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Corporate tax in UAE

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Corporate tax

Corporate Tax is a form of Direct Tax that is to be levied on all Companies operating in the UAE. For companies with a net profit of AED 375,000 and above the rate of Corporate Tax in UAE is 9%. It is one of the lowest Corporate Tax rates in the world and the Corporate Tax collected from the companies operating in the UAE will be used for the development aspects of the Country.

Companies operating in the Free Zones can avail of the preferential Corporate Tax Treatment of Zero percent. It is by meeting certain requirements of earning a ‘Qualifying Income’ from ‘Qualifying Activities’ and not from any ‘Excluded Activities’ that entrepreneurs must seek assistance from expert Tax Consultants such as AURION for determining the Corporate Tax Applicability for their company.

All companies in the UAE must Register for Corporate Tax, connect with our expert team to know more about Corporate Tax Registration in the UAE. Also, here is a Corporate Tax Guide that will be helpful to learn more about Corporate Tax and its applicability in your company.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax Guide

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