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Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones

Business setup in Dubai is at an all-time demand due to the umpteen business benefits for the investors. Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones are the most preferred Company Formation option among foreign investors.

The 100% foreign ownership, tax-free income, profit & capital repatriation, zero customs duty, etc., are triggering more investors to set up business in Dubai.

Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones 

Here is the Top 5 Free Zones in Dubai for Company Formation. Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones offer numerous business benefits to the investors.

1. Dubai Airport Free Zone

Firstly, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is the top-class Free zones in the world. It is strategically located adjacent to the Dubai International Airport.

Also, It offers world-class infrastructure and offers foreign investors a prestigious address in Dubai.

From shared offices to sophisticated fully furnished offices to custom-built warehouses. DAFZA has it all to serve the custom requirements of the investors.

Business Benefits for Investors

1. Strategic Location

First and foremost, is the location. The Proximity to one of the world’s busiest Airport makes the Free Zone world’s best Free Zone for conducting business

2. Dubai – Trade Hub of the Middle East

With direct access to more than 170 countries through the Air, Sea & Road Transport. Dubai has transformed into a trading hub of the Middle East and the world.

3. Ease of Business Setup

Dubai Free Zone offers one of the most hassle-free business setup. Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone is precise and easy with very minimal steps.

The document clearance and approvals are streamlined so that the trade license is issued at the earliest.

4. World-Class Infrastructure

Specifically, Dubai Free Zone offers world-class infrastructure facilities for investors in terms of technology, robust office spaces, warehouse facilities, networking opportunities, etc.

Hence, to set up the company quickly and scale up the operations easily DAFZA will be the right choice.

5. In-house Customs Clearance

DAFZA is a designated Freezone and it has an in-house customs check to facilitate easy entry and exit of goods to and from the Freezone.

The Zero Customs duty in Dubai Free Zones is one of the major attractions for trading companies.

Companies in the Freezone can import goods or equipment into the Freezone from a foreign country without payment of customs duties.

It enables the trading companies registered in the Free Zones to easily scale up business and conduct trade globally as well as in UAE Local Market.

6. VAT Free Trade Zone

DAFZA is a VAT Free Trade Zone. It is categorized as a designated free zone as it is a specific fenced geographic area.

It has the security measures and customs controls in place to monitor the entry and exit of individuals and the movement of goods. Transactions within the designated Freezones are not subject to VAT.

To know more, explore: Company Formation in DAFZA

2. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

DMCC is one of the popular Freezone for Commodity trading companies. It offers innovative infrastructure, world-class services, and a robust ecosystem for company formation.

DMCC houses more than 10,000+businesses in the field of general trading, precious metal trading, computing, information technology, consulting, and more.

DMCC Free Zone offers investors with easy business setup, residence visa, plug-and-play offices, ease lease and sale options for offices, networking opportunities like events, workshops, and exhibitions, etc.

The Trading companies have easy access to trading commodity exchange that trades items such as gold, diamond, and other commodities.

Also, DMCC provides investors the trade regulations and compliance standard training to be aware of the legal framework.

3. Dubai South Freezone

Dubai South is an upcoming Freezone adjacent to the Al Maktoum International Airport. The business activities are focused on logistics, aviation, commercial, exhibition, real estate, etc.

It has dedicated areas for facilitating faster trade operations. The Free Zones consists following eight major areas that provide top-class infrastructure facilities for the investors to easily scale up their business:

  • The Logistics District
  • Business Park
  • Aviation District
  • Commercial District
  • Residential District
  • Golf District
  • Exhibition District, and,
  • Humanitarian District.

Dubai South is striving to ahead to become a strategic location in the UAE for logistics, aviation, services, and light manufacturing & assembling industries.

4. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dubai Silicon Oasis is the ideal Free Zone for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to start their business establishment in Dubai.

DSO Free Zone provides a coexisting ecosystem where both living and working are integrated into a community.

The state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and networking opportunities in Dubai Silicon oasis make it a start-up hub of UAE.

Also, DSO Free Zone offers a wide range of company setup packages and license types for tech start-ups and investors.

5. Jebel Ali Freezone

Jebel Ali Freezone is one of the world’s largest Freezone focussing on specialized industries, trade, logistics, etc.

The Jebel Ali port is one of the busiest and most revenue-generating in the UAE. JAFZA is a perfect hub for trading companies due to easy access to the port.

Food and Beverage production, Light Manufacturing units of Global Companies are based out of JAFZA.

Jebel Ali Free Zone offers investors a host of company formation packages and top-class infrastructure facilities.

Additionally, JAFZA has custom-built warehouses very close to the Seaport. It acts as a perfect distribution hub for facilitating trade in the UAE as well as international markets.

To know more about how to choose the right free zone for Starting a new business in Dubai, talk to our experts right away!

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