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How to Apply for a Certificate of Origin in UAE? – Things to Know

Certificate of Origin in UAE

A Certificate of Origin in UAE is a document in use for international trade. The exporter must complete the process and get a certificate from the recognized Government Authority. (Chamber of Commerce in most Countries). The Certificate of Origin document is to facilitate the export and re-export of goods from the UAE. The document of Certificate of Origin determines the origin of a product.

The document is helpful for the Customs Department to decide on the tariffs applicable. The basic information about the product and shipment is available in the Certificate of Origin. Also, the Certificate of Origin document includes the country where the production, manufacturing, or processing is taking place.

certificate of origin in UAE

The Chamber Of Commerce is the governing authority that issues the Certification of Origin and most of the exporters rely on the authority for processing the Certificates of Origin in UAE.

Along with that, the applicant must attach the commercial invoice for further review by the authority. Certificate of Origin in UAE for the following categories is available to apply- goods with origin in UAE, Direct Shipments, and for Transshipment goods.

Obtaining a Certificate of Origin in Dubai

For goods that is having an origin in UAE, the industrial license copy and a copy of the factory’s invoice are necessary. Similarly, for Transshipment goods a copy of the bill of transit from Dubai Customs is an essential requirement.

Also, the Chamber of Commerce might require some additional information such as the packing list, bills of the exporting country, exporter’s country invoice, etc. Similarly, for Direct Shipment – the bill of lading is to process the Certificate of Origin document from UAE.

The Dubai Chamber issues the Certificate of Origin for all the companies in UAE. Submit the documents to the Chamber of Commerce authorities. They will review the documents and issue the Certificate of Origin accordingly. The document is essential for the exporter or importer to produce to the Customs Department.

It will help in customs tariff rate calculations, proving the authenticity of the products, preventing fraud, and ensuring trade regulations are met. The company in Dubai for obtaining the Certificate of Origin must have a membership with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. They must have a valid trade license, and comply with the Chamber’s rules.

Applying for Certificate of Origin in UAE– Online Format

Currently, the paper-based process is migrated to the online portal of the Chamber of Commerce of the respective Emirate in UAE.

The Paper-based approach was quite tedious as it involved a series of following steps

  • Manually create the certificate of origin form
  • Delivery/Courier it to the respective Chamber of Commerce
  • Wait for an appropriate staff member to review and certify
  • Return it to the exporter’s office
  • Forward the certificate of origin to the Logistics company/Importer

When the process is moved online, it is less time-consuming and relatively easy to process. The Certificate of Origin along with the commercial invoice has to be forwarded to the shipping or the logistic provider to facilitate international trade from UAE.

There is a special type of preferential Certificate of Origin that is used to reduce shipping rates and avail other special privileges of Free Trade Agreements and other trade relations between countries.

Certificate of Origin (Sharjah) from Sharjah Chamber of Commerce:


  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate Registration
  • Invoice Copy (Suppliers Invoice & Customer Invoice)
  • Packing Lists with Product Details and HS Code
  • Shipment details
  • Company Trade License Copy
  • Company Tenancy Contract Copy
  • Passport Copy of the Shareholder/Manager
  • Visa Copy & EID Copy of the Shareholder/Manager

Attestation of Invoices from Sharjah Chamber of Commerce:


  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate Registration
  • Invoice Copy
  • Packing Lists with Product Details and HS Code
  • Shipment details
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Company Trade License Copy
  • Company Tenancy Contract Copy
  • Passport Copy of the Shareholder/Manager
  • Visa Copy & EID Copy of the Shareholder/Manager

Shipment Details are required for applying for the Certificate of Origin from the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce

  • Shipper’s ( Exporter’s) Company name, address, and contact details
  • Consignee’s company name, address, and contact details
  • Port of loading and port of discharge
  • Date of Departure and Final Destination
  • Chamber of Certificate Number
  • Details of Products included in the shipment – including shipping marks and numbers, number and kind of packages, description of goods, (packing list),
  • HS Code Gross weight
  • Invoice of the Product Shipment
  • Statement of the country of origin of goods
  • Name, date, and signature of the authorized company representative

Emirates Quality Mark

The EQM is a mark of conformity granted to the products to demonstrate compliance with the UAE National Standards.

There involves a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the quality system used by the manufacturer in the production process before issuing the Emirates Quality Mark.

To know more, Read: ESMA Certification in UAE

Registration Requirements

  • Brief Description of Manufacturing Process
  • Documentation of the QMS/HACCP implementation
  • Plant Equipment Layout and Quality Control Documentation
  • Test Report from Accredited Laboratory
  • Valid UAE Trade License
  • Any other required documents as specified

Process of Applying for the Emirates Quality Mark

  • Documents Submission and Review
  • Factory Assessment and Plan submission
  • After the Product meets the requirement, the system will notify the clients to pay the fees and schedule the assessment.
  • Obtain the EQM Certificate
  • Pay the Fees for the Emirates Quality Mark
  • Register on the ESMA Website and Upload the required documents

It takes approx. 10 working days to obtain the Emirates Quality Mark Certification, and product registration at the ESMA website.

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS)

ECAS is a Product Certification scheme for government-regulated products as per Federal Law.

All products must meet the requirements for safety and quality specified by the compliance regulations of the UAE. It is mandatory for registering the products and obtain the Certificate of Conformity before selling in the UAE.

Also, for customs clearance from the Ports and Airports, the Certificate of Conformity is a must-have document.

Issue Green, Energy, and Water Efficiency Labels

All electrical equipment (Such as TV, AC, Microwave, Washing Machine, etc.) entering the UAE market must be certified based on the ESMA Standards and affix the EESL ( Energy Efficiency Standardization and Labeling Program) label.

The electronic and electrical equipment must pass through the clearances and obtain the Green label for Energy and Water Efficiency to make it to the retail stores of UAE and reach the end customers.

How will Aurion Assist You?

Aurion will assist you with obtaining the Certificate of Origin from the Chamber of Commerce in the UAE for the required products to initiate your trading operations without any hassles.

You can approach our team of expert Business Consultants through our website, or call 0097142504150 or walk into our Office at Dubai Airport Free Zone (213, 6 EA Building).

We will prepare the online form by collecting the required documents and the required fees to process the request for the Certificate of Origin based on your specific company trade license and Emirates the office is based in. Talk to our team right away for the quickest and most cost-effective service in UAE.

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