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How to Get a Digital Marketing License in Dubai?

Digital Marketing in Dubai is a booming business activity. There is a rising growth for digital marketing agencies in Dubai driven by the demand from the corporates and other companies in Dubai and UAE. Digital Marketing License in Dubai is one of the most preferred in the startup category.

UAE has got no.1 digital infrastructure and internet speeds. The online market space is very mature with some of the best eCommerce players. Also, the services market is witnessing an expansion.

Digital marketing services are one of the most sought-after in Dubai from businesses across various sectors. Brands are constantly finding ways to reach the right audience effectively for growing business. Digital Marketing License enables investors to start a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai.

Digital Marketing Spending in Middle East Region is about 10% of the Global Market, The spend is estimated to reach around USD 27.5bn by the end of 2022.

Scope of a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai covers numerous services that will fall under the online marketing purview. The main objective of the Digital Marketing License in Dubai is to enhance the brand reach across multiple channels of customer communication in the online media.

Digital Marketing License in Dubai

The Digital Marketing Agency covers concepts of search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, a series of online application tutorials, and more.

Why Choose Dubai for setting up a Digital Marketing Agency?

Dubai is the right place for setting up a digital marketing agency as there are numerous large and small corporates looking for marketing assistance. Also, there is a growing customer market who are tech-savvy and heavy users of social media and internet services.

The 98% internet usage, young population, growing working-class demographics, sophisticated lifestyle, business demand, etc., make Dubai the perfect test ground for new products and services.

Digital Marketing Agencies can leverage this addressable audience for businesses by reaching out to them the right way.

What is a Digital Marketing License in Dubai?

A Digital Marketing License in Dubai is required for a company to legally conduct marketing services in UAE. The investors can obtain the Digital Marketing License from the Mainland or Free Trade Zones in Dubai.

The choice of business location depends on various factors such as the investor’s business requirements, budget, infrastructure requirements, etc. Digital Marketing License falls under the professional business license category. The investor can set up the company in multiple ways.

  • Single shareholder company in the mainland,
  • LLC Company with more than 2 shareholders in the mainland
  • A Free Zone-LLC Company ( with1 or more than 2 shareholders)
  • Free Zone Establishment ( Single Shareholder) / FZC ( Multiple Shareholder)

Aurion will assist investors in choosing the right business location – Mainland or Free Zone for your digital marketing company by thoroughly analyzing your specific business requirements and available free zone business license packages.

How to start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai?

The investors can start a digital marketing company in Dubai with the help of expert Business Consultants like AURION.  Getting a Digital Marketing License from Mainland or Free Zone is mandatory to start a digital marketing company in Dubai. Following are the steps in the Digital Marketing Company Setup Process in UAE.

  • Select a company name ( Up to 3 options) and get the name approval from the respective licensing authority – Free zones/mainland
  • Choose the required digital marketing activities from the activity list of the Free Zone/Mainland. It is a crucial step and the future of business depends on the choosen trade activity.
  • Submit the required documents ( passport copy, photograph) of the investor(s) to the authority and make the fee payment
  • Prepare the tenancy contract for the office space if required. It depends on the business requirement.
  • Obtain the Trade License from the relevant authorities and start operating the business legally in UAE
  • Proceed to apply for the UAE investor visa and based on the visa quota availability hire more staffs for the company.
  • Open a corporate bank account in UAE with the newly obtained Digital Marketing Company License.

Free Trade Zones will be the ideal choice for Digital Marketing Companies as they offer the right platform for businesses to grow.

The Free Zones have the right business infrastructure and networking opportunities for marketing companies to grow. There are various events and meet-ups conducted in Free Trade Zones as part of their promotional activities.

Digital Marketing License in UAE

Also, the Free zones offer competitive company setup packages for startups and entrepreneurs to keep the overall company setup fee low.

On the other hand, the Mainland of Dubai is the right choice for businesses to expand on a larger scale, hire more employees, and gain more contracts.

Popular  Free Zones Offering Digital Marketing License in UAE at the lowest cost

Digital Marketing License in UAE is a popular professional license category that most of the Free Trade Zones are issuing to the investors. However, few Free Zones in Dubai offer them at the lowest cost.

The cost of a digital marketing license in Dubai varies across Free Trade Zones. However, the cost of a digital marketing license in Dubai starts at AED 11,900 with a Zero Visa Quota.

1. Dubai Silicon oasis – IFZA

IFZA is one of the most dynamic Free Trade Zones in Dubai with a growing business ecosystem. They offer immense opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The Free Trade Zone has a customized office facility and offers quick business license issuance and a faster UAE residence visa service for investors.

2. Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is the newest Free Trade Zone in Dubai. Located at the Meydan Hotel, the Free Zone is a preferred choice among international travelers and businessmen.

Digital Marketing License in Free Zones

The cost of a digital marketing license in Dubai Meydan Free Zone for a 1-year trade license with 1 visa quota is AED 14,350. The Free Zone is a perfect fit for marketing companies as there is a lot of scope for socializing, events and networking.

3. Dubai Multi Commodities Center

Dubai Multi Commodities Center is the No.1  Free Trade Zone in the World as per the Financial Times magazine. It is home to more than 18000 companies and is on a steady growth track.

DMCC offers a host of company setup packages for investors across various business sectors.  It is a perfect choice for a digital marketing company as the Free Zone is a bustling business hub and has multiple benefits for investors.

To know more about the process of obtaining a digital marketing license in Dubai, give us a call!

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