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5 Benefits of Registering a Mainland Company in Dubai

Mainland Company in Dubai is an onshore resident company that allows 100% expatriate ownership. The investor has access to a wide range of business activities. There are many advantages for the business owners in registering a Mainland Company in Dubai

The mainland of Dubai is always a prospective business location as Dubai is known as the trade and commerce hub of the world. The City of Dubai is strategically located between the East and the West. The extensive global connectivity by air, sea, and road makes it a growing trade hub,

For the business owners, Dubai is a market where growth is assured, It is home to more than 200 Nationalities and significantly relies on import export of goods and services. It is predominantly a consumer market and the non-oil sector is steadily growing year on year.

Hence, registering a Mainland Company in Dubai is part of every company owner’s growth strategy.

Benefits of Mainland Company Registration in the Dubai

Here are 5 reasons why investors must choose the Mainland of Dubai for registering a company. There are strong points for the Mainland of Dubai that is attracting business owners to the Mainland.

Multiple factors contribute to the decision of making the Mainland of Dubai the business jurisdiction for registering a company.

1. Extensive Business Growth Prospects

Mainland Companies have more flexibility in terms of growing in size. There is no visa quota similar to the Free Trade Zones. The Visas for the employees depend on the office space taken (Sq.ft). The larger the office space, the visas are more.

Also, the easy access to the local market makes the Mainland of Dubai an attractive option for registering a company. The investor has to get a Trade License from the Department of Economic Development. To operate their business in the Mainland of Dubai.

Also, for Free Zone Companies to expand their business to UAE Mainland, they can approach a distribution partner who is legalized to sell goods in the mainland of UAE. Also, they can open a new branch company in Dubai Mainland.

It will also give rise to new opportunities as there are a lot of public and private projects initiated on the Mainland of Dubai.

2. Diverse Business Operations

Mainland Company in Dubai is the right fit for launching new products to test them out to a mass audience. Dubai is home to more than 200 nationalities and hence is a perfect marketplace for products and services over diverse categories.

Having a general trading license from the mainland of Dubai enables the investor to sell multiple items to the local UAE market as well as to GCC and overseas markets seamlessly.

Thus, a mainland trade license in Dubai helps businesses diversify the company product offering efficiently and cost-effectively.

3. Increased Visa Quota

There are more opportunities to expand and add more staff whenever required by the organization. Also, the pre-approvals and visa processing times are relatively faster in the Dubai mainland compared to other business jurisdictions.

Also, the visa application, schedule for medical examination, etc., can be in FastTrack. The applicant can request a fast-track processing of their company and visa details in the mainland of Dubai.

4. Access to Government Contracts

The government of UAE has many projects where they will issue tender for mainland companies to participate. There are various projects in the field of transportation, construction, tourism, etc., that mainland companies can venture into with the Government of UAE.

Mainland Companies can only bid for UAE Government’s tenders for strategic projects. It is a potential business opportunity for companies operating on the Mainland to expand their business network.

5. Involve in Local Business Expansion

Mainland Company is ideal for local expansion and also to realize long-term goals of owning land or building commercial office space for the company with 100% ownership of the same.

Leasing a warehouse, heavy machinery, large office space, etc., for the business requirements seem more viable in the Mainland of Dubai compared to Free Zones and other Emirates. Free Zone must set up a branch and start operating on Mainland.

Also, for the Freezone Companies, starting a branch on the Mainland can reduce the cost of the local distributor and service provider. That will also allow Free Zone companies to sell their products/services on the mainland of Dubai.

When should I relocate my Free Zone Company to the Mainland of Dubai?

Clear cost comparison between Free Zone and Mainland by determining the office rent, location, office space requirements, license cost, other operating expenses, etc., helps in arriving at the right cost involved in moving from a Free Trade Zone to the Mainland.

Certain business activities such as trading, restaurants, shopping centers, educational centers, etc., is best to be on the Mainland of Dubai. It will even get more footfalls than being in the Free Zone.  

For new entrepreneurs, setting up a company in the Free Zones is ideal for them to test the waters before they dive. It will help in understanding the market situation better. There are many cost-effective business setup packages available in the Free Zone for the company to kick start without much financial strain.

However, as the business grows, to take full advantage of the UAE local market and grab a few government contracts, moving to the Mainland of Dubai is the ideal option.

The business potential in the UAE is enormous with bustling business activities year around. So it is always worth the investment for a mainland LLC or Branch as part of future growth plans.

Aurion will assist you in the complete business formation procedures for you to establish your LLC or branch in the Mainland of Dubai.

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