easily expand their business operations in UAE and abroad driven by a large target market in the Asian and European regions. With the right guidance from seasoned Business Consultants such as AURION setting up a company in UAE can be stress-free and easy. Investors can benefit from the low-cost company packages and numerous advantages UAE has to offer.

The low tax rates, ease of doing business, easy access to neighboring markets, extensive banking network, government support, robust business infrastructure, etc., make UAE the best choice for setting up a company. Establishing a company in the UAE can open up exciting possibilities for businesses that want to tap into this growing market.

What is the Cost of Company Setup in UAE?

The Company Setup cost in UAE varies widely with the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated. Company License cost in the Free zone depends on the facilities availed (virtual office/ physical office/ warehouse/ land), Visa quota, and also the location of Freezone. The cost of offshore Company setup in UAE depends exclusively on the jurisdiction selected.

Generally, in the Free Zones, the Low-Cost Company setup starts at approx. 11,500 / USD 3133. The fee increases with the addition of facilities available. The cost of a non-resident offshore company registration in UAE is AED 7500 / USD 2050. In the Mainland, company setup cost starts at AED 25,000. To know the exact figures for the first year of setting up the company, it’s advisable to contact us.

How to Setup a Company in UAE?

To set up a Company in the UAE Free Zones the investor must follow certain steps. The Company setup in UAE is a straightforward and fast process with attractive business setup packages from the Free Zone. Entrepreneurs must follow the below steps to successfully set up a company in the UAE. Our team of legal and business professionals will guide the investor to set up their company in UAE the right way.

  1. Choose the right business activity
  2. Select the company name and get the name approval
  3. Choose the Company Structure – Free Zone Establishment/ Free Zone Company
  4. Locate the right Office Space and prepare the tenancy contract
  5. Prepare the documentation and make the required fee payment
  6. Prepare the Memorandum of Association and submit with the required documents to the Free Zone Authority
  7. Obtain the Trade License and other company documents (finalized Memorandum of Association, company stamp, office keys, etc., from the Free Zone
  8. Apply for the UAE Residence Visa for the investor/director and Sponsor the investor’s family
  9. Open a Corporate Bank Account

While setting up a company in UAE there are a few things to consider for the investor. For a specific business activity such as healthcare, education, finance, etc., there is a requirement for special approvals from the respective authorities in UAE.

Similarly, there are regulations specific to the Free Trade Zones and the way the company is operated in a Free Zone. Also, most of the Free Zones allow remote company setup in UAE and there is no physical presence of the shareholder required.

What are the Documents Required for Setup a company in UAE?

  • Personal Credentials of the Shareholders/ Directors/Investors – Copies of Visa ( if already a resident of UAE), Passport, No Objection Certificate ( Optional), etc.
  • Specific Approvals for certain business activities from the respective authorities. ( Aurion will assist you with this)
  • Company Registration Form as per the Free Zone or Dubai Economy
  • Shareholder Certificate, Memorandum of Association, and any other legal documents as required by the authorities.

How to Start a Business in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai is an easy process with umpteen choices on various company formation packages for investors.
With the introduction of long-term residence visas, tax-free status, 100% foreign ownership, and easy company setup, Dubai is on top of every investor’s choice of an ideal business location.

How Can a Foreigner Start a Business in Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai, one must follow certain steps. Broadly, the process of Company Setup in Dubai can be categorized into the following:

  1. Finding the right company Structure, business activity, and trade name
  2. Choosing a UAE National Sponsor for an LLC Company
  3. Preparing the Shareholder document, memorandum of association, and other documents
  4. Finding a suitable office location and prepare the tenancy contract
  5. Submitting the required document and paying the fees to the respective authority (Free Zone/Dubai Economy)
  6. Obtain the Trade License from the respective authority
  7. Proceed to the UAE residence visa and opening of a bank account.

It is best advisable to setup your company and outsource the allied administrative tasks (Such as Visa Application, Company Documents, Approvals, Bank Account Opening, etc.) through a Best Business Consultants in UAE for a hassle-free experience.

The professionally trained team at Aurion will guide you through all the process of company setup in UAE and also design the right business package for your company.

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