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How to get a Trade License in Sharjah?

Sharjah is a growing business hub of UAE and is becoming a preferred destination for business investors. There are numerous advantages to obtaining a Trade License from Sharjah.

The Emirate has favorable business policies, tax structures, infrastructure, and governance to attract foreign investors. There are two business jurisdictions in Sharjah for obtaining a Trade License.

The Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) is the governing body for all the Sharjah Mainland Companies. They will issue the Trade License in Sharjah for diverse business activities.

Trade license in Sharjah

Similarly, there are the Free Zones that will issue Trade Licenses in Sharjah abiding by the specific rules and regulations. There are five Free Trade Zones in Sharjah. They are the Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF), the Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah Media City, Sharjah Publishing City, and the SRTIP Free Zone.

Various factors determine the selection of the business jurisdiction. The investor can take a Trade License in Sharjah from either the Free Trade Zones or the Mainland.

Types of Trade License in Sharjah

There are various types of Trade licenses in Sharjah that business investors can obtain depending on their specific business needs.

Based on the nature of business, there are various business activities under the different types of Trade License in Sharjah. The Mainland and Free Zones of Sharjah provide trade licenses across various business categories for investors to start their business ventures.

1. Commercial Trading License

Obtaining a Commercial Trading License in Sharjah opens up an easy way to sell specific items in the UAE. There is an enormous business opportunity in the UAE and GCC region.

Also, there is a growing demand for businesses such as Food Stuff Trading, Heavy Equipment Trading, Spare Parts Trading, Furniture Trading, Garments Trading, Software Trading, and more.

Trade license in Sharjah

Investors can choose from a host of related business activities to include under the specific commercial Trading License. Sharjah offers one of the most competitive rates for a Commercial Trading License in the UAE.

2. General Trading License

The General Trading License in Sharjah is another preferred business license category among business investors. The primary advantage of obtaining a General Trading License in Sharjah is the ability to sell multiple items under a single trade license.

Furthermore, the cost of a General Trading License in Sharjah is comparatively cheaper than in Dubai. Also, the rental rates for offices, retail shops, and large warehouses are more affordable in Sharjah than in Dubai.

So, obtaining a General Trading License in Sharjah is beneficial for the business owner in many ways. The Emirate of Sharjah offers perfect business infrastructure and support for trading companies.

The location of the Sharjah International Airport and the Sea Ports help trading companies to easily import and export items into UAE. The Sharjah Airport Free Zone and Hamriyah Free Zone have in-house Customs checks for easy transit of goods to and from the Free Zones.

3. Professional Services License

Professional Services License covers a large number of business activities. It includes business activities ranging from accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, digital marketing, technical services, tax consulting, project management, and more.

2000+ business activities fall under various sections of professional services. Many of the professional Services companies are run by single shareholders, and they employ staff for assistance.

Furthermore, the Professional Services License in Sharjah can be obtained from the Mainland or the Free Zones. The Professional License from Sharjah enables the business owner to easily start working in their specific business activity.

Moreover, the professional license in Sharjah is available at a low cost when compared to Dubai. The Free Zones in Sharjah offer the most competitive price for a professional license in the UAE.

4. Industrial License

The Industrial License in Sharjah is also a business license category that is in high demand. UAE is becoming a manufacturing hub of the Middle East. The Industrial License will provide the business owners the legal consent to conduct any form of manufacturing, re-packaging, assembly line operations, etc.

There are many large manufacturing companies in the fields of cement, ceramics, automobile spare parts, and more in the UAE. Sharjah Industrial Area is home to numerous small and large-scale industry sectors.

Business license in Sharjah

Additionally, the warehouses of Sharjah Airport Free Zone and Hamriyah Free Zone provide the perfect facility for any Manufacturing facility at an affordable cost. There are various activities

Steps in Obtaining the Trade License in Sharjah

There are a few steps involved in obtaining the Trade License in Sharjah. Expert Business Consultants like AURION will guide you through the steps in Obtaining the Trade License in Sharjah the right way.

  • Finalize a Trade Name for your business and get the approval ready
  • Choose the right Business jurisdiction and Activities for the company
  • Submit the Shareholder details ( passport copy, photograph) to the respective business licensing authority.
  • Take an office space if necessary and prepare the tenancy agreement
  • Make the fee payment and the licensing authority will process the application. After the documents are reviewed and approved, the Trade License will be issued to the entrepreneur.

Obtaining a Trade License in Sharjah is an easy process with the assistance of an expert Business Consultant. They will help the business owners to prepare and submit the necessary documents for processing the trade license quickly. Furthermore, the Trade License from Sharjah is one of the most economical ways to start a business in the UAE.

Sharjah offers a host of company setup options in the Mainland and the Free Zones. The Free Zone has one of the cheapest company formation packages for investors to easily start their business venture in the UAE.

Also, there is a growing business landscape in Sharjah and many large and small companies with innovative business ideas are establishing their base in the Emirate.

Connect with our expert team of Business Consultants to learn more about the types of Trade License in Sharjah and ways to register a new company in the UAE.

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