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Cheapest Free Zone in UAE

Cheapest free zone in Dubai, UAE

Cheapest free zones in UAE

UAE Freezones are popular among global investors. Also, Cheapest free zones in UAE attract global investors to set up their low cost companies. The Free zones in UAE offer a whole lot of infrastructure and business support to the investors.

There are more than 40 Freezones that offer the cheapest free zone licenses in UAE. Depending on the business activities the investors can choose the right Free Zone in UAE.

Aurion will assist you in choosing the right company license from the best and cheapest Free Zones in UAE. For example, a Media Company is advisable to be registered in any of the Media City Freezones. Some of the Major media free trade zones in UAE are Dubai Media City, Fujairah Creative Zone & Sharjah Media City.

Which is the Cheapest Free Zone in the UAE?

There are various factors to be considered while choosing the cheapest Free Zone in UAE to establish a company. It includes the location of the freezone, followed by the business activities chosen, office space requirements, etc.

Sharjah Media City is offering a Media License at the cost of AED 5,750. Considering this Sharjah Media City is the cheapest Free Zone in UAE.

The Free Trade Zones offer the cheapest business license in UAE for investors to easily set up a company. Investors are looking at ways to keep the company setup cost low. The cheapest company license in 2022 is offered by Free Zones in Ajman, Sharjah & Dubai. There are numerous business license types and business activities available for investors across the Free Zones of UAE.

Here is a quick comparison of the Cheapest Free Zones in UAE based on the business license cost

  Free Zones Trade License Cost Visa Quota
Cheapest Free Zone in Dubai Dubai Silicon Oasis – IFZA AED 11,900 Zero Visa Quota, offer price valid until 30th April 2022
Cheapest Free Zone in Sharjah Sharjah Media City AED 5,750 Zero Visa Quota, 30% off until 30th April 2022
Cheapest Free Zone in Ras al Khaimah RAKEZ AED 11,440 Zero Visa Quota, Flexi Desk type, Services Business license

IFZA is the cheapest free zone in Dubai and also one of the most cost effective Free Zone in UAE. It offers the investors low-cost business licenses and world-class infrastructure.

Similarly in the Emirate of Sharjah, there are SHAMS and SPC that offer low cost media licenses to investors. As per the 2021 free zone cost, Shams Free Zone was the cheapest freezone in Sharjah Emirate.

But in 2022, SPC Free Zone offers the cheapest free zone license. These free zones offer cheap business licenses for a host of activities such as consulting, media, e-commerce etc. Also offers the cheapest general trading license in UAE for selling multiple items.

Let’s have a look at the relatively cheap Freezones in UAE that offer low cost free zone license:

Which are the Cost Effective Free Zones in UAE?

There are few cost effective free zones in UAE that offer attractive company formation packages. Additionally, the free zones offer cheapest trading license in UAE for investors

The Free Trade Zones in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman & Umm Al Quwain are cost effective Free Zones considering company setup cost. The total cost of setting up a business includes the trade license cost, office rent expenses, administrative and visa expenses.

Free Zones in the northern emirates are a cost effective choice for investors due to various reasons. Few of them are reduced office management and maintenance expenses, lower office rent and reduced power bills. Instead, the investor can choose IFZA as it is one of the cheapest Free Zone in Dubai.

The Free Zones in the northern Emirates such as Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and Fujairah offer the cheapest start-ups. Also, the cost of business license in northern Emirates will be relatively lower than the Free Trade Zones in Dubai.

Similarly, there are a few cheaper company licenses from SHAMS, Sharjah Publishing City, Ajman Media City & RAKEZ. The Free Zones in the Northern Emirates of UAE offer a wide range of business activities for startups. Also, these free zones provide business infrastructure for budding entrepreneurs to start a company with ease and minimal documentation.

Cheapest Free Zones in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of business setup packages for global investors. The cheapest Business licenses in Dubai are offered by the Free Trade Zone starting from AED 11,900.

The low cost Free Zone in Dubai provides ample business infrastructure to the investors. It is a perfect choice to start a business venture in Dubai at lower initial setup costs.

