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Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone is one of the largest and fastest-growing Industrial Free Zones of the UAE. Hamriyah Free Zone currently houses over 6500+ companies from 160+ nations. The proximity to the Hamriyah port makes it a perfect choice for logistics and trading companies. A wide range of companies spread across industry sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Marine, Steel, Construction, Timber, Food Packaging, Light Industries, etc., operate from the Hamriyah Free Zone.

Aurion is the Registered Agent for Hamriyah Free Zone and offers all the services under one roof. Our dedicated PRO Agent will handle services ranging from company license, immigration, customs, visa processing, medical application & Emirates ID, labor accommodation, etc.

Get your Commercial, Service or Industrial license in 1 hour, with 3 years’ renewable investor visa. Enjoy investor benefits such as:

  • 100% exemption from corporate tax and personal income tax
  • Full foreign company ownership (without any local partner)
  • No import, export, re-export custom duty
  • Full repatriation of capital and profit, and
  • Option to waive audit report.

Range of Facilities

1. Hamriyah Free Zone – 14 meter Deep Water Port

Accommodates dedicated petrochemical, bulk handling, two general cargo berths, LPG and two container terminals.

2. Land for Lease – Tailor Made Development

Offers an array of industrial plots ranging in size from 2,500 sq meters and up. These plots can be developed by investors to suit their exact requirements.

3. Warehouse/Factory/Office Units for Lease

Integrated, Comfortable & Investor-Oriented Facilities. Choice of pre-built warehouses in size of 276 m2, 416 m2 and 614 m2.

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4. Executive Leased Offices

Flexible Space Design with state-of-the-art communications facilities. The Business Centre provides space for over 100 Executive Offices Suites ranging in size from 15 m2 to 42 m2 with state-of-the-art conferencing and internet facilities.

5. Staff Accommodation – Comfortable, Brand new, On Site

For those investors who need on-site housing facilities for the workers. The staff accommodation is supported by a canteen that caters international cuisine to meet the workers tastes. A highly sophisticated recreation center & health club for a healthy & fit working environment.

Type of Licenses

1. Industrial License

This license will allow the holder to import raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing, processing and/or assembly of specified products. The finished products may be exported outside the UAE. If the finished products are sold in the UAE market then the license holder will need to do this through a local distributor or a local agent.

2. Commercial License

This license will allow the holder to import, export, sell, distribute and store items specified on the license. General Trading license is issued for those who need to deal with all the items. If the finished products are sold in the UAE market then the license holder will need to do this through a local distributor or a local agent.

3. Service License

This license will allow the holder to carry out the services which are specified on the license.

Additional Advantages

  • Leasing of the land for 25 years with the possibility of renewal for same period.
  • 14-meter length deep water port together with 7 meter length deep inner harbor adjacent to Hamriyah Freezone.
  • Offices with Furniture.
  • Availability of leasing the warehouses and offices.
  • International Business Center equipped with conference rooms, wi-fi and other communication facilities.
  • Accommodation on the territory of free zone for investors together with the recreation center and sport club.
  • Very developed infrastructure with the different ways of access to three sea ports.
  • Sharjah International Airport and seaports access.
  • Minimal rates for water and energy (Electricity: $0.05 per KWA, Water: $8.17 per 1000 gallons).
  • No restrictions for recruitment and economical workforce.
  • Investors are guaranteed security of investment and full repatriation of profits and capital.

Latest Hamriyah Free Zone License Package

Commercial License Packages in Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone is offering exclusive discount packages for the Executive Office Packages. Avail 20% discount depending on the chosen packages until 31 July 2021.

Note: The Virtual Office Package starting from AED 8,800/ year is out of the discount promotions.

