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International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

Company Setup in IFZA Dubai

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Dubai

IFZA is a new business hub regulated by Dubai Silicon Oasis to setup company in Dubai. Within a short span of time, IFZA became the most favorite choice among global investors due to the attractive company setup packages with the option of having 3 year and 5 year license packages at heavily discounted fees.

Established in 2018 in Fujairah, IFZA shifted its base to the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai. The Free Zone is based in DSO Digital Park and offers Service, commercial, and holding company licenses to global investors. Low cost company formation is the highlight of IFZA Free Zone.

International Freezone Authority has earned the reputation of being the cheapest free zone to setup business in Dubai. The availability of multi-year license packages and a wide range of business activity list makes IFZA a unique Free zone in UAE. IFZA is equipped with ultra-modern high tech offices and warehouses for leasing at Dubai Silicon Oasis. The facilities include large conference rooms at Dubai Silicon Oasis and the Free zone Authority can make arrangements for any international events at discounted rates in five star hotels in Dubai.

Company Setup in IFZA


This Free zone facilitates quick registration of company and issuance of licenses in 2 working days. The normal licenses issued are Consulting License, Service License, Investment License, Commercial Trading License, General Trading License and Industrial License. IFZA issues the cheapest general trading license in Dubai. Usually general trading license (covering several commodities) requires huge Capital to be shown in bank and the fee for license is high. In this Freezone, the proof of Capital is not required to issue license and fees for general trading activity is AED 10,000. Along with general trading activity, it allows investor to add specific activity also. Being a new Freezone, IFZA has designed the company setup packages to meet the demands of new generation businessmen worldwide. Investors can register company and obtain license without traveling to UAE.


IFZA is renowned for it constant engagement with partners and Client investors. It conducts one month long Polo event annually at Dubai Al Habtoor Polo & Beach Resort and Client investors get the chance to witness this scintillating event with their business friends. This event also opens a wide possibility of business networking with high net-worth individuals and owners of multinational companies and international celebrities. Aurion was awarded the top corporate service provider plaque at the Polo event held in February 2021.

Video - IFZA Free Zone Benefits

Watch below video about key benefits of IFZA (International Free Zone Authority, Dubai).

Key Highlights of International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Dubai

IFZA Business License

Types of Licenses in IFZA Free Zone Dubai

The following licenses are available for Company Setup in IFZA (International Freezone Authority):

1. Consultancy License

This license is issued to the companies providing expert and professional consultancy services for professionals.

2. Service License

Service license allows production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services.

3. Trading License

This license allows the licensee to trade items specified on the trade license.

4. General Trading License

This license allows the licensee to trade wider range of items.

5. Industrial License

Industrial license allows to import raw materials, production, re-production, manufacture, package and export.

6. Holding License

This license allows the holding standalone assets and/or shares in other companies

General Trading License in IFZA Dubai, UAE

Any company planning to start the operation for trading multiple products which may or may not be related to a specific industry can opt for General trading license. General trading license in UAE allows the company to trade, import and export wide range of goods and products in the specific Emirate where the license is issued as well as the other Emirates.

General Trading License allow import and export of goods like building materials, accessories, clothes, home appliances, electronics, furniture etc. When you have multiple trading activities that are in different sectors, you can have a UAE general trading license that will cover all of it. Companies are allowed to trade any number of products but with an exception in the type of products like arms and ammunitions, tobacco, alcohol etc that are prohibited by the Government. General trading license in UAE is costlier when compared to other options but it has its own benefits like multiple activities can be covered under one umbrella. 

Commercial Trading License in IFZA Dubai allows the entrepreneurs to trade in up to 3 permitted business activities under a single General Trading License. The Cost of General Trading License from IFZA Dubai will have an additional 10,000 AED as part of the General Trading License Fees.

Company license in IFZA

License Cost in IFZA (International Free Zone Authority)

The most popular business license packages available at the International Free Zone Authority are the following categories – General Trading License, Service License and Consultancy License. International Free Zone Authority has launched a 3-Year Trade License at a 30% discount starting from AED 37,600 for 1 Visa Quota.


Zero Visa0AED 12,900AED 11,900 (AED 2,000 OFF)
Option 11AED 17,9001 Residence Visa Free for Life
Option 22AED 21,9002 Residence Visa Free for Life
Option 33AED 23,900
Option 44AED 25,900
Option 55AED 27,900
Option 66AED 29,900

Zero Visa0AED 12,900
Option 11AED 14,900
Option 22AED 16,900
Option 33AED 18,900
Option 44AED 20,900

IFZA 3 Year Trade License Package Cost – TRADING / CONSULTANCY / SERVICE

Avail 20% discount for 3-year Trade License in IFZA. Get 1 Residence Visa Free For Life with visa allocations.

Zero Visa0AED 41,700AED 33,400
Option 11AED 53,700AED 43,000
Option 22AED 65,700AED 52,600
Option 33AED 71,700AED 57,400
Option 44AED 77,700AED 62,200
Option 55AED 83,700AED 67,000
Option 66AED 89,700AED 71,800

IFZA 5 Year Business License Package Cost – TRADING / CONSULTANCY / SERVICE

Avail 30% discount for 5-year Business Licenses. Get 1 Residence Visa Free For Life with visa allocations.

Zero Visa0AED 69,500AED 48,700
Option 11AED 89,500AED 62,700
Option 22AED 109,500AED 76,700
Option 33AED 119,500AED 83,700
Option 44AED 129,700AED 90,700
Option 55AED 139,500AED 97,700
Option 66AED 149,500AED 104,700

PRO Services in IFZA

Aurion Business Consultants are registered agents for IFZA Dubai and are authorized for handling all the PRO Services in IFZA Dubai. We assist our clients in obtaining the establishment card for the company. The Establishment Card is a mandatory requirement for a complaint to apply for their employee’s residence visas.

Also, our PROs will process the residence visa and Emirates ID application of the investors, directors, and employees. Our team also assists in the processing of the dependent visas.

Following are the Fees to be paid for the Establishment card and the UAE Residence Visa.

Establishment Card & Visa Fee Details

Establishment Card Fee (1 years)AED 2,000
Resident Visa Fee (2 years)AED 3,750
Medical FeeAED 870
Emirates ID FeeAED 370

Aurion’s PRO Services are not limited to applying and coordinating for Residence Visa issuance, but also for document clearance, legal attestation of company documents, residence visa cancellation, company closing, and many more allied services.

Additional Facilities Available in IFZA Freezone

IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) Workstations

The International Free Zone Authority has the top-class infrastructure to support business activities. There are most modern workstations, conference rooms, internet & customer support services for the investors. The flexible usage options and rental durations, 24/7 access, retail & residential areas, etc., make it a perfect choice for the investors to start their venture in the UAE successfully.

IFZA Virtual License

IFZA Flexi Desk

IFZA Fexi Desk

Flexi Desk+

IFZA Dedicated Workspaces

IFZA Dedicated Workspace

The fast and easy company formation, a wide range of business activities, attractive license packages, modern facilities, 100% profit repatriation, foreign ownership, etc., is making IFZA the investor’s favourite choice for company formation in the UAE.

International Freezone Authority (IFZA) Offices

Private Office Setup in IFZA
IFZA Private Office
Offices Setup in IFZA
IFZA Personalized Office

Company Setup Process in IFZA (International Free Zone Authority)


AURION provides full support and do all the needful to help you in setting up your free zone company in the quickest way possible at International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), Dubai.

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