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Company Formation in RAKICC

RAKICC Offshore Company

Company Formation in RAKICC

RAKICC - RAK Offshore Company

RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC) is the sole entity in Ras Al Khaimah for the incorporation of Offshore companies or International Business Companies. RAKICC offers complete privacy and confidentiality, ensuring a highly favorable business environment for both individual and corporate investors.

AURION Business Consultants is the registered agent of RAKICC, provides total assistance in the incorporation of Offshore Company in RAK. We can incorporate your company within 1-2 working days after complete submission of the required documents and fees. The following are the required documents for company formation in RAKICC:

Advantages and Features of RAKICC Offshore Company

Shareholders of RAKICC Offshore Company

Minimum number of shareholder is one and maximum number of shareholder limit is 15. RAKICC allows 100% foreign ownership. Minimum capital is not required for the offshore company incorporation. Shareholder presence is not required for the RAKICC offshore company incorporation.

Change Registered Agent of a RAKICC

There is a provision for changing the offshore agent for a RAKICC Company in case of any displeasure with their services. Offshore Companies in RAKICC can request for an Agent Change to AURION. Our team will handle all the administrative requirements and coordinate the renewal of your company with RAKICC efficiently.

Activities of RAKICC offshore company

Documents issued from RAKICC offshore

Premium Product of RAKICC

RAKICC Premium Product is a combination of a RAKICC Company and RAKEZ facility. So the investor can enjoy the benefits of both RAKICC jurisdiction and RAKEZ Free Zone. Premium Product are eligible for investors and employees residence visas.

Package Name Premium Product Fee in AED(For a new company)*
Flexi Premium Package A
Flexi Premium Package B
Standard Office
Executive Office
RAKICC Offshore Jurisdiction

Transfer of Company Domicile to RAKICC

Transfer of Domicile is the process when a Company moves its domicile from one offshore jurisdiction, to another. Such kind of transfer could be implemented either in the same country or transfer from one country to another. Transfer of Domicile could be initiated due to a variety of reasons. It can be due to conducive environment to locate company, safety, security & infrastructure of jurisdiction, safe and good banking support, less regulations, cost effective and hassle-free maintenance of company etc.

As per RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2016, IBC (International Business Company) in any part of the world is permitted to transfer its domicile to RAK ICC Offshore jurisdiction. Hence, the Company can keep its name, legal status, the reputation and the records of company’s activities.

Aurion professional experts will handle the process of Transferring the Domicile without any hassles and in the shortest period of time, without any interruptions to current Company operation. We are one of the highly reputed Registered Agent of RAKICC, having association with RAK for past 10 years. Also, we will be able to provide you with the best consultation regarding all the steps of Transferring and responsible to provide quick and brilliant delivery to the right place. Aurion also makes sure that the bank account of the company is opened within the shortest span of time.

Steps to follow for the Transfer of Company Domicile to RAKICC

1: Application

2: Submission of Documents

3: Review

4: Acceptance Confirmation

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