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Trademark & Copyright Patent

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademark Registration in the UAE

In the current digital-first world, safeguarding a brand is becoming more important due to copying, duplication, and counterfeits. The Brand value that has taken years of hard work to build could go in drain easily in the digital world. So how can we safeguard the Brands and your business processes? It is through Trademark Registrations, … Continue reading

Trademark Registration Process in Dubai

Trademark Registration Process in the UAE

Trademark Registration is a very essential element for the success of your brand. In this competitive world where there are numerous brands and products, for you to stand out as a brand is becoming quite challenging. Trademark Registration helps the business to protect their brand identity and enables you to stand out among the competitors. … Continue reading

Trademark Registration in UAE

Why should you Trademark your Brand in the UAE?

Registering a Trademark for your brand is a critical component in today’s competitive marketplace. As there are numerous companies opening businesses in the UAE market, there is a need of protecting your Company Assets such as Brand Name, Signatures, Statements, Figures, Letters, Graphics, Logos, Seals, Announcements, any group of marks registered under the UAE’s Trademark … Continue reading