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How to Renew Emirates ID in UAE? Steps Explained

Emirates ID is a Government Document mandatory for all the Citizens and Residents of UAE as part of their Personal Identification purpose. Application for a new or renewal of emirates ID must be submitted along with the residence visa processing.

Also, the Emirates ID Card is helpful for registering many public services such as telephone connection, internet facility, driving license, and also for almost any other government services.

Why Do You Require an Emirates ID in UAE?

The Government has mandated the Emirates ID as a personal identification document for all the residents and citizens of the UAE. It is the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship that issues the Emirates ID card. It is a legal document that has to be with the citizens and residents all the time.

Emirates ID Renewal in UAE

Emirates ID card is mandatory for all government services and also can act as a travel document for UAE Residents to pass the immigration through the smart gates at the airports in the UAE.

The Emirates ID Card consists of the highest level of security-protected data encryption. It is a smart card with a chip where the personal information of the individual is available. The Digital Signature and Fingerprint Biometrics authenticate the Emirates ID Card for enhanced safety.

What are the Steps in Emirates ID Renewal Process?

Emirates ID validity usually depends on the UAE residence Visa Tenure of the expatriates. There is a link between UAE Residence Visa and Emirates ID. Only if there is a valid residence visa can the Expat renew their Emirates ID card.

Emirates ID Renewal Process

The Emirates ID renewal follows a series of straightforward steps to obtain the Emirates ID for the individual. They must submit the Emirates ID renewal form along with the following documents for the renewal process.

  • Original Passport
  • Old Emirates ID Card
  • Original Valid Residence Visa or Entry Permit
  • Residency Visa under renewal is applicable

For dependents (Newborns) – Photograph with white background, original birth certificate or father’s passport or Emirates ID, Passport and Visa of the sponsors

Documents Required for the UAE Citizens

  • Original Family Book (Must add Newborn details to the book before applying)
  • Original passport of the individual
  • For dependents (Newborns) – Photograph with white background, original birth certificate or father’s passport or Emirates ID, Passport and Visa of the sponsors

Documents Required for GCC Nationals

  • Original passport
  • Original Valid GCC ID Card
  • Proof of Residence in the UAE (valid Trade License, Certificate to prove the applicant is studying in UAE, Employment Certificate/Attested employment agreement).
  • For Dependents, use the relevant documents of the parents of the applicant.

Where to Apply for the Renewal of Emirates ID?

The individual can apply for the renewal application through any of the smart centers in UAE such as:

  • Dubai Customer Happiness Centres
  • Typing Centres in Dubai
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Expert Business Consultants at AURION will assist you in the process of Emirates ID renewal and allied processes. The Consultant will handle the complete application preparation, submission, and follow-ups to ensure the investor, employee, or dependent visa holder receives the Emirates ID at the earliest.

Fee Payment for Emirates ID Renewal in UAE

Emirates ID renewal cost is dependent on the validity of the Emirates ID and the center where the process is completed. The actual cost might vary in real time.

Emirates ID Typing Fees

  • Emirates ID Renewal Fees for Expats – AED 170 (1year Validity), AED 270 (2year validity)
  • UAE Citizens – AED 170 (5-year Validity), AED 270 (10 Years Validity).
  • GCC Nationals – AED 170 (5Year Validity).

Applicants above the age of 15 years need to take biometrics. The applicant will receive an SMS notification with the schedule for the Biometrics from the Federal Department.  Once the Biometric is done, it will take 4-5 working days for the Card to be printed and sent to the selected post office.

From Where Should I Collect the Emirates ID in UAE?

To collect the Emirates ID there will be an SMS sent by the Authorities stating the Card is ready for collection from the Post Office selected while applying. The Company’s PRO or the individual can collect the same from the post office.

Emirates ID Renewal in Dubai

The individual must be ready with all the required documents to renew the Emirates ID on time without any delay. The Businessmen PRO at AURION will collect and deliver the Emirates ID to your doorsteps.

When Should You Renew the Emirates ID in UAE?

Emirates ID is connected with the UAE Residence Visa expiry. So whenever the visa gets expired, the Emirates ID application has to be renewed.

There is a 30-day time from the expiry to renew the Emirates ID and there will be fines beyond the stated date from the center.

How Long Does it Take for Emirates ID Renewal?

Emirates ID Renewal is a very straightforward process and usually takes less than 4 working days.

However, since the pandemic, there is a slight delay in getting the biometric timeslots and medical examination slots. The Pandemic has effect in delaying the processing times required for the issuance of Emirates IDs to the residents and citizens of UAE.

How to Re-Apply for a Lost Emirates ID in UAE?

The lost Emirates ID in UAE can be replaced by submitting a cancellation request to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security- ICP. The individual must follow the below steps.

The first step is to report the incident to the nearest ICP Customer Happiness Center. The authorities will deactivate the card soon. For a tampered Emirates ID Card that needs a replacement, bring the original card and identity proof such as the passport and residency permit.

After reporting the lost Emirates ID, the individual must fill out an application form for the new Emirates ID Card. The Fee for a replacement of a lost or damaged Emirates ID is AED 370. Including the application typing fee.

For an Express ID replacement service at the main ICA Customer Happiness Center, an additional amount of AED 150 must be paid to the center.

Once the Emirates ID Card is ready, the individual will get an SMS with the Card delivery details and expected delivery date. Contact Emirates Post when you receive the message for the new Emirates ID Card Collection.

AURION Team will assist you with the complete process and ensure you receive the card at the earliest.

How Will AURION Assist You in Emirates ID Processing and Renewals?

AURION will assist you in the end-to-end process of preparing the documents, submitting them to authorities, making the fee payment, coordinating for the collection, renewal of Emirates ID, and more.

Our team of experts will seamlessly coordinate with all the authorities to ensure you receive the renewed Emirates ID at the earliest without any hassles.

To know more about the renewal of Emirates ID and steps, talk to our experts right away!

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