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Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

Company Formation in SHAMS

Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is a well-organized and highly reputed Freezone in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. It offers business licenses for a huge number of business activities at a very affordable fees. The reputation of this Freezone has transcended boundaries within a short span of time and it currently hosts companies from more than 160 countries. SHAMS headquarters is situated at Sharjah and it has Office outlet at Dubai to cater urgent requirement of Clients.

SHAMS Free Zone Authority is well known for its budget license packages starting from AED 8,050. The company formation process in SHAMS can be completed remotely within a time span of 2 working days.

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The process of incorporation starts by filing application for name approval of Company, along with the passport copy and passport size photo of the Shareholders/ Directors. Single Shareholder Company is also permitted here and the same person can be the Shareholder, Director & Person In Charge of the Company.
The Single Shareholder is eligible for Investor Visa under the company while multiple Shareholders have the eligibility of Partner Visas. The Visas are applied after incorporation of Company and investors get 3 year Visas, which can be renewed after that period without any hassle.

Capital required for Company – Any company incorporated at SHAMS Freezone Authority requires a Capital starting from AED 150,000. The total number of shares is 150, and each share having value of AED 1000.

The legal structure of company under SHAMS Freezone being Limited Liability Company (LLC), the Shareholders are liable for any default of company only to the extent of value of shares held by them under the company. The proof of Capital need not be shown to Freezone and in effect it makes investors easy to register company in SHAMS just by paying the fee for License.
Company Formation in SHAMS

Advantages of Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

Benefits of a Free Zone Company in Sharjah

Type of Licenses in SHAMS Free Zone

Documents required for Company Setup in SHAMS

SHAMS Freezone Authority requires minimum documents and information to setup company.

The documents required for company formation in shams are

  1. Passport copy of Shareholder
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Application.
The Business Activity to be shown on License and address of Shareholder is also required.
Team Aurion will support in the entire process starting from the name approval of company. It will advise to submit passport copy for a pre-approval in the case some nationalities.

Documents receivable after incorporation

SHAMS issues a full set of Company documents after registration of Company. This complete set of documents enables the owners to setup a bank account in any local Commercial Bank. Following are the documents given upon incorporation:

  1. Certificate Of Incorporation (COI)
  2. License (showing License number, Company name, address, business activity, Shareholders & Person In Charge)
  3. Memorandum of Association
  4. Share Certificate
  5. Occupancy Agreement (equivalent to tenancy contract)

Most Popular Package

The most popular package at SHAMS Freezone is One Visa Quota Company at a Fee of AED 13,420. But a large number of investors are also opting for 3-year License package at discounted fee and 3-year Visa so that there is no payment needed for running company these years and any increase in fee will not affect them for that period.

Sharjah Media City Freezone Visa Quota and License package cost.

The Multi-Year License Package from Sharjah Media City is an ideal choice for investors looking at a long-term plan. Also, the Multi-Year License Package is beneficial for investors who would like to avoid the hassles of yearly payment for renewal of company license.

The 2,3 & 5 Year business licenses packages will enable clients to pay a one-time amount for the specific timeline and get the company license auto-renewed for the period.

License packages

Actual packages Cost in AED

Discounted price (License Fee) in AED


2-Year Package

3-Year Package

5-Year Package

0 Visa




1 Visa






2 Visas






3 Visas






4 Visas






5 Visas






6 Visas






Immigration Card & Visa Cost in SHAMS

Immigration Card (3 Years) Cost
AED 1,575
E-channel registration
AED 2,525
Employment Visa – 2 years
AED 3,416
Investor / Partner Visa – 2 years
AED 3,416
Change of Status
AED 997.50
Medical (urgent)
AED 685
Additional allocation of visas
AED 1,600

Timelines for various Immigration Processes

The investors of the newly registered company at the Sharjah Media City Free Zone will be able to process their Residence Visas within the below-specified timelines.



Entry Visa (Normal)

4-5 working days

Entry Visa (Priority)

1-2 working days

Entry Visa (Resubmission)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa (Normal)

4-5 working days

Residence Visa (Priority)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa (Resubmission)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Investor/Partner

3-4 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Investor/Partner

2 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Employee

3-4 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Employee

1-2 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Investor/Partner

3-4 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Investor/Partner

1-2 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Employee

3-4 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Employee

1 working day

Entry Visa & Residence Visa Cancellation

1-2 working days

PRO Services in Sharjah Media City

Our PRO Services in Sharjah Media City covers a vast scope of administrative and document clearing services.

Our expert team of trained professionals is well-experienced to deal with all the Government departments for document clearing and obtaining approvals.


PRO Services Package in Sharjah Media City

Our exclusive PRO Services Package for Sharjah Media City covers:

Contact us now for the hassle-free company formation in SHAMS Free Zone.

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