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Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

KHALIFA INDUSTRIAL ZONE ABU DHABI (KIZAD) is world’s biggest Freezone offering Licenses for Trading, Logistics, Industrial and Service activities at cost effective fees. The lowest operating costs coupled with ease of doing business and market accessibility makes KIZAD the first choice of investors around the globe.

KIZAD is linked to Khalifa Port, one of the most advances deep-sea ports and first semi-automated container ports in the region. This port is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to facilitate trade in the country.

KIZAD Work Station Packages with 1 visa quota starting from AED 11,000 for setting up of company is a favourable option for investors in UAE. The proximity to the Khalifa Port makes KIZAD a growing trade hub of the UAE. Avail more attractive Company Setup Packages from KIZAD by connecting with us!

KIZAD is the only Freezone in the UAE offering Freezone and Non-Freezone companies. It provides facilities like Land, Pre-built Warehouses and furnished Offices. An investor can register company in KIZAD as a Single Shareholder company or multi- shareholder with several partners.

Types of Licenses issued by KIZAD

  • Service License – permits all activities of Consulting, Management, Marketing etc
  • Trading / General Trading License – permits all trading activities that include import and export, stocking, distribution, warehousing etc
  • Industrial License – permits manufacturing, processing, assembling and packing of products

Business setup in KIZAD Abu Dhabi

The business setup in KIZAD Abu Dhabi can benefit from no export tax and several customs exemptions on :

  • Joint venture companies
  • Imported raw materials
  • Imported machinery and equipment for production
  • Goods manufactured in UAE and then exported to most GCC countries

KIZAD Packages

KIZAD has Work station Packages & Warehouse Packages

A. Work Station Packages

Work Station Packages – Eligible for 1/2/3/4 Visa & package includes registration, license (up to 5 activities), facility and establishment Card. Each workstation package cost details are given below

1 Visa AED 11,000 AED 1,000 AED 12,000
2 Visa AED 13,000 AED 1,000 AED 14,000
3 Visa AED 15,000 AED 1,000 AED 16,000
4 Visa AED 17,000 AED 1,000 AED 18,000

* KIZAD clients are exempted from VAT and E-Channels security deposit (AED 5,000).

B. Minimum Warehouse Packages

380 Warehouse – Eligible up to 15 Visas, Registration, License, Facility and Immigration Card
AED 139,650
Security Deposit (3 months of the annual rent- refundable)
AED 33,250

Required Documents for Company Setup in Abu Dhabi Freezone

  1. Soft copy of passport size photo with white background
  2. Passport Copy – Color
  3. Current Visa (Visit Visa or UAE Residence Visa )
  4. Arabic NOC –  from the current sponsor – applicable for UAE Residence –  Letter Head (Sign with Blue Pen & Company Stamp)
  5.  Educational Qualification Degree Certificate (for Consulting and investment activity) – Attestation & Translate to Arabic
  6. Application Form – provided by Aurion

Dual License

KIZAD has introduced a unique concept of DUAL LICENSE system which benefits freezone companies operating here. This system allows the freezone companies operating in KIZAD to have another license from Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED) AbuDhabi, without the requirement of UAE Local Service Agent or Local sponsor. Such Freezone companies taking dual license is not required to take additional physical office or tenancy agreement from mainland. Dual license is not available for branch of foreign company.

This unique system of dual license is implemented by KIZAD to benefit company owners in KIZAD freezone for getting the benefits of non freezone area. The first step to avail this benefit is to register Freezone company in KIZAD. This freezone provides the lowest cost package to avail license in the UAE. After getting Freezone license, the investor has to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) for getting additional license from mainland. In this system, the freezone license has to be renewed prior to renewing of mainland license annually.

Aurion, being the authorized Registered Agent of KIZAD, can finish the licensing process without any hassle to the investors.