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Educational Consultancy License in UAE – Step to Apply

Education Consultancy in UAE is witnessing a significant growth rate over the years in the Middle East region. It is one industry sector that grew significantly during the pandemic. Educational Consultancy License in UAE has great potential and has a large market to tap. UAE is home to the younger population and many are staying with their family and children.

The UAE education market is expected to grow from USD 4.4billion in 2017 to USD 7.1 billion by 2023. It is based on a 2018 report from BCG group. UAE is giving ample importance to education and it is in line with their strategic plans and policies.

Educational Consultancy License in UAE – Key Characteristics 

Educational Consultancy License in UAE is becoming popular since the onset of the pandemic. Also, the focus is on the younger generation who are more digitally savvy and always on a learning process.

Educational Consultancy License in UAE

To learn new skills and build a base the younger generation prefers online educational websites and courses. In UAE the demographics are perfect for online educators to launch numerous courses. The interest levels are high across different verticals such as science, math, physics, vocational, arts, media, and more

Scope and Coverage of Educational Consultancy License

The educational consultancy covers a vast segment of the audience with their courses ranging from pre-school to post-graduation. There is enormous scope for introducing innovative solutions targeting the mass audience.

The portfolio of an educational consultancy can range from Overseas education, online courses, training sessions, short courses and corporate training, learning and development courses for students, soft-skill training, advanced technology courses, and more.

How to get Educational Consultancy License in UAE?

Educational Consultancy License in UAE is available for investors from the Free Trade Zones and the Mainland of UAE. The investor can operate various educational consultancy services under the trade license in UAE.

1. Trade Name Finalization for Educational Consultancy

The investor as a first step to obtaining the educational license in UAE must finalize their trade name. The name must follow certain guidelines provided in the name policy manual of the Free Zones and respective Department of Economic Development of the Emirates.

2. Choosing the List of Business Activities

Based on the investor’s business plan, select the right business activities to add to the trade license. The company can legally carry out only the listed business activities in their trade license.

Taking the assistance of an expert Business Consultant such as AURION will help in selecting the right business activities for your business. Our expert Business Consultants will analyze your business requirements and suggest the right business activity for your company.

3. Choosing the Right Business Jurisdiction

When it comes to Education Consultancy in UAE, the business jurisdiction has a vital role. Also the location of the business. It is best advisable for the educational consultancy to be in the locality of the residential population and schools if the target audience is school-going students.

For that objective, the mainland of UAE would be ideal for educational consultancies that target students primarily as accessibility is a major element for footfalls into the consultancy for admissions and courses.

Educational Consultancy Licenses

Whereas for overseas education consulting, professional courses, advanced technology courses, etc., Free Zones could be an ideal location as the target audience here are college graduates, the working population, etc.

Commuting to a Free Zone location for adults would not be a hindrance for getting enrollments unlike the case with school-going students.

4. Submitting the Documents for Approval  

The investor must finalize the business jurisdiction and then submit the Shareholder passport copy, photograph, and application form to the respective authorities for processing the trade license. AURION Team will guide you through the process of document submission to the Free Zone and the Mainland of UAE.

The tenancy contract for the office space must be prepared alongside for mainland companies. For Free Zones there are company setup packages that include office space along with the trade license.

Our Business Consultants will guide you to the right office space in UAE based on your business requirements. There are numerous cost-effective options for offices in the Mainland and Free Zone.

5. Obtain Special Approval from KHDA and Ministry of Education

Educational Consultancy License in UAE falls under a special category and would require approvals from KHDA (Dubai), Ministry of Education, and respective local government bodies of the Emirates.

Depending on the chosen list of business activities specific permissions are to be obtained from the authorities. Educational activities in UAE are governed by specific authorities and constant inspections are carried out by the agencies.

Educational activities in UAE

It is to identify any non-permitted activities or fraud in the name of educational consultancies. UAE gives high priority to the quality of education for the residents and citizens.

6. Making the Fee Payment and obtaining the Education Consultancy License 

Educational Consultancy License in UAE from Free Zones and Mainland come at different cost structures. The Office Type will have a significant effect on the rental rates and also the required visa quota for hiring employees too will add up to the cost of the company setup.

The required fee for one year must be paid to the respective Free Zone authorities or the DED of the respective emirate to process the educational consultancy license in UAE.

7. Getting the UAE Residence Visa and Opening of Corporate Bank Account

Once the Trade license is received the educational consultancy owner(s) can apply for the investor visa as well as sponsor their family and hire employees as per the visa quota availability.

Also, the company can open a corporate bank account for initiating transactions and sending, receiving money, taking a business loan (if needed), and utilizing other banking benefits such as checks, overdrafts, insurance, and more.

Hence, in a nutshell, Educational Consultancy License in UAE is a lucrative business opportunity for business investors in the field of education, training, learning & development, advanced engineering, technology, and vocational streams.

UAE has a wide target audience interested in pursuing some sort of continuing education or training sessions as part of their career growth, employment requirements, etc.

To know more about setting up an Educational consultancy or Starting an Educational Training Centre in UAE, talk to our expert Business Consultants right away!

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