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Nursery License in Dubai – Cost of Starting a Nursery in Dubai

Opening Nursery in Dubai

The demand for child care, playschool, and nursery in Dubai is soaring high year on year. Nursery License in Dubai is in high demand and a highly competitive business area.

The cost of starting a Nursery in Dubai involves a lot of headers from the initial company setup cost to overhead expenses. On average for the company set up alone the cost of obtaining a Nursery License in Dubai is Approx. 12000 AED.

Growing Demand for Nursery Licenses in Dubai

As the number of ex-pat working population is increasing and most of the households becoming double-income, the need for a safe place to nurture the kids is essential. Hence, there is a growing demand for daycare, nurseries, and playschools in Dubai.

Nursery License in Dubai

Establishing a nursery by obtaining a Nursery License in Dubai from the Dubai Economy is a lucrative business opportunity.

The location of the Nursery plays a vital role in the success of the business. The nursery must be close to a prominent residential area so that it makes it easy for the parents to drop off and pick up their children. Most parents prefer a Nursery close to their homes.

Things to Consider While Setting up Nursery in Dubai

Hence, getting a Nursery License from the Dubai Economy is the most recommended and favorable option for establishing a Nursery in Dubai.

There are a few things to consider while setting up the Nursery in Dubai. They are:

  • Most importantly obtain the right business license from the Dubai Economy and choose the right business activity
  • There must be a UAE National Partner as the major shareholder while registering the nursery in Dubai. [For Nursery License the Ownership is vested with the UAE National and the foreign investor can be appointed as a manager to the Nursery].
  • Obtain the Police Clearance Certificate for the Shareholders, and partners
  • The location of the daycare center must be on the ground or first floor
  • Submit three trade names  to the Dubai Economy with Arabic translation
  • Obtain the special approvals from the Dubai Economy and Knowledge, Human Development Authority (KHDA), and other Government Authorities

How to Open a Nursery in Dubai? – Step-by-Step Procedures

Secure the nursery License in Dubai from the Dubai Economy, there are certain pre-requisites for applying for the trade license, they are

1. Trade Name Approval

Get the trade name approval by submitting three names in English and Arabic and choose the required name for your nursery from the approved ones.

2. Special Permits Required

For Opening Nursery in Dubai get special permits from various Government Authorities. As the business activity involves a child’s educational development, the business must comply with the Government regulations on education practices.

3. Approval from the UAE Ministry of Education

The Investor must take the approval of the Ministry of Education to secure the Nursery business license from the Dubai Economy.

Aurion will assist you in the complete process of obtaining all the required permits, obtaining the trade license, and registering your company most cost-effectively.

Nursery License in UAE


To get the permit from the Ministry of Education, one must be following the below steps:

  • Submit the filled-in application form with investor details and Nursery school project details
  • Provide a copy of the Academic Plan to the Ministry of Education
  • Make the required changes and obtain the permit from the Ministry of Education.
  • Send the Safety requirements and building plan for approval to the Dubai Municipality

4. Obtain a Permit from the Civil Defence and Municipality

There are a few documents such as the building plan, interior work plan, Details of the Director/Investor, etc., to be submitted to the Civil Defence and Municipality for approval.

After the physical inspection of the site and meeting the Directors/Shareholders/Investors, the approval will be released by the authorities accordingly.

5. Secure the License from the Dubai Economy

Once all the permits are received the Nursery Business license is obtained from the Dubai Economy. All the permits along with the application form and investor personal documents like the passport copy must be submitted and the trade license fee must be paid to secure the Nursery Business License.

Now the investor can apply for a UAE resident visa, hire nursery staff, and seek approvals for advertising about the newly opened nursery.

What are the Documents Required to Set Up a Nursery in Dubai?

To open a nursery in Dubai, you will need the following documents.

  • Passport Copy and photograph of the Investor
  • Business Profile of the Owner/Director/Shareholder
  • Approve Trade Name certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Dubai Economy Business License Application Form
  • Approvals from the Ministry of Education, Dubai Municipality, KHDA, etc.
  • Approved Building plan with location and address
  • Any supporting documents requested by the Dubai Economy

Cost of Setting Up a Nursery in Dubai

The Cost of Setting up a Nursery in Dubai includes a lot of headers. To secure the Nursery License from Dubai Economy, the Approx. the cost will be AED 12,000. There will be an additional amount for obtaining sponsoring employees and applying for their resident visas.

The Cost of a Nursery Business License mentioned above is only an initial stage expense. Running a nursery successfully involves a lot of overhead costs.

Right from furnishing the interiors, getting child-proof furniture’s, hiring staff, keeping the place fire-proof, and offering toys, books, dietary food, and more to the children, the costs heads are plenty for a Nursery.

To know more about the steps in opening a nursery in Dubai, connect with our experts right away!

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