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What is the Cost of a Mainland Company Setup in Dubai?

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai has become a center for foreign investors since the latest amendment of companies laws has allowed 100 % ex-pat investment in the mainland.

Many industries have 100% foreign ownership and there is no requirement of minimum capital as well as local UAE Sponsor anymore. Foreign investors can directly register and own the full rights of the company in UAE.

100% Expat Ownership in UAE

The cost of a mainland company license in Dubai starts from around AED 10,000 for an LLC Company with two or more shareholders. Now with no requirement of a UAE National to sponsor the company, the ex-pat investor gets 100% ownership of the LLC Company.

Apart from certain strategic industry sectors like heavy manufacturing, finance, banking, agriculture, aviation, etc., there are a lot of industries and business activities that offer complete foreign ownership to the investors.

Opening an LLC Company in Mainland of UAE

The investor can open a Limited Liability Company in the mainland of UAE and take a suitable business license depending on their business activity. They can take office space in the UAE mainland, hire new staff, expand business by adding more branch offices in the mainland as well as take a warehouse all at a lower cost.

Expert Business Consultants in UAE will help in setting up an LLC Company in Mainland by coordinating with the Government Authorities, preparing the application form, shareholding pattern, special approval, prepare tenancy contract, and more.

Why Prefer Mainland Company than Free Zone?

For certain business activities like trading, eCommerce, logistics, etc., the mainland company is the favorable choice due to the flexibility in easily scaling up the business by being in the mainland of UAE.

The business license in the mainland of UAE is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirate. The investor can take an instant virtual license from DED Dubai valid for 1 year and there is no mandatory requirement for having a physical office space.

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

However, after a year prepare the tenancy contract and take the office space for continuing the renewal of the business license. It is advisable to go with the business license and office space from the start itself to keep the business on track easily and also open the bank account for the company quickly.

When compared to Free Zone, mainland companies can reduce Significant company setup cost as the office rents in the mainland varies significantly. Taking an office space in areas with less demand will help to keep the initial company setup cost low.

What are the Various Types of Business Licenses in the Mainland?

The most common Business license types in the Mainland of UAE are general trading, manufacturing, and services. Specific business activities such as eCommerce, trading in foodstuff, etc., must have special business license categories.

Investors can choose the desired business license and pay the required fee to obtain the trade license to legally start operating in UAE. With the mainland business license, the investor can easily sell their products and services to the local UAE market and growth the business quickly.

Once the trade license is ready and the office tenancy agreement is prepared for the office space, the investor can apply for a corporate bank account from the UAE’s wide network of commercial banks.

Business license types in Mainland

It is easy for a mainland company to open a bank account in UAE due to the enhanced credibility and presence in the mainland of UAE.

Steps Involved in Obtaining a Trade License from Mainland Dubai

The steps involved in obtaining a trade license from the DED Dubai is very straightforward, however, it must be executed the right way to avoid any delay in the process or misrepresentation of business activity in the trade license.

It is best advised to take the assistance of an expert Business Consultant like AURION. Our team will provide you with end-to-end assistance in obtaining a trade license and continuing business operations in UAE seamlessly without any hassles.

  1. Fill up the application form, provide the right details, investor photograph, and passport copy
  2. Reserve the trade name and get the initial approval
  3. Choose the right business activity and business license types
  4. Prepare the shareholder certificate and capital allocation if any (AURION will assist you with this)
  5. Get the required clearances for certain business activities from the authorities
  6. pay the trade license fee and submit the required documents for review
  7. Apply for the UAE residence visa and open a corporate bank account in UAE
  8. Get the trade license and start operating the business in AUE

Hence, in a nutshell, a mainland company setup is an ideal choice for investors to easily establish a company, get a residence visa, open a bank account, and start operating the business.

AURION will assist you with end-to-end company formation services and allied business advisory support for registering your dream company in the mainland of UAE. Connect with our expert team right away!

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