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Warehouse in UAE

Built in Warehouse Facilities in the UAE Free Zones

Warehouse in UAE

Warehouse in UAE

Most of the investors find it difficult to find a warehouse in UAE for their business, but with AURION there is a solution for all your business requirements such as Trade License, finding office space, warehouse space.

Warehouses are required for manufacturing license, Industrial license or any activity which requires storage and distribution. We have warehouse built in international standards comprising of big storage area, office, pantry and toilet. There are different sizes available and investors can lease the warehouse based on their requirements. The available area is 100sq. m, 125 sq. m, 250 sq. m, 400sq. m, 600sq. m.

We can provide the warehouse in Dubai, warehouse in Sharjah, warehouse in Ajman and warehouse in all parts of UAE as per your business requirements as the selection of warehouse depends on the type of goods to be stored, as some to be in Freezing temperature, some to be in cooling temperature etc. The best part is to find the freezers are also available in the region. Even the facilities are extended to store the dangerous goods.

Freezone Warehouse Features

Free Zone Warehouse in UAE

Warehouse in Sharjah Freezones

There is always growing demand for the Warehouse in UAE. Storage facilities in the region are a very essential requirement for the numerous trading companies in the region. Warehouse in UAE is also in demand for light manufacturing facilities which are ideal for re-packaging, assembling, and testing products.

There are specialized industrial areas and Free Trade Zones in UAE that provide warehouse facilities for large and small organizations depending on their specific trade requirements.

Warehouse in Sharjah is in high demand as many trading companies are operating in the Emirate. The Free Zones of Sharjah has top-class warehouses in various dimensions that are best fit for small and large companies.

Warehouse in SAIF Zone

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone offers warehouse facilities for companies with diverse business requirements. There are fully customized warehouses with a small office, air conditioning, specific power output, forklifts, and other amenities.

There are warehouses in the SAIF Zone of various dimensions such as 125 Sq.m. 250 Sq.m, 400 Sq.m, and more. Depending on the specific business requirements, it can be customized to the investor’s preferences.

The Free Zone provides a host of additional services for warehouse facilities such as maintenance contracts, cleaning services, electrical requirements, logistics support, and more.

Warehouse Rent in SAIF Zone

The Warehouse Rent in SAIF Zone is calculated based on the Floor Area of the Warehouse. The company must have a valid trade license from the SAIF Zone to get warehouse access. The rent for the warehouse is paid annually to the SAIF Zone Authorities.

Our team of expert consultants will guide business investors with the right solution by studying the precise business requirements. For warehouse viewing and steps to obtain the Trade License from SAIF Zone, connect with us right away!

DescriptionStandard Rate in AEDSpecial Rate in AEDRefundable Utility Deposit
(First year only) in AED
Rent 125 sqm
Rent 250 sqm
Rent 400 sqm
Rent 600 sqm

License Fee is waived off *

* Discount Applicable for 1st year only

50% waiver on Company Registration Charge (FZC/FZE – AED 5000, Branch – AED 2,500)

Fees applicable to all of the above packages:

Description Commercial / Industrial / Services General Trading
License Fee
AED 7,500
AED 15,000
Service Fee
AED 6,300
AED 6,300
Refundable Lease Deposit (First year only)
AED 5,000
AED 5,000
Company Registration Fee (One Time)
AED 10,000
AED 10,000


Warehouse in Hamriyah Freezone

Hamriyah Free Zone is a popular industrial Free Zone in UAE. Located close to the Khalid Port, the Free Trade Zone facilitates a huge amount of Trade and commerce activities. Hence, Storage facilities are a very important aspect for companies operating the Hamriyah Free Zone.

The Warehouse in Hamriyah Free Zone offers the perfect storage solution for the companies operating in the Free Zone. There are pre-built warehouses that offer space for light manufacturing units.

Also, there are land leases available in Hamriyah Free Zone for building Warehouses as per the precise requirements of the business investors. Having a Warehouse in Hamriyah Free Zone is highly beneficial for trading companies who import and export goods through the Khalid Port, Sharjah.

They can keep the logistics cost at an all-time low rate and facilitate global trade seamlessly. Connect with our Expert Business Consultants to know more about securing a Warehouse in the Hamriyah Free Zone.

Warehouse Rent in Hamriyah Freezone

DescriptionRent in AEDPromotional Price
Rent 275 / 307 SQM
Rent 400 / 416 SQM
Rent 400 SQM (50 KW)
Rent 400 SQM (100 KW)
Rent 609 / 614 SQM
Rent 600 SQM (50 KW)
Rent 600 SQM (100 KW)
Rent 600 SQM (150 KW)

Fees applicable to all of the above packages:

DescriptionCommercial / Industrial / ServicesGeneral Trading
License Fee
AED 3,500
AED 12,000
Service Fee
AED 5,250
AED 5,250
Refundable Deposit
AED 5,000
AED 5,000
Incorporation Fee
*AED 9,000
*AED 9,000

Visa Quota for Warehouse:-

Large Warehouses – 50 Visas, Medium Warehouses – 40 Visas, Small Warehouses – 30 Visas


Warehouse in Dubai Freezones

Dubai is a Trade and Commerce hub that facilitates a significant volume of global trade. With the growing eCommerce business sector in the country and the retail sector boom, there is an enormous requirement for high-quality storage facilities. 

The warehouse in Dubai Airport Free Zone provides the right business infrastructure for companies to effectively store and transport the goods. Also, these warehouses are perfect for setting up an assembling center, packaging unit, bottling plant, maintenance garage, etc.

Warehouse in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone provides a variety of facilities including small assembling units that are custom-made for the small and medium business sector. The warehouses in DAFZA are located at the DAFZ Industrial Park. a dedicated area for warehouses and small-scale manufacturing, assembling, and packaging units.

Avail additional benefits for companies having a warehouse in DAFZ Industrial Park. The Companies can utilize the facilities such as cold storage, more than 20 employment visa,   312 sqm average warehouse size, individual loading and unloading areas, power availability, and more.

Connect with our expert Business Consultants to know more about the DAFZA Warehouse facilities.  Get in touch with us for obtaining the Warehouse and Trade License at the lowest cost.

DAFZA Warehouse Cost Calculator





Warehouse (LIU)

Dafza Industrial Park

Recurring expense

Approximate area in Sq.m



 *Current Rate is AED 1,100 (DAFZA LIU)
and AED 900 on DAFZA Industrial Park

Rate – 1 yr lease



Service Charge %




5% VAT on Service Charge *(Standard Office)

AED 1,412.00



Total Rent- yearlyAED 319,112.00

 AED 145,600.00

 Yearly rent

License / yearly – AED 15,000

waived for first year only

 waived for first year only

 Yearly fee

Registration Fees – Only for FZCO for * Branch – N/A
(AED 7,000 – one time payment)

waived – offer

 waived – offer


Establishment Card/yearly



 Yearly fee

Knowledge Fees + Innovation Fees



 Yearly fee

Total Cost of Warehouse Package in DAFZA

AED 321,172.00

 AED 147,660.00


Operational Cost After Warehouse Setup in DAFZA

Operational Cost – After Formation


*Visas Bank Guarantee (Deposit) – An insurance needs to be taken instead of the Bank Guarantee and the insurance premium will depend on the Employees basic salary.

Client to bear the cost

PO Box/ yearly (to apply in Emirates Post)

AED 1,010

New employee outside of UAE
Residency stamp, Medical fitness certificates & ID card (valid for 3 yrs)

AED 2,696 (Normal)
AED 3,307 (Express)

New employee inside UAE (on visit visa, private sector)
Entry permit, Residency stamp, Medical fitness certificates, ID card & Issue visa without leaving UAE (valid for 3 yrs)
AED 4,196 (Normal)
AED 4,807 (Express)

DAFZA Industrial Park:

Light Industrial Unit:

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