Following Low Cost Free Trade Zones in Dubai will provide all required business infrastructure for new investors.

1. Dubai Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone is one of the prime locations and a perfect choice for low cost office space in Dubai. The Free Zone also provides a No Objection Certificate to open an office space anywhere in Dubai.

It is highly beneficial for the investor as there are numerous low cost office spaces in the UAE mainland. Depending on the business requirement and budget, the investor can choose their office space.

Meydan Free Zone offers a wide range of business activities and license types for foreign investors at a low cost. The Free Zone is adjacent to Meydan Racecourse and inside the Meydan Hotel makes it a perfect hub for international investors. Also, this free zone enables business leaders to socialize and network while collaborating for work.

2. International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is the cheapest Freezone in Dubai. It offers a low-cost company license in Dubai starting from AED 11,900. This is the best Dubai free zone license offer in 2022.

The investors experience a wide range of modern office solutions that match international standards. It has a warehouse facility that is built on the highest international logistics standards. IFZA also offers flexi-desk and flexible rental solutions for the investors to keep their operating costs at a minimum. Based on the investor preferences IFZA is expected to be the most popular free zone in 2022.

Benefits for the Investors

  • Fast and easy business setup and company management
  • A wide and comprehensive range of business activities (Consultancy, Services, Trading, etc.)
  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Ability to Setup a Limited Liability company and get the LLC Suffix after the company name
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income tax
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • There is no physical office requirement
  • No share capital requirement
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies

Type of licenses available in IFZA

  • Consultancy License – Ideal for professional services like management consultants, HR Consultants, etc.
  • Service License- Suited for production, transformation, and distribution of service companies
  • Trading License- Best fit for a company that trade specific goods
  • General Trading license – For companies that trade a wide range of items. IFZA offers Cheapest General Trading license packages.
  • Industrial License- Best fit for companies involved in importing raw materials, production, manufacturing, packaging, exports, etc.
  • Holding license – Enables the holding of standalone assets and/or shares of other company

General Trading License – (1 Visa Package) – 17,500 AED Yearly (The package amount might slightly vary in actuals)

To know more on the IFZA business setup packages, click here: IFZA

3. Dubai CommerCity

Dubai CommerCity is another new Free Trade Zone in UAE that provides entrepreneurs with ample business infrastructure and world-class amenities. Located in proximity to the Dubai International Airport, the Free Zone is a hub for international trading companies. The Free Zone is ideal for businesses where logistics is an integral part of the business operation.

The Free Zone also offers business license packages for multi-years (2, 3 & 5 years). It offers more than 2000 plus business activities for foreign investors to choose for their company. The Free Zone offers the right support and business amenities for investors to easily scale up their business ventures.

Why Freezones in Dubai are popular Choice of Investors?

The Freezones in Dubai offer a host of benefits for its investors. There are various factors that determine the popularity of a Free zone in the UAE.

  • The most important features are
  • 100% ownership of the business entity
  • profit repatriation
  • tax-free environment
  • secure banking system
  • world-class infrastructure
  • fast and easy business setup
  • cheap free zone licenses and availability of visas

For general trading, consultancy, service industry, etc cheapest free zones in Dubai are the most preferred. Also, Investors consider Dubai as the center for all their business operations. The location of the Dubai International Airport is a key attraction for services and consultancy businesses. Furthermore, the ability to travel globally is a direct benefit of setting up your business in Dubai.

Cheapest Free Zone in Dubai

When it comes to the business setup cost, Free Zones in Dubai comes at a premium. Cost effective Free zones in Dubai offer unmatched business setup solutions and cheap trade licenses to set up your dream company.

The Cost of the cheapest company registration in Dubai starts from AED 11,800. The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is the right place to set up a low-cost company in Dubai.

Cheapest Free Zone License in Sharjah

The Free Zones in Sharjah offer a range of business license packages for investors. There cheapest Free Zone License in Sharjah starts from AED 6,500 for a Zero Visa quota package. Sharjah Free Zones offer best-in-class infrastructure to investors at a relatively lower cost compared to free zones in Dubai.

1. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is a dynamic Free Trade Zone in the Emirates of Sharjah. It offers a host of low-cost office packages and low-cost visas for investors. The Free Zone is a perfect choice for start-ups and entrepreneurs to setup a company at the lowest cost.

The Coworking facilities and office desk facilities are perfect for investors to launch their business seamlessly. Also, the Free Zone is a hub for networking activities and business meetups. The Free Zone supports the investors by providing the right platform to kick-start their business ventures without any hassle.

2. Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is one of the fastest-growing Free Trade Zone in Sharjah. Low-cost company licenses and low-cost Visas are the highlights of the Free Zone. This makes Sharjah Media City the cheapest freezone in UAE.

The Free Zone offers Business Licenses across diverse categories. It is a perfect Free Zone for media, freelance, stratus, consultancies, etc. The low-cost license package is an add-on for new investors to easily start their company in the Free Zone. It also provides cheapest general trading license in UAE.

Other Cheapest Free Zone License in UAE

1. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Freezone (RAKEZ)

RAKEZ is a cost effective business hub with customized solutions for business establishments to set up your dream company.  RAKEZ offers affordable business set-up packages, modern facilities, and first-class services. It has the state of the art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities for industrial growth and development.

RAKEZ offers an easy and fast business setup and a customer friendly environment for investors. There are more than 14000 companies from 100+ countries registered in RAKEZ. It has 5 Freezone parks that are tailor-made for investor requirements. RAKEZ consists of a business park, industrial parks and an academic zone.

RAKEZ has provisions for Freezone and Non-Freezone company formation. It offers a wide range of business and industrial facilities. The easy access to global markets through the seaports & airports is making RAKEZ a preferred destination for investors.

Commercial Licence – Allowed to conduct 5 similar activities from the chosen category – 14,800 AED Yearly. (The package amount might slightly vary in actual).

Check out the Company Registration cost for RAKEZ here.

2. Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ)

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone is the best free zone in UAE for start-ups and SMEs. Its proximity to Dubai, access to the international ports, and top-class infrastructure are making it an investor’s favorite.

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone has been operating as an autonomous Freezone since its inception in 2014. Due to its low-cost business setup, UAQ Free Zone is expected to have a rapid adoption in the coming years.

Types of Licenses issued by the Um Al Quwain Free Trade Zone

  • Commercial
  • Consultancy
  • Industrial
  • Services
  • Freelance permits
  • General Trading

Commercial License (2 Visa Package) – 20,500 AED Yearly [The package amount will vary in actual]

Read more on the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone here.

3. Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City is one of the affordable free zone in UAE. This free zone offers investors a range of business activities and business license types at the lowest cost.

The Ajman Media City has various office types – shared, customized, Flexi-desk, etc., with and world-class infrastructure. Ranging from trading license to special license categories like media & Creativity, it has all for the entrepreneurs.

It is considered a top-notch hub for media and entertainment companies to set up the office. It offers a cost effective platform to media agencies and creative people who are looking for a profitable business establishment.

Types of company license in the Ajman Media City Freezone

  • Freezone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free zone Company (FZCO)
  • Branch of a Foreign Company
  • A subsidiary of a Foreign Company
  • Branch of a UAE Company

Benefits of the Ajman media City Freezone

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
  • No Corporate or Income Tax
  • Multiple Business Activities in One Licence
  • Quick and Fast License Issue (2 days)
  • Quick and Simple Registration Process

Commercial License (1 Visa Package) – 11,952 AED Yearly [The package amount will vary in actuals]

Click here to know more about Ajman Media City Freezone.

The most important components in the business setup are deciding your business activity, business license types and the perfect location. UAE is the perfect place to establish your business and gain global access easily.

The ease of doing business, government support for entrepreneurs & world-class infrastructure attracts investors to UAE. Also, the secure banking facilities, proximity to the airport and seaports, etc., is making UAE a strategic location for business. Hence, achieving business excellence and growing your brand into a global one is assured by being in the UAE.

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