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How to get a Food Truck License in Dubai?

food truck license in dubai

Food Truck License in Dubai is a popular business license category among entrepreneurs who are in the food and beverages sector. Also, for investors in the restaurant and cafeteria segment, getting a Food Truck License in Dubai is beneficial to increase their customer base.

The Food and Culinary experience in Dubai is marvelous with many quirky options. Ranging from ultra-luxury dining to street food, there are numerous dining choices. Food Trucks are one of the popular hangout joints for everyone in Dubai, especially during the winter and when there is an event or a sport.

Food Trucks are a common part of any event in Dubai. Be it a concert, launch party, music event, open market, festival, or game show; the Food Trucks serving numerous delicacies are a sure sight in Dubai.

How to Get a Food Truck License in Dubai?

The Dubai Economy and Tourism Department issues the Food Truck License in Dubai. There are certain prerequisites and approvals for the issuance of the Food Truck License in Dubai. Expert Business Consultants such as AURION will help in the documentation and approval process of the Food Truck License in Dubai.

It is advisable to take a Restaurant and Cafeteria License for the investor as during the summer months in UAE, they can operate from a closed space and attract footfall to their restaurant and cafeteria.

Again, during winter, they can operate the Food Truck from tourist locations and events. Thereby, increasing the profitability of the business venture. The investor must maintain the Food Truck in good condition to ensure it is functional throughout the year.

food truck license in dubai

For obtaining the Food Truck License in Dubai, there is an inspection of the Food Truck by the Licensing Department. Also, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point HACCP/ ISO 22000 Certification is a mandatory requirement for the Food Truck in Dubai.

AURION will assist you in getting HACCP and ISO 22000 Certification for your Food Truck without any hassle and at the lowest cost.

So, once the approval is in place for the Food Truck, the investor can approach the Dubai Economy to issue the Food Truck License to them for operating the Food Truck in any event or premises where there is significant food fall in Dubai.

Why Investors Must Start a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

An individual investor or an existing hotel chain can start a Food Truck business in Dubai. The investor can get a Food Truck License in Dubai by applying with the Dubai Economy. The Dubai Mainland is the ideal location to open a new Food Truck business to get maximum footfalls to the joint.

There are many considerations while setting up a Food Truck Business in Dubai. The location is a major aspect that will determine the revenue. Also, there are few documentation and approvals from the licensing authorities in Dubai before obtaining the Food Truck License in Dubai.

Additionally, there are a few safety standards the investor must ensure in the Food Truck. It must be spacious to house all the kitchen items, storage unit, cooking gas, generator, employee standing area, and more. The Food Truck will be inspected by the Road Transport Authority and Dubai Municipality.

Steps in Starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai

To obtain a Food Truck License in Dubai, the process is straightforward. There are few steps to follow and expert Business Consultants such as AURION will guide you throughout the process.

Firstly, the investor must first choose a suitable tradename for their Food Truck. The investor who already has a restaurant or cafe can add the same tradename or a new one as they wish.

food truck business in dubai

For the Food Truck Business in Dubai, the ideal choice is the mainland due to the flexibility in halting the Food Truck for various events, sports shows, and designated parking areas such as the Last Exit Dubai.

Also, to get a higher Footfall, the food truck must be in a popular residential or retail-friendly location. So, the mainland of Dubai is the right choice for the Food Truck Business.

Special Approval for Food Truck License in Dubai

So, to apply for the Food Truck License in Dubai, the investor must get approvals from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Electricity and Water Department (DEWA).

The Food Truck will be inspected for all safety standards and hygiene norms. Also, the investor must get the HACCP / ISO 22000 Certification as proof of maintaining safety standards. At this stage, the investor must also arrange for a cloud kitchen or a caterer that will help prepare the desired items.

The Food truck and the associated kitchen must be approved by the licensing authorities for safety and hygiene. Once all the approvals and clearances are in place, the investor can obtain their Food Truck License from the Dubai Economy.

So, now you are eligible to launch your Food Truck anywhere in Dubai by complying with the regulations and maintaining hygiene, safety standards, etc. To be present in special events and shows, the Food Truck Owner must approach the event organizers and negotiate for a spot and the fee accordingly.

There are designated places and special events where you can place a Food Truck to attract the crowd. Also, you can sell unique food items such as BBQ, Burgers, Crepes, and Ice Cream, and attractive drinks such as Bubble Tea, specialty coffee, etc. The choices are immense, and Food trucks are a favorite meeting place for breaks during an event.

Cost of Starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai

The Cost of Starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai consists of many headers. The Food Truck Business in Dubai requires significant capital investment as the cost of the Food Truck and the customizations will add up to a significant amount.

Additionally, the rent for the location to halt the Food Truck contributes to the total cost of the Food Truck business.

So, considering all factors contributing to the cost of the Food Truck business, the average cost ranges from AED 150,000 to AED 200,000. It depends on the size of the food truck, customizations done, rent for the selected premises, and other miscellaneous requirements.

Food truck license in UAE

The Food Truck License cost in Mainland will be around AED 28,000 for one year. There will be other overhead costs for starting a Food Truck Business in Dubai including expenses for sourcing the raw materials, storage, cloud kitchen contract, packaging, staff salary, and others.

However, the Food Truck Business in Dubai seems like a prospective business investment as there are very limited Food Trucks currently operating in the region. There is a large addressable market in Dubai.

Also, there are many events, shows, and entertainment venues attracting thousands of audience every week for the shows. So, halting a Food Truck on these premises will help in serving a large crowd.

So there is immense potential for growth for the Food Truck Business in Dubai especially during the winter months when a large crowd spends their time outdoors attending events and shows.

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