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How to Start a Company without an Office Space in UAE?

UAE is a prominent business destination for start-ups, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, as well as established large players. One of the frequent queries from our clients is “How to Start a Company without an Office Space in UAE?”.

Dubai offers an exceptional business infrastructure for all business categories to successfully launch their services and products in the market. All businesses are looking at keeping the overhead cost low. Hence, starting a company in UAE without an Office space is an ideal option.

Obtaining Trade License in Dubai without Office Space

The Free Trade Zones in UAE and the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai have virtual company license package without physical office spaces.

Company in UAE Without an Office Space

The Trade License can be obtained by the start-ups without having an office space. There are company setup packages in the Free Trade Zones starting from Zero Visa Quota and Flexi-desk facility to up to 6 visa quota fully furnished office spaces.

Hence, starting a business in UAE without having an office space is possible and is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who wants to start small and keep the initial business setup low.

Parameters to Consider While Operating a Company without an Office Space

There is a lot of flexibility for the entrepreneurs in not having an office space. However, there are a few parameters to consider while operating the business without an office space.

1. Revise your business plan

The entrepreneur must revise the business plan to fit in the flexible work hours and availability of labor to address the business requirement. Also, the entrepreneur must have a clear idea about the current market conditions.

Thus, having a robust business plan will help in planning the future of the business. Additionally, the daily business operations, expansions, diversification, etc., depends on the initial business plan of the company.

2. Alternative Work Place

With the absence of physical office space, the investor has to opt for an alternative workplace. There should be an isolated space at home or in any business center or meeting area for the entrepreneur to focus on their work and achieve productive results.

Business without Office in UAE

Services engineering, consultancies, project management, software programming, IT-related business activities, etc., can be performed remotely without having a physical office space.

Most of the client interactions will be online and the coordination of activities is remotely through planning applications. Thereby, it eliminates the need for physical office space.

3. Allocate Flexible Working Hours

Allocating flexible working hours is an advantage for entrepreneurs choosing a company without an office. They can work from anywhere at any time. Also, they can accommodate clients from any time zones.

Hence having flexible working hours are essential for an entrepreneur to plan their day’s work accordingly. Additionally, there are no worries about peak hour traffic or office commute times. Thus, flexible working hours can be put to use effectively to maximize productivity.

4. Collaborate and Work

For entrepreneurs to successfully establish and continue business operations networking and collaboration are essential. It is an effective way to grow business in UAE.

The Free Zones are the ideal choice for investors to collaborate and work together even if the company is registered without an office. It offers a perfect ecosystem for businesses to grow. Additionally, the world-class infrastructure helps investors to coordinate the meetings and conduct business networking events.

5. Virtual Meetings and Teams

For remote companies, virtual meetings and online teams are the pillars of success. Thus, in the digital world for companies to thrive adapting to digital practices is the only way out.

Connecting with the clients remotely and hiring remote staff is becoming the new normal, especially with the Pandemic.  Hence, the right strategic planning is essential for remote companies to succeed.  Subsequently, a clear idea about the daily business operations, marketing aspects, and future growth plan is a must-have.

Virtual Office in UAE

Online collaboration and top management meeting on the product or services marketing and the use of best organizational practices helps in enhancing the digital brand image of the company.

A full online strategy is a win for remote companies. They can keep the overall costs low at the same time deliver exceptional services and products via online medium to clients all over the world.

6. Use of the Right Technology

Investing in the right technology is essential for online companies to keep their employees and clients active and on track. The latest technology has made businesses work together from various parts of the world. It eliminates long commutes to physical office spaces and enhances productivity.

There are numerous project management and productivity tools to enhance the efficiency of the company. The top management must invest in the right technology and tools for their remote employees to showcase their full potential.

How Free Zone helps Investors to Start a Company without Office Space?

Hence, in a nutshell, opening an office in UAE without an office is quite a hassle-free process. At the same time, it also helps the entrepreneur to easily scale up their business venture with reduced initial overheads costs and management costs.

The various cost-effective business setup packages from the Free Zone offer the right ecosystem and infrastructural facilities for entrepreneurs to remotely start and operate their companies.

From Freelance permits to up to 6 visa quota companies, the entrepreneurs can start a company in the Free Zones of UAE without having to take office space. Numerous business activities in UAE can be chosen by the investors for starting a business without office space.

To know more about Starting a Company in the UAE without an Office Space, talk to our expert business consultants right away!

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