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Starting an Educational Training Centre in Dubai – All You Need to Know

Education Training Center in Dubai

Starting an Educational Training Centre in Dubai is a straightforward process. However, it requires a lot of documentation, planning, and approvals from various government authorities. The Education and Training segment in Dubai is growing at a steady pace.

All education-related activities such as training centers, tuition institutes, and learning centers in Dubai are to obtain approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

UAE has a fast-growing population and a growing student population. Hence, the demand for learning centers is increasing. There is a rising need for private educational institutions that provide world-class educational standards in the UAE.

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

Dubai is growing as the UAE’s educational hub. The number of private and foreign educational training Centres in Dubai is on a growth spree.

Dubai Government launched the KHDA to ensure that education providers are offering educational courses of high standards. KHDA acts as a governing authority for schools and training centers in UAE.

KHDA ensures the delivery of high-quality technical and vocational education, thereby meeting the diverse educational needs of the residents and employers in Dubai.

Where should you set up your Educational Training Institute in Dubai?

Educational Training Institutes can be established on either the Mainland or in any of the Freezones of Dubai. There are differences in the process of issuance of the trade license for a training institute registered in the Freezones and Mainland.

The Freezone authority or the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the Mainland will assess the documents submitted and issues the trade license.

The next step would be the finalization of the business plan and layout for the facility, all of these details must be then submitted to the KHDA for approval.

Also, the course material, supporting documents, and profiles of teachers/instructors are also to be submitted to the KHDA. After the assessment and review of the submission, the KHDA issues the concerning permits.

Steps for KHDA Approval – Explained

Before submitting the documents for obtaining the educational institution permit from KHDA, there is a couple of documentation, planning, and paperwork to be done.

A Business Consultant will come in handy here as it requires a fair amount of effort and time if done individually. A seasoned Business consultant can save you time, money, and wasteful efforts here.

So, let’s look at the education institution license issuance process in detail. The KHDA educational permit issuance is a two-step process. Similar to every business segment, the initial step is to decide which business jurisdiction you would want the training/learning center to be incorporated – Mainland or Freezone.

Based on that apply for the trade/professional license accordingly. As you receive the initial approval from the relevant Commercial Authority, apply for the KHDA Permit.

You must submit the trade name approval, Registration Plan, and other relevant documents for getting the KHDA Permit. Based on the assessment of your documents, you will receive initial approval from KHDA.

Once your trade license is ready, choose a location for your physical office. Along with the lease agreement & other supporting documents, submit it to the KHDA again to get your educational training permit.

2 Phased Process of KHDA Permit Approval Process

Phase 1

  • Application for a New Educational Service Permit
  • Trade Name Reservation and Initial Approval from relevant Commercial Authority
  • Training Institution Registration Plan
  • NOCs from Other Government Authorities
  • Course List and Teacher/Instructor Profile

Phase 2

  • Trade/Professional License
  • Location Map
  • Lease Agreement
  • Environment, Health & Safety Standard Certificate

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

In Dubai, KHDA governs all educational institutions and training centers. The Qualifications and Awards in Dubai (QAD) is the arm of KHDA that regulates the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector. The QAD aims to provide quality education standards in the technical and vocational sectors.

Also, the training modules are aimed to enhance the skill and knowledge of the workforce in Dubai.

Key Responsibilities entrusted to the Educational Institutions by KHDA

Quality Assurance

The educational providers must operate in accordance with the highest quality standards laid out by KHDA.

Hence, the training institutions must be always ready and cooperative with the inspections and provide the necessary information when requested by KHDA.


As an educational provider, you must get prior approvals from KHDA before initiating any advertising or using any marketing materials for promotional purposes.

Licensing Private Educational Institutes

The Ministry of education manages the registration of private schools in the UAE except in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai are responsible for the registration of private schools in the respective Emirates.

What are the benefits of Setting Up an Educational Institute in Dubai?

Following are the benefits of an educational institute in Dubai:

1. An educational institute license from a Freezone allows 100% foreign ownership, 100% profit repatriation, reduce operating expenses – get custom-built office space, good infrastructure facility, etc.

2. A Mainland Educational Company has the ability to choose the ideal location for your institute anywhere in the UAE.

3. Ability to collaborate with foreign educational institutions in the UAE. Affiliate with the international curriculum and educational brands to launch your service effectively.

4. Commercial training institutes are tax-free and hence there is no corporate tax applicable.

5. Additionally, Mainland companies will give access to the local markets and the ability to contract with large companies, education institutes, government agencies, etc.

Teachers Licensing System (TLS)

The Ministry of Education has launched the Teachers Licensing System to issue a license to all principals, cluster managers, and teachers working across all public and private schools in the UAE.

There will be a test for the teachers and upon clearing the test, the license will be issued for a period of one-three years depending on the qualifications, test scores, and experience.

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To know more about the License Issuance of Educational and Training Centres in Dubai, talk to our experts right away!

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