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Offshore Company Formation in UAE

Company Formation Agent of UAE Offshores

Offshore Company Registration in UAE

An Offshore Company in UAE is a non-resident international company registered in the Offshore Business Jurisdiction. There are three offshore jurisdictions in UAE. It is the Jebel Ali Offshore, the RAKICC in Ras Al Khaimah, and the Ajman Offshore.

The Offshore Company Registration in UAE is governed by separate Company Laws and regulations. It is the specific Offshore jurisdiction that decides the company registration process and sets out the operating principles. So, the Offshore Companies are out of the purview of the Commercial Companies Law of UAE.

UAE is the perfect place for Offshore Company Setup due to multiple reasons. The first one is the strategic location of the place. It connects the world and is at the centre of the busiest Trade route in the world.

Similarly, there are many business benefits and incentives for investors when they open an offshore company in the UAE. The business-friendly environment, easy transfer of domicile, ability to purchase property, transparency, and security make the UAE the perfect destination for offshore company formation.

The UAE Offshore jurisdictions have robust Governance and operational efficiency that make it the best place to invest for international companies.

Offshore company registration in UAE

Offshore Company Setup in UAE

Offshore Companies are set up in UAE for conducting international business operations only. They are not entitled to conduct any business with the UAE mainland or have a physical office space and employees in UAE

So, Offshore Companies have an Incorporation Certificate and a Memorandum of Association. There is no Trade License issued to Offshore Companies from UAE as they conduct no business activities within the country.

For the Offshore Company Setup in UAE, the investor must follow certain steps. They must choose the right business activity, and provide shareholder details, photographs, and any other legal documents (as per requirement).

The process of Offshore Company formation in UAE is relatively easier as there is minimal documentation and process. As there is no physical office or employees for the offshore company, the company documents to be issued are the Incorporation Certificate and the Memorandum of Association. However, depending on the Offshore jurisdiction, there are procedures to follow to ensure the Offshore Company Setup is done the right way.

The aurion team will guide the investors throughout the Offshore Company Setup process in UAE. In 15 years, Aurion has successfully established more than 2000 offshore companies with bank accounts. We are one of the top-ranked Company Incorporation Specialists for Offshore Companies in UAE. Talk to our Offshore Experts to know more!

Offshore Company Formation Steps

Offshore Company Formation is an effective way to hedge an international business from taxation laws in a legitimate way.

Shifting the company into a UAE offshore location or registering a holding company or opening a foreign company’s branch are ways to benefit from the tax advantages UAE offers to its investors.

There is a list of permitted business activities in UAE that an offshore company can register for conducting international business. In general, the Registration Steps of an Offshore Company are as follows

Offshore Company License in UAE

1. Choose the offshore jurisdiction

In UAE, there are 3 Offshore Business Jurisdictions. The advantage of choosing the Jebel Ali Offshore and RAKICC, Ras Al Khaimah, is the company can purchase real estate property in the Freehold areas in Dubai under the company name.

The Offshore business jurisdiction in UAE has its own set of rules for the investors to follow while setting up their company. Aurion will guide investors in finding the right Offshore Business jurisdiction by understanding the precise business preferences.

So, choosing the right offshore jurisdiction is the first and most important step in the Offshore Company formation process in the UAE

2. Choose a Company Name

Select a company name for the offshore company and provide the same while filling out the application form.

Aurion is the registered agent for Offshore Business Jurisdictions in the UAE. We will help you throughout the process of registering your offshore company in UAE in the most hassle-free way.

3. Select the business activity from the permitted list

Choose from the list of permitted business activities and add them to the application form. finalize the business activities and check for other compliance requirements (if any).

4. Finalize and Apply with all supporting documents

Provide all the supporting documents required by the specific Offshore Jurisdiction. The shareholder information, list of business activities, passport copy of the investor(s), photograph, and more.

5. Prepare the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association

Once all the documents and shareholder details are submitted to the authorities, the investor will have to prepare a Memorandum of Association (MoA).

