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Corporate Identity

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Branding - Corporate Identity in UAE

Branding of the company is the first step to be taken by an entrepreneur who is seriously into any kind of business or profession. In a competitive market, effective brand strategy gives an identity to the company. It adds value and projects the commitment and reliability of company.

Creating a Brand is painful process, where the brand creator conveys the commitment of business visibly to customers at first sight and the whole business revolves round the concept. The process of Brand creation involves:-

  • Studying the Activity of Company or Profession
  • Understanding target segment of Business or Profession
  • Creating a perfect Logo
  • Designing, Developing and hosting great Website
  • Tag line
  • Colour code combination to be used
  • Type face to be used
  • Brand Message (Important messages to be conveyed to customers)
  • Integrating Brand ( Brand should be visible in every aspect of business or profession – (phone call etiquette, emails,uniform of staff, corporate gifts etc)
  • Designing templates for marketing
  • Being consistent (Consistency is the hall marl of branding, If the brand is not consistent, it will fail)

AURION has different packages for CORPORATE BRANDING based on requirements of Clients. Our Brand Manager can define a brand and give advise regarding the implementing of Brand. We also offer trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE

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