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Aviation Consultancy Business in UAE – How to Get an Aviation Consultancy License?

Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world. Tourists, business travelers, and visitors constantly fly in and out of the city for various business, entertainment, and leisure purposes. Furthermore, the Aviation sector plays a vital role in UAE’s overall growth. Therefore, Aviation Consultancy License in UAE helps commercial airlines and private jet operators with business growth. Also, they support the investors in the aviation sector to reduce costs and improve resource utilization.

Why Choose UAE for Setting Up an Aviation Consultancy Business?

The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Both, when it comes to the air traffic and passengers it handles. Hence, there is immense growth potential in the aviation sector of Dubai. Thus, Aviation Consultancy in UAE is one of the most prospective business activities in the country.

Aviation Consultancy will assist the airlines and operators to efficiently operate. Also, coordinate in the process of buying, selling, and maintenance, of the aircraft. Further, service and management of private jets and other aviation-related assets are add-ons.

 Aviation Consultancy License in UAE

UAE has a rising number of business investors and high-net-worth individuals. Private Jet Charting Services, Helicopter Charting, and Jetliner leisure trips are becoming more mainstream in the region.

Hence, there is more demand for Aviation Consultancies for assisting the investors with the right option. Choosing a private airline for their business is a vital task.

Aviation Consultancy in UAE – Scope of Operations

The scope of an Aviation consultancy in UAE is huge. With UAE being a hub for business, air travel is an integral part of the city infrastructure. There are numerous private aircraft services for business people to easily travel.

Also, there are a huge number of commercial airlines in the passenger and freight transport section. Hence the opportunities available for an aviation consultancy in UAE are wide.

It is a growing demand and requirement for government, investment firms, private firms, and business owners to get the right advice on acquiring private jets or chartering services in the region.

Obtaining an Aviation Consultancy License in UAE

Aviation Consultancy License in UAE is one of the prospective business license categories for investors in the aviation sector. The Free Trade Zones are the perfect choice for registering an Aviation Consultancy given the enormous business benefits they offer to the investors.

Especially, the two popular Airport Free Zones of Dubai and Sharjah are the ideal choices for setting up an aviation consultancy business in UAE. There are a host of aviation-related business activities available in both the Free Zones.

The companies in the Aviation sector are governed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Also, there are a couple of laws to abide by as directed by the Ministry of Aviation when it comes to securing an Aviation Consultancy License in the UAE.

Free Zones in UAE for obtaining an Aviation Consultancy License

Following are the ideal Free Trade Zones for obtaining an Aviation Consultancy License. Aviation Consultancy falls under the professional license category as the experience of the investor and the team have a strong role in the success of the company.

Aviation Consultancy License

The registration of an aviation Consultancy in the UAE is a relatively straightforward process. There are few approvals required from the Civil Aviation Department depending on the nature of the business activity.

When it comes to launching a new Airline Carrier and Passenger flight services, there are certain Government regulations. Whereas for private aircraft leasing, buying, charting, and maintenance services, the company must get the required approvals from the UAE Civil Aviation Authorities.

1. Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the prestigious Free Trade Zones for registering the Aviation consultancy business. There are a host of business activities listed with the Free Zone that is apt for investors from the airline sector.

The free zone offers the right office space, warehousing facilities, and space for a light manufacturing facility for the company to tap the future business opportunities.

The proximity to one of the world’s busiest airports makes the company gain immense business benefits such as easily connecting to other airlines, logistic providers, and new customers.

Connect with our team to know more about the latest business license offers from DAFZA.

2. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is a popular Free Trade Zone for setting up an Aviation Consultancy in UAE. The Free Zone is located adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport and hence it is a perfect choice for aviation companies.

Aviation License in UAE Free Zones

The Free Zone offers office spaces of various specifications ranging from shared offices to fully customized. Also, the warehouses, land, and warehouse spaces for establishing a light manufacturing or maintenance setup in the UAE.

SAIF Zone offers a host of business license packages and business activities for aviation-based companies to easily set up their base and operate.

3. Other Free Zones in UAE

Apart from the Airport Free Zones of Dubai and Sharjah, there are numerous other Free Trade Zones in UAE that are offering aviation licenses in UAE for certain selected business activities.

The Free Zones will be beneficial for the investors in the aviation sector due to the support ecosystem and read to plug-in business setup infrastructure. The Aviation Consultancy can be registered in the Free Zones of UAE in the most hassle-free way.

Depending on the exact business requirements, our consultants can provide you with the right free zone, business license activity, and other business support services for easily setting up and operating an aviation company in the region.

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