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How to start an IT Company in Dubai?

UAE is emerging as a popular tech hub in the middle east. The IT infrastructure in UAE is mature enough and ever-growing to support foreign investor requirements. Starting an IT Company in Dubai is beneficial for entrepreneurs due to the growing local demand for IT-related services.

There is an organizational requirement for IT software, products, and implementation across various business functionalities. Free Zones are the ideal choice for starting an IT Company in Dubai. They have several offers a business license for all IT-related activities ranging from IT Hardware sales to software training and software program development.

There is a huge business opportunity in UAE for IT-related Businesses. The advanced infrastructure and business ecosystem make UAE the right choice for setting up an IT business in the region.

What are the Steps in Opening an IT Company in Dubai?

To open an IT Company in Dubai there are few steps to follow by the entrepreneur. It is best to take assistance from an expert Business Consultants such as AURION. They will provide end-to-end assistance in UAE for starting an IT company in Dubai.

Following are the steps in opening an IT Company in Dubai. investors can follow the below steps in getting their IT Company in Dubai operating successfully with in minimal time.

  1. Get the Name approval for the IT Company in Dubai
  2.  Choose from the list of business activities related to IT company license
  3. Decide on which Free Zone to setup the company, AURION will assist you with this based on business requirements.
  4. Submit the required documents to the authorities – Passport Copy, Entry Stamp, & Photograph
  5. Make the fee payment for the IT Company License to the respective Free Zone authorities
  6. Take the required office space, warehouse facilities based on the requirement
  7. Obtain the Trade License and start operating the IT Company in Dubai seamlessly

List of Free Trade Zones to Start an IT Company in Dubai

The Free Trade Zones significantly support the IT Company Setup in Dubai. The Free Zones offer numerous cost-effective company packages especially for IT Services, Software Consultancy, and more.

Depending on the various business requirements of IT companies, investor can choose the Free Zone and Company package that meets their specifications. Here are a few specific Free Zones that are best fit to start an IT company in Dubai:

1. Dubai Silicon Oasis -IFZA

The Dubai Silicon Oasis IFZA is the perfect choice for an IT entrepreneur to kick-start their IT business operation and easily scale up. IFZA has a range of comprehensive business setup packages that will be the right fit for any IT-related business.

Start an IT Company in Dubai

Starting from AED 16,100 for a 1 visa quota package with Flexidesk shared office, or executive office space (office rent not included in the package); it is an ideal choice for the investors.

There are umpteen business benefits to choosing the IFZA Free Zone. The Dubai Address makes your company gain reputation easily.

With 100% ownership. no import duty on goods, 100% profit repatriation, robust business ecosystem, IFZA Dubai is the right place to be for IT entrepreneurs.

2. Dubai Technology and Entrepreneur Centre DTEC

The Dubai Technology and Entrepreneur Centre is another technology hub in Dubai.  DTEC is located adjacent to the Dubai Silicon oasis –IFZA. It offers cost-effective company setup packages for the IT investors

DTEC offers modern infrastructure facilities for investors. It houses a niche community of coders, start-ups, innovators, incubators, and business units that collaborate to launch the latest technology-based products and services.

IT Startup in Dubai

It is a robust business ecosystem powered by a network of professionals, companies, and technology groups. Companies in DTEC form a business networking group and collectively and individually test, launch and conduct services and initiate product sales.

DTEC provides Investors with a wide choice of company formation options and business benefits that will help to scale up the business.

To know more about the compressive business license packages give us a call right away! Call us on 0097141504150

3. Dubai Multi-Commodities Center, DMCC

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is a favorable choice for IT entrepreneurs to set up a company in the UAE. DMCC has a wide range of business activities related to IT, Software Development, IT Services, etc.

Also, DMCC offers competitive business license packages in UAE. It has a streamlined company formation process that will only take a day or two to receive the company documents of the new company registered.

In DMCC the investors have the provision to take office space in any building within the JLT area. There is a vast choice of office space in the JLT area ranging from co-working spaces to fully furnished offices.

IT related Business in Dubai

Hence, investors can choose based on their budget and other business requirements such as client meetings, business activity, etc.

DMCC – A Growing IT Hub in UAE

DMCC is a hub for IT-related activities with large and small companies having their base. There is a wide business network in DMCC with companies from all over the world.

Advanced technology and innovation are tested constantly in the Free Zone by the companies operating here. They leverage the sophisticated business and technology infrastructure for the success of the business.

To know more about the latest business setup packages, visit.

4. Dubai South

Dubai South is one of the most robust Free Trade Zone in Dubai situated adjacent to the New Al Maktoum Airport in Jebel Ali. Also, the Proximity to the Jebel Ali Port and one of the world largest Free Zone the Jebel Ali Free Zone, make Dubai South a prospective option for foreign investors.

For IT companies that are expanding to IT System importing and exporting to international markets as well as GCC region, Dubai South is one of the best options. It will help to keep the logistics cost low at the same time will speed up the shipping operations.

The 100% foreign ownership, Full Profit Repatriation, Low-Cost Company Formation Package, fully furnished Office Spaces, Multi-Year Business License Packages, etc., make the Free Zone the first choice for many investors.

5. Dubai Airport Free Zone, DAFZA

Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the most prestigious Free Trade Zones in the world. It houses some of the world’s best companies spread across various industry verticals. Located at close to the Dubai International Airport, it is a perfect choice for business travelers and overseas investors.

The Free Zone offers the latest technology infrastructure for IT companies to develop their products and services. It has a range of comprehensive business setup packages that investors can choose for setting up a company in the UAE.

There are a host of business activities the investors can choose from under the IT Services category. From Flexi-desks to fully furnished offices the investors can opt based on their business requirements.

How Aurion will help to Start an IT Company in Dubai?

Team Aurion will assist you with setting up the company in the right Free Zone based on the specific business requirements and the budget. There is very minimal documentation requirement for starting an IT Company in Dubai.

The investors passport copy and photograph, along with application form and trade license fee must be submitted to the respective Free Zone Authority. After the document review, the Free Zone will issue the IT Company Trade License to the investor.

Aurion will support with document assistance, application form submission, obtaining clearances, applying for UAE residence visa, bank account opening, and more.

Connect with our expert team of Business Consultants to know more about establishing an IT Company in UAE.

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