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AURION at Arab Franchise Expo, DUBAI

Arab Franchise Expo Dubai

The Arab Franchise Expo was hosted in the Dubai Pullman Creek Hotel on 07 Dec 2022. The event was attended by more than 50 companies that are aiming to expand their business through the franchising network of the Arab region.

Franchise Expo is a great way to connect with Franchisors, Franchisees, other companies, and consultancies. It is a growing ecosystem system that helps organizations grow their business and expand easily to newer geographies.

The event provided the right platform for the companies to network with each other. Also, they could share information with the guests about the various services they offer and the latest updates about the company.

Franchising is an important concept when aiming for business growth and expanding to new markets. The contribution of franchises to overall sales is significantly higher globally. In the UAE and the rest of the GCC region, the Franchising business model is new and there is immense growth potential.

Also, it is an easy way to enter the UAE and the rest of the GCC market for a foreign retail chain or a fast food network, or any services company. They can operate on a Franchisee model by identifying prospective local businesses that are interested to be part of the Franchise System.

Trademark Registