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Trading License in UAE

Trading License in UAE
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As known to everyone, UAE is the most popular trade hub in Middle East. Business can be conducted only upon getting trading license in UAE. It is very simple and easy procedures to obtain a trade license in UAE.

Entrepreneurs can choose from more than 3000 plus business activities combining trading, industrial, and service business license categories. Depending on the business activities, the right trade license has to be chosen accordingly.

As per Companies Law in UAE, operating any sort of business activity including trading of items, delivery services without a valid trading license is subjected to penalty and treated as an offense. Trading License in UAE can be obtained by the investor from two major business jurisdictions that are:

  • Trade License from UAE Mainland
  • Trade License from UAE Free Zones

Trading License from UAE Mainland

An investor can obtain a trading license from UAE Mainland through the Dubai Economy. Dubai Economy offers a wide variety of company license depending on the specific business activity.

Ranging from trading in food, to precious jewelry, to oil and gas, Dubai Economy has it all to offer the entrepreneurs. It offers a trade license with the virtual office as well as office space depending on the investor’s requirement.

The cost of setting up the trading company varies according to factors like trade license fee, office location, rent/sq.m, other amenity requirements, business activities are chosen, etc.

Investors can set up a Limited Liability Company in the mainland of UAE and secure a trade license for conducting business in the region for their desired business activities.

Trading License from UAE Free Zone

Obtaining Trading License from UAE Free Zone is a cost-effective alternative for the investor. With more than 40+ Free Zones in UAE offering various trade licenses for numerous business activities, it is a prospective business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Also, the Free Zones of UAE offer the investors a whole lot of business benefits to easily set up their trading business and start operating seamlessly.

The 100% ownership for foreign investors, tax-free status – No personal or corporate tax, VAT exemption in certain Free Zones, ease of doing business, business-friendly Free Zone regulations, top-class infrastructure, and many more business benefits are driving investors to the Free Zones.

Avail heavily discounted Trading License packages from UAE Free Zone to seamlessly establishing your dream company and get an investor visa in UAE. Opening an LLC Company enables the investor to easily expand to the local UAE and GCC Markets by opening branch and representative offices across UAE

How to get a Trade License in UAE?

Trade License in UAE is obtained by the investors from two business jurisdictions- Mainland & Free Zones. The process is almost similar, yet there are few differences in terms of company structure and requirement of a local UAE Sponsor for the mainland.

Mainland Company in Dubai – Get a Trade License from Dubai Economy

For mainland companies to obtain the trade license in Dubai, Dubai Economy is the issuing authority. The investor can apply for a Trade License by choosing the right business activity required as per their business expertise or prior working experience (if any).

Submit the application form, pay the trade license fee, and supporting documents to secure the trade license for the company. Depending on the business activity, the trade license can be obtained as a virtual license or with an office space.

The company in Mainland is mostly registered as a Limited Liability Company. There is a mandatory requirement of appointing a Local UAE Sponsor as the major shareholder (51% share) and the remaining 49% in any pattern can be owned by the foreign investor.

Opening a Free Zone Company in UAE – Get a Low-Cost Trade License

For opening a Free Zone Company in UAE, the trade license is obtained by paying the License fee to the respective Free Zones and submit the required details (investor passport copy, photograph).

The company registration in a Free Zone is a relatively straightforward process starting with reserving the trade name for your company and followed by choosing the right business activity, company structure, Free Zone authority, and business license type.

The Free Zone License is issued as a virtual License or with an office space depending on the client requirement. The Free Zones in UAE offer numerous trade license packages at the lowest cost for investors to easily set up their business in the region.

What is a Cost of a Trading License in UAE?

Trading License Cost in UAE starts from AED 13,900 Approx. in the Free Zones of UAE. The investor can choose their specific business activity and apply for the trade license accordingly.

Aurion will assist you in choosing the right Free Zone, business activities, and trading license to easily establish your dream company in UAE.

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