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How to get a Free Zone Professional License in Dubai?

Free Zones in Dubai is one of the major business support systems that is driving the new company registrations in UAE. For conducting a service-related business activity, investors must obtain a Professional License in Dubai.

The exceptional business benefits offered by the Free Zones in Dubai to the entrepreneurs and foreign investors are triggering them for new company formation in the UAE.

Free Zones have drawn significant traction among foreign investors who wish to start a business in the most hassle-free way.

What are the Business Benefits for Investors from Free Zone Company?

The quick and easy company formation process, assistance from experienced business consultants in Dubai, and the investor benefits are making the Free Zone an attractive option for company formation in UAE.

There are a handful of business benefits the free zones offer its investors such as 100% foreign ownership, custom duty exemptions, tax-free income, easy company setup, etc.

Also, the Free Zones offer world-class business infrastructure, easy access to the world market, a multinational population, a diverse talent pool, and a host of other business benefits for investors.

How to Apply for a Professional License from a Free Zone in Dubai

Professional License from Free Zones of UAE is the most sought-after license type among foreign investors.

The licensing procedures in the Freezones of UAE are almost common irrespective of the business license type chosen.

There would be variations in the document submissions depending on the license types. For certain business activities like healthcare, education, banking, etc, there are special approvals required.

For example, one must have special clearances from the government departments like the Dubai Health Authority, Knowledge, Human Development Authority (KHDA), and Central Bank of UAE for business activities in the field of healthcare, education, and banking.

There are variations are on the list of business activities within each license type under various Free zones.

Choosing the right Business Activity and the respective Free Zone

Certain business activities like Banking & Financial Investment activities will not be available in a media-related Free Zone. Also, the documentation, professional license procedures, and cost would vary across the Free Zones of UAE.

The most popular free zones offering professional license in Dubai is the Dubai Airport Free Zone, DMCC, and Dubai South.

There are many cost-effective options available at the International Free Zone Authority, Sharjah Airport International Freezone, etc.

There are various company formation packages across the free zones that offer Professional licenses along with multiple visa quotas for employee & investor residence visas, and office spaces (flexible, executive, shared offices).

To know more read: Company Formation in Free Zones of UAE

How to get a Professional license from Free Zones in Dubai

The first and most important step in applying for the professional license in Dubai Freezones is choosing the right business activities under your professional license.

Most Freezones allow the inclusion of up to 10 related business activities under the Professional License. You are legally entrusted by the Free zone authorities to carry out the mentioned activities under your professional license.

Legal Entity in the Free Zones of Dubai

So the first step is choosing the right legal entity for your company setup. Following are the legal entities available in the Free zones:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

The major difference in these legal entities is the number of shareholders, also where a shareholder is a natural person or a legal entity (Holding company).

All Free Zones in UAE do not register all of the above legal entities, your business consultant would be the right source to advise the legal entity for your company.

Next, is choosing the trade name for your professional entity, and then applying for a professional license.

Preparing the application and supporting documents for the professional license is best to be done with the assistance of experienced business consultants.

The application has to include a few supporting documents, clearances from the authorities, payment of registration fees, getting approvals, etc.

Business Consultants would be able to guide you effectively and get you the business license in the most comfortable way.

Documents required to Get a Professional License in Dubai

Initial Approval

  • Filled in Application Form
  • Supporting documents upon request: Business plan, any existing trade license (for existing company/local company)
  • Passport copies, signatures of company shareholders, and appointed managers
  • Personal bank statements of shareholders or audited financial reports of the corporate entity (if the company is the shareholder)
  • NOC from current sponsors (for individuals)
  • Any supporting documents requested by the Free zone authority

Company Registration

  • Completed application for registration
  • Board resolution, Power of attorney, Memorandum and articles of association, specimen signature of the appointed Manager/ Director (Notarised and attested)
  • Passport copy & photo of the Managing Director
  • Share capital information

Licensing and Visa process

  • Lease agreement preparation by the respective free zone authority
  • Issuance of Professional License
  • Residence Visa processing

Depending on the Freezone authority the process, documents required and the steps involved in the company registration will vary.

To know more about company registration in UAE, give us a call right away!

Activities Covered under Professional License in Dubai

The following are the activities listed under the Professional License in Dubai. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more activities listed under the Professional License category.

You can contact the business consultants, for a detailed list of activities to choose from before applying for the trade license.

  • Insurance Consultancies
  • Computer Consultancies
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Customs Consultant
  • Fire Safety Consultancy
  • Construction Engineering Consultancy
  • Advertising Consultancies
  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management Consultancy
  • Facilities Management
  • Immigration Consultancy
  • Corporate Services Provider
  • Educational Consultancies
  • Health Awareness Consultancy
  • Marketing Research & Consultancies
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Media Consultancy
  • And many more

Other License Types Available in Free Zones of Dubai

Commercial License in Dubai

For all businesses involved in trading in and outside of the UAE, a commercial license is mandatory. Any company involved in trading, buying and selling goods, import/export, etc. must have to obtain a Commercial License in Dubai from the respective authorities.

Industrial License in Dubai

Industrial License is issued to all companies that are in the manufacturing of equipment, clothes, durable items, etc. For manufacturing or industrial licenses, the company must have a physical office in Dubai.

For any queries on obtaining a professional license and opening a company in UAE, talk to our expert consultants right away!

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