There is a specific format for the MoA and will be provided by the Offshore Business Jurisdiction to the Registered Agent.

So, the investor must prepare and submit the MoA with the help of the Registered Agent for the approval of the Offshore Business Jurisdiction’s Registrar. After the approval of the MoA, the Company Incorporation Certificate will be issued to the Investor by the specific offshore business jurisdiction.

6. Make the Fee payment and obtain the Incorporation Certificate

So, finally, after making the Fee Payment for the Offshore Company Formation, the company documents will be made available to the investor within a span of 3 to 4 working days.

7. Open an Onshore Bank Account in the UAE

After the Offshore Company documents are received, the investor can proceed to open an onshore bank account in the UAE.

Few Banks in the UAE permit the opening of Bank Accounts for Offshore Companies. The investor must provide the required documents, shareholder profile, business plan, and other supporting documents as required for processing the request.

Common Types of Business Activities for Opening an Offshore Company

Offshore Office

The investor of an Offshore Company must keep in mind that the company they register will be able to conduct only international trade operations. The company cannot associate with the mainland UAE in any economic activity hire employees or open an office space.

These are the common types of businesses that can be started in an Offshore business jurisdiction in the UAE.

Most of the investors choose the Offshore Business for reducing tax burdens while conducting international business. Also, the UAE has a stable geo-political situation and a growing business infrastructure.

The strategic location makes it a meeting point for the East and the West. So, managing international trade from Dubai, UAE seems a better business idea than operating from the home country.

Similarly, there are many reasons why the UAE is emerging as a popular Offshore business location. The e-Governance, improved business infrastructure, data privacy, funding requirements, banking networks, etc., are a few to name.

Offshore Company Formation In UAE – Highlights

Offshore company setup highlights

Offshore Companies or International Business Companies are set up in the Offshore business jurisdiction in UAE. These companies do not conduct any business activities in the mainland of UAE.

Offshore Companies are out of the purview of taxation and investors opt for them to reduce tax complications and enhance wealth. Setting up an offshore company and opening a bank account is an intelligent method of managing a company’s assets and income.

The most important things to be considered while registering an offshore company in UAE are:

AURION is the Registered Agent for Ajman Offshore and RAKICC Offshore jurisdiction and has a perfect professional track record of setting up Offshore Companies in UAE. The company formation in UAE Offshore can be completed in 2 days and the opening of a bank account takes about 4 days.

Offshore Company & Corporate Tax

The Offshore Company is out of the Tax Scope in the UAE. The Value-Added-Tax (VAT) or the Corporate Tax (CT) do not apply to Offshore Companies. As these companies are not onshore companies and have no trade relations within the mainland UAE, they are outside the purview of the taxes in the UAE.

Precisely due to this attraction, more investors are seeking the help of Registered Agents to set up the company in the Offshore jurisdictions of UAE. Investors from high tax-paying countries can benefit from Zero Taxation by setting up an Offshore Company in UAE.

Company Setup

Features Of offshore company

Advantages of offshore company registration in UAE

Video – Offshore Company Formation in UAE

AURION provides complete guidance in setting up an offshore company and bank account in the UAE.

AURION is the Registered Agent for Offshore jurisdictions in UAE and has a perfect professional track record of setting up more than 2000 Offshore Companies in UAE. Connect with our Expert Offshore Company Setup Specialists right away!

Offshore Bank Account

Opening an Offshore Bank Account is important for investors who own an International Business Company. There are multiple locations globally to open offshore bank accounts for investors. There are few Banks in UAE that provide bank accounts for an Offshore Company.

They will have a detailed ‘Know-your-Customer’ screening. Few details about the shareholders, funding sources, and past transactions might be required by the banking service provider for reviewing the application.

There are many international banks such as the Adriatic Bank, CB International Bank, Turkish International Bank, GBH Coriolis, etc., that provide bank account opening support for Offshore Companies.

Company Formation

Our team of experts will assist in the complete process of the offshore Bank Account Opening process from reputed Banks in the UAE as well as a host of international banks.

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