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How to setup a company in Dubai from India?

We receive many inquiries from India on how to set up a company in Dubai. So, for Indians, to set up a company in Dubai there are numerous options. The business jurisdiction they can choose is either Free Zone or Mainland. Also, there is an Offshore jurisdiction that the investor chooses for a certain type of business activity.

Indian investors who wish to setup a company in Dubai will mostly be requiring a residence visa for managing their business in UAE. However, if they wish to stay in India and come for a visit to UAE on a quarterly or half-yearly basis, they can do that as well.

UAE being just 4 hours away from India, is a very convenient trade and economic hub. Also, it has an advanced infrastructure and governance. Thus, Indians prefer to work in UAE and settle with their family in the region for experiencing the improved lifestyle in the region.

Setting up a Company in Dubai – For Indian Investors

The latest Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with India has paved the way for more trade relations with UAE and India. Traders from India will have the opportunity to showcase a wide range of products in the UAE market.

Already many businesses in UAE are run by Indian Investors and they are doing well. The Indian diaspora in the UAE is one of the largest expat populations making up almost 30% and above.

Indian Investors are widely involved in trading, services, and manufacturing sectors in UAE. They have companies opened in all popular Free Zones and also the Mainland.

For new investors who wish to setup a company in Dubai from India, it is best advisable to connect with an expert Business Consultant such as AURION.

The team will offer the right guidance in choosing the company package for the investors. The investors can explore the options of company setup in the Free Zone, offshore, or a Mainland depending on their specific business activity.

Where Indians can set up their company in Dubai?

There is 100% foreign ownership in Dubai, UAE now across all business jurisdictions of Free Zones, mainland and offshore. So, the complete ownership of the company remains with the investor.

The Free Zone and Mainland are onshore business jurisdictions in UAE. Also, Commercial Company Laws apply to companies operating in these jurisdictions. The Companies in the Free Zone and Mainland are legally governed by the respective licensing authorities in UAE.

Whereas, the Offshore company is a different business jurisdiction that is out of the territorial scope of the UAE. Offshore companies are ideal for remote and international business operations.

setup an Indian company in Dubai

There is no office space or visa quota eligibility for offshore companies operating in UAE. Subsequently, the investors must choose to set up their company in the Free Zone or Mainland. It will help them to easily expand their market presence to the UAE and the rest of the GCC countries.

The logistics connectivity, strategic location of Dubai, Advanced infrastructure, office space and warehouse facilities, etc., make Dubai the right choice for setting up a company for Indian Investors.

Additionally, the significant tax savings on the profits earned from their Dubai-based business is an added benefit for them. Investors can leverage the benefits of Double Taxation by applying for a Tax Residence Certificate.

Steps in Setting up a Company in Dubai

For Indian Investors, to set up a company in Dubai they must follow certain steps. AURION will help them to choose the right business jurisdiction and company package.

The Free Zones and Mainland of Dubai have distinct advantages when it comes to the setting up of a company. In Free Zones, the Zero per cent import duty makes it an ideal choice for trading companies.

Similarly, the flexibility for expansion of business, hiring more staff, having better control over rents, etc., make Mainland Dubai a prospective choice for entrepreneurs.

The following are the steps involved in setting up a company in Dubai

  • Select the business jurisdiction and check for the available business activities
  • Finalize the trade name for the company, and business activity, and get the initial approval from the respective authorities.
  • Provide the documents such as Investor Profile, Photograph, Passport Copy, Entry Stamp, etc., along with the company registration application.
  • Choose an office space or warehouse facility for your company and arrange for the tenancy contract (AURION will guide the investor with this).
  • Make the required fee payment and obtain the trade license for the company
  • Proceed to take a corporate bank account for the company. Many new-age digital banks such as WIO Bank in UAE offer digital bank accounts with UAE IBAN and multiple banking services.

Indians can easily set up a company in Dubai and there are no complications in getting the permit/ approval. However, the documents provided must meet the stipulated requirements. Following are a few of the Indian’s favorite Free Zones in Dubai.

1. Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is one of the most prestigious Free Zones of UAE. They offer a wide range of business activities and office spaces that will suit all the business requirements of investors from India.

The Free Zone offers top-class office space to investors. They have co-working spaces, fully-furnished office spaces, warehouses and many more facilities that are available for the investors.

setup a company in Dubai from India

The Free Zone is home to a diverse community of businesses and entrepreneurs. They work in collaboration and independently to achieve business goals. DAFZA provides the right platform for Indians to scale up their businesses and grow seamlessly in the UAE market and beyond.

2. Dubai Silicon Oasis – IFZA

The Dubai Silicon Oasis-IFZA is a dynamic marketplace in Dubai. It is a startup hub in UAE and the Middle East. It offers exceptional facilities to entrepreneurs to launch their businesses easily in UAE.

The Free Zone is home to numerous multinational companies as well as startups. They have a variety of company packages and business activities. Depending on the visa quota, and office space, the cost of the company package varies. The cost of company setup in the IFZA Free Zone starts at AED 12,900 for a Zero Visa Quota.

3. Dubai CommerCity

Dubai CommerCity is a Free Zone that is having a large warehouse facility, especially for eCommerce goods storage. They have specialized warehouses for pharma, foodstuffs, textiles, etc. The Free Zone offers a custom build warehouse for a wide range of business activities.

The DCC Free Zone is located in proximity to the Dubai International Airport. It is well connected by road transport to the rest of UAE and GCC Countries. Hence, it is a perfect location for a trading company.

4. Dubai Multi-Commodities Center DMCC

The DMCC Free Zone is another popular business centre in the UAE. It is a perfect location for services and trading companies. They also provide specialized licenses for business activities such as Gold and Precious Metal Trading, and Crypto Trading & Blockchain Applications.

The Free Zone offers a wide variety of business activities to Indian investors. It is a preferred hub for Indian investors who are into trading, services & Consulting, and gold trading specifically.

Hence, for Indians to set up a Company in Dubai, there are multiple options to look at. Connect with our expert Business Consultants for a comprehensive business package for your new company in Dubai, UAE.

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