Virtual Office Package starting from AED 11,000/ year (USD 2,995)
Package -1 Virtual Office, 1 Shareholder, 3 Product Categories, 1 Visa Quota (Shareholder only) 11000 20% Discount 8,800
Executive Office Package  – Avail 20% Discount on the License Fee for the 1st year ( Offer Valid Till 31 July 2021)
Package- 2 10 Sq.m Office, 1 Shareholder, 3 product Categories, 4 Visa Quota 17,000 13,600
Package- 3  10 Sq.m Office, 2-3 Shareholders, 3 Product Categories, 4 Visa Quota 20,000 16,000
Executive Office Package  – Avail 20% Discount on the License Fee for the 1st year ( Offer Valid Till 31 July 2021)
Package- 4 10 Sq.m Office, 1-5 Shareholders, 5 Product Categories/ or E-Commerce, 6 Visa Quota 25,000 20,000
Package- 5 10 Sq.m Office, General Trading Activity, 1-5 Shareholders, 7 Visa Quota 35,000 28,000

New Office Packages in Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Freezone has also launched two new Deluxe Office Package with 12 Sq.m offices for trading, e-commerce, and a host of other businesses.

To know more about the Company Formation packages in Hamriyah, feel free to contact our expert consultants. Our team will guide you through the Company Formation process and ensure you have a hassle-free Company Formation in the Hamriyah Free Zone.

Deluxe Office Package -1 12 Sq.m Office, 1-5 Shareholders, 5 Product Categories/ or E-commerce, 6 Visa Quota 30,000
Deluxe Office Package -2 12 Sq.m Office, 1-5 Shareholder, General Trading, 7 Visa Quota 40,000

What Documents you will get after Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zone

It takes only 1 hour for Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zone. Upon successful company formation you will get the below documents:

  1. Company Trade License
  2. Share Certificate
  3. Incorporation Certificate
  4. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  5. Lease Agreement

Document required for the Shareholder/s and Manager

  1. Passport Copy
  2. No Objection Letter from Current Sponsor (if holding a valid UAE visa) attested from Chamber of Commerce or FZ
  3. Visit / Tourist visa

New limited Warehouse promotion

200 m2(20KW) – New
AED 70,000
20% discount
AED 56,000
275 / 307 m2
AED 95,000
20% discount
AED 76,000
400 / 416 m2
AED 130,000
20% discount
AED 104,000
400 m2 (50 KW)
AED 135,000
20% discount
AED 108,000
400 m2 (100 KW)
AED 145,000
20% discount
AED 116,000
609 / 614 m2
AED 155,000
20% discount
AED 124,000
600 m2 (50 KW)
AED 170,000
20% discount
AED 136,000
600 m2 (100 KW)
AED 180,000
20% discount
AED 144,000
600 m2 (120 KW)
AED 185,000
20% discount
AED 148,000
600 m2 (150 KW)
AED 190,000
20% discount
AED 152,000
License Industrial / Commercial
(Yearly Fee)
AED 3,500
Waive off 1st Year
Service Fee (Yearly Fee)
AED 5,000
50% discount
AED 2,500 Waive off 1st Year
Refundable Deposit AED (first year only)
AED 5,000
AED 5,000
Incorporation Fee (first year only, NOT applicable for Branch company)
*AED 9,000
50% discount
*AED 4,500

* Offer valid till July 31, 2021
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How to register a company in Hamriyah Freezone?

PRO Service in Hamriyah Freezone

The procedure of obtaining visa in Hamriyah Freezone is slightly lengthy compared to other freezones. We support clients in getting their residence visa in the fastest possible way. Our team renders assistance in renewal of visa in Hamriyah Freezone, renewal of immigration card, renewal of license, renewal of chamber of commerce registration, VAT filing, Vehicle registration etc.

Visa Process & Related Charges in Hamriyah Freezone

1 Security Approval 150
2 Establishment Card 1,860
3 E-channel 4,675
4 Investor / Partner Visa
(Renewal 3 years)
5 Manager / Employee Visa *
(Renewal 3 years)

* For Manager/ Employee visa Refundable Deposit of 1 month salary & one-way air ticket charge is required.

License Renewal in Hamriyah Freezone

Requirements for the renewal of Hamriyah Freezone Company

  1. Original Trade License
  2. Audit Report
  3. P.O Box Renewal Receipt
  4. License Renewal Fee

Closing Down / Termination / Liquidation of Company in Hamriyah Free Zone

Company Termination Procedures:-

  1. Requirement of NOC from Customs
  2. Filled Company Termination Form & Board resolution
  3. Submission of all original Company Documents (Trade Licence, MOA, Tenancy etc)
  4. Office Keys
  5. Settlement of all outstanding payments, Termination fee and Late liquidation Fee.
  6. Visa & Immigration Card cancellation.