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Trademark registration in UAE

Registration of Trademark in UAE

Trademark registration in UAE allows companies to protect their brand name, symbol or logo from unauthorized usage. Trademark is used by manufacturers to identify their goods and services. It can be a name, word, signature, letter, figure, drawing, symbol, title, tax stamp, seal, image, inscription, advertisement, or any other combination that is intended to be used.

Trademark registration in UAE  is valid for all the seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Fujairah) and the Ministry of Economy is the governing authority.

Trademark registration in UAE is valid for 10 years further extension needs additional fees, and the registration can be renewed for the same period. A registered trademark will be under legal protection in UAE for 10 years since the date of official TM registration.

Trademark Certificate in UAEBenefits of Trademark Certificate

  • Protect Product and Brand Identity
  • Enable customers to easily identify the brand & product required without duplication
  • Ensure quality and trust in the products and services delivered
  • Registration protects against others who trade in the same, but defective goods/services.

Documents required for UAE Trademark Registration

  • Application form for the Trademark Registration in UAE
  • Sample of trademark design (brand name)
  • Confirmation of official fee payment
  • Trading license
  • Power of attorney
  • List of goods and services to be protected
  • ID or passport of person who will sign application
  • Contact details of the applicant

Trademark Registration Process - Video

Trademark Registration Process in UAE is a structured process where the organization must prepare the application form and provide the supporting documents to register their brand assets. AURION will handle it with utmost precision and execute the steps for the organization to ensure the brand assets are safeguarded from copying or counterfeiting.

The Trademark Law in UAE [Federal Law No.37 of 1992 (Further amendments over the years)], grants the rights of Trademarks to the UAE Nationals and Non-Nationals who perform commercial, industries, and services or handicraft companies in the region.  The Law helps in safeguarding the company marketing assets such as Logos, Packaging, Signatures, Tag Line, Patterns, Seals, other brand identities from getting copied. Registering a Trademark helps in brand popularity, gaining enhanced customer confidence, employee motivation, expanding business to newer markets, and more.

Cost of Trademark Registration in UAE

The cost of Trademark Registration in UAE is approx. AED 8,259. It includes the Trademark Registration Application Form Fees, the publication Fee for publishing in the Trademark Journal and 2 local Arabic newspapers, and the Trademark Registration Certificate. AURION will assist you with the end-to-end Trademark Registration Process in UAE.

Trademark Registration in UAE is a streamlined process governed by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE. All the new applications for trademark registration is to be submitted online for the approval from the Ministry of Economy via the website. Applicants must pay the fees and submit the required documents for review and subsequent processing of the Trademark Registration Certificate for your brand assets.

Trademark Registration Fee

Description Amount
Filing Fees
AED 753
Publication Trademark Journal
AED 753
Publication in 2 Local Arabic NewsPapers
AED 1,750
Trademark Certificate
AED 5,003
Total Fee
AED 8,259

TradeMark Search (Optional): AED 750 – 1 to 2 working days

How to get a Trademark Certificate?

UAE Trademark Registration Process

1. Register and Fill Application Form

The first step in registering a trademark is to search for the trademark and ensure it is not already in use. Only after choosing the appropriate assets for the trademark, you can proceed with the registration process. Submit the required documents along with the trademark registration form to the Ministry of Economy via the website.

2. Initial Approval Fees

Pay the required fees for the initial approval of the trademark registration application form. Our experts will assist you with document preparation, application form submission, legal translations, and fee payment at this stage.

3. Study and Review of the Application Form

The Ministry of Economy will evaluate the submitted application form. Any incomplete form or improper documents will result in a rejection. Else, you will receive an initial confirmation about the approval of your trademark registration request.

4. Publishing in Local Newspapers

After the approval from the Ministry, the trademark registration approval letter will be published in two local UAE newspapers. Any objections to the trademark could be notified to the Ministry in 30 days from the publishing.

5. Final Payment for Trademark Registration

The Ministry of Economy will further review the status of the Application and issue the Trademark Registration Certificate for your assets.
The certificate will include the registration number, application date, name of the business & the owner, trademark details and description of the assets that received the trademark.

6. Obtaining the Trademark Registration Certificate

Once the trademark is received, it is valid for 10 years’ subject to renewal post that period for a fee. The Trademark Registration in UAE will enable brands to protect its assets from copying and counterfeiting. The Trademark Registration Certificate in UAE can be used as a legal instrument to protect your brand in case of any infringement.

Trademark Registration Assistance

The Trademark Registration process in UAE appears to simple and straightforward but any errors made in the application form or during the document submission will result in the rejection of the trademark.

Hence, it is best to engage an experienced business consultant who is well aware of the Trademark Registration Process in the UAE. Our services cover trademark registration of your brand, logo, tagline, brand signature, etc., at the lowest cost in UAE. We provide end-to-end assistance in getting your brand assets trademark registered in UAE at the fastest possible time and affordable fee.

Aurion team extends full support in registering a Trademark in the UAE and comply with all legal requirements. The consultants at Aurion have expertise in registering trademarks without any hassles for the investor. We have supported registering more than 150 trademarks in the UAE.

To know more about Trademark Registration in UAE, connect with our team right away!