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How to Apply for a Retirement Visa in UAE?

UAE is one of the ideal choices for expatriates to spend their retirement period. The country offers a specialized Retirement Visa option for living one retired life peacefully. The retirement visa in UAE is available for 5 years and is renewable.

There are numerous advantages for a foreign ex-pat to spend their retirement period in UAE.  There are certain criteria to be met for processing the retirement visa in UAE.

Why Choose UAE for Retirement?

Choosing UAE for retirement is an ideal option for expatriates working in and outside of the UAE. There are numerous benefits for foreigners settling in UAE. The retirement visa in UAE allows residents to continue their stay in the country for a longer period.

1. Improved Lifestyle

UAE is a country that has a very high living standard. There are a host of luxurious hotels, apartments, shopping malls, offices, etc., in the country.

retirement visa in uae

Also, there is a lot of relaxing experience in the hotels, wellness centers, fitness centers, etc., around UAE.  The individuals aiming to spend their retirement life in a relaxing and entertaining way, Dubai is the perfect choice for keeping them entertained in many ways.

2. Enhanced Safety

UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. There is a high level of public safety standards across the country. Police Patrols reach instantly to even remote places in UAE to rescue the visitors.

Also, there is complete security in public transport such as the metro, bus, and other public places at any time. UAE is ranked high in terms of public safety and the turn-around time for Dubai Police is getting shorter for an inquiry. Individuals from different nationalities can spend their retirement life peacefully by obtaining a retirement visa in UAE.

3. Good Healthcare Facilities

The Healthcare System in the country is very sophisticated. There are hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and more. A host of well-known global hospital networks have their hospital network in the UAE.

UAE residents enjoy a high level of healthcare treatment through hospitals and clinics around the country. However, healthcare services are costlier in UAE. They can leverage health insurance for doctor’s appointments, subsidized pharmacy rates, in-patient hospital treatment, and more.

4. Cultural Diversity 

UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities and there is a diverse community here. There are many cuisines, national events, and meetup sessions targeting specific nationalities year-round in UAE.

It is a special experience to be in the country and be part of a large community. The retirement visa in UAE helps ex-pats to stay here and keep meeting new friends, take part in networking events, expand their social network, and more.

5. Community Living

UAE’s property market is very mature now and there are a lot of options for buyers. It ranges from Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 & 3 bedrooms, penthouses, Townhouses, villas, and more.

Also, there is a host of ultra-luxurious projects in Dubai. All these options make UAE the perfect place to settle down with a retirement visa. The communities in UAE are built in each of the apartment complexes.

retirement visa in dubai

It is an essential thing to know all about the community where the individual will stay. For a peaceful retirement life, a community with a lot of greenery, open space, a fitness center, etc, is ideal.

6. Setup a Company

The individual can open a company in any of the UAE Free Zones and start operating their business in UAE.

They can utilize their time in sharing the vast experience gathered over time in their professional and social life with others, as well as spend a good time in UAE.

Setting up a company in Dubai is straightforward with the help of an expert Business Consultant like AURION.

7. Eligibility for UAE Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa in UAE is becoming a popular category for foreign expatriates as well as individuals working in UAE for a long time. There are a few criteria to be met by the applicant to be eligible for the retirement visa in UAE.

In Dubai, the Retirement Visa can be applied for through the General Directorate of Residency and foreign affairs (GDRFA).

Criteria to apply for Dubai Retirement Visa

  • The applicant has to be 55 years of age or older to get a retirement visa in UAE.
  • The applicant must have AED 20,000 monthly income or AED1 million in savings. Or AED 2 million worth of property in Dubai. They must also have mandatory health insurance under their name with extensive medical coverage.
  • The individual must undergo a medical test to apply for the new Emirates ID. The applicant is eligible to sponsor their family under the Resident Visa option.

dubai retirement visa

Steps to Apply for Retirement Visa in Dubai

Applying for a Retirement Visa in Dubai is easy and direct through a seasoned Business Consultant to avoid any hassles.

  • Connect with the business consultants and share your requirements
  • Provide the photographs, and passport copies of the applicant and dependents
  • Check the eligibility criteria and show the property purchase sale letter, bank statement, proof of payments, etc.
  • Wait for the pre-approval from the authorities
  • Make the fee payment for the Retirement Visa in UAE and obtain it for you and your family.
  • The visa can be renewed every 5 years provided the applicant continues to meet the criteria.

Hence, with the 5-year retirement Visa, Dubai is becoming an investor hub for settlement. The city’s elevated quality of life, welcoming policies, and growing business opportunities attract investors from around the world to come, work, and settle in UAE.

To know more about the Retirement Visa in UAE, the latest UAE residence visa rules, connect with our expert PRO Service Agents right away!

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