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Company Formation in UAE

Offshore Companies are non-resident international companies that are registered in an Offshore Business Jurisdiction. In UAE, there are three offshore jurisdictions – the Jebel Ali offshore, RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman Offshore. Investors can set up their Offshore Companies in any of the three offshore jurisdictions in the country.

The respective Offshore business jurisdiction oversees and regulates the Offshore Companies in UAE. There are separate Company Laws and Trade Regulations for Offshore Companies. Hence, offshore company license do not fall under the Commercial Companies Law in UAE.

UAE offers the perfect business ecosystem for setting up an offshore company. Also, the stable and business-friendly environment makes UAE a perfect choice for offshore company formation. There are many business benefits and incentives for investors when they open an offshore company in the UAE.

The business-friendly environment, easy transfer of domicile, ability to purchase property, transparency, and security makes UAE the perfect destination for offshore company formation. The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) offers a top-class infrastructure for registering an offshore company in Dubai.  

Trust is a key component of an Offshore Business Jurisdiction and UAE has a trustworthy offshore business ecosystem. The robust Governance and operational efficiency make UAE offshores the best place to invest for international companies.

Offshore company registration in UAE

Offshore Company License in UAE

To obtain Offshore Company License in UAE the investor has to follow certain steps. It includes choosing the right business activity, providing personal details, the investor’s photograph, other legal documents (if any), opening a corporate bank account, and more.

Aurion team will guide the investors throughout the Offshore Company Formation process in UAE.  We are in the field of Company Incorporation for more than 15 years and have successfully established more than 4500 companies with bank accounts. AURION is one of the top-ranked Company Incorporation Specialists for Offshore Companies in UAE and BVI Offshore. Talk to our Offshore Experts to know more!

Offshore Company in UAE – Highlights

OFFSHORE COMPANIES (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES) is a company which does not carry out any substantial business activities in its country of formation. Hence, it is no tax jurisdiction for the purposes of legally reducing any kind of tax payment and enhancing one’s wealth management.

Offshore company formation in UAE and opening bank account is an intelligent method of managing assets and income. There is a misconception that offshore company is to evade tax and hide money from Government, which is not correct.

Offshore Company License in UAE

Offshore companies are legitimate ways to structure business and ultimately getting financial benefits.

Offshore Office

The most important things to be considered while registering offshore company in UAE is:

AURION is one of the largest incorporators in Ajman Offshore jurisdiction and having a perfect professional track record. Aurion is also a highly reputed Registered Agent for RAKICC offshore company setup, since its inception.

Company formation in UAE Offshore is completed in 2 days, and to open bank account it takes in 4 days.

Offshore Company & VAT
(Value added tax)

VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) is being implemented in the UAE from Jan 1, 2018 and it may be noted that Offshore jurisdictions and Offshore companies are outside the purview of VAT. Precisely due to this attraction, more investors are seeking the help of Registered Agents to set up company in Offshore.

Company Setup

Features Of offshore company

Advantages of offshore company registration in UAE

Video – Offshore Company Formation in UAE

AURION provide complete guidance in setting up offshore company and bank account in Dubai and across all UAE. 

Offshore Bank Account

Opening an Offshore Bank Account is important for investors who own an International Business Company. There are multiple locations globally to open offshore bank account for investors.

However, the investor must choose a trade hub that offers a robust business infrastructure, safety, and security. UAE is one of the most preferred choices for opening a corporate bank account. Our team of experts will assist in the complete process of the offshore Bank Account Opening process from reputed Banks in UAE.

Company Formation

Team AURION is closely working with banking professionals in order to make sure that the bank accounts are opened with minimum hassles and documentation.

Depending on the requirements of the Clients, we advise the suitable bank to open Offshore Bank Accounts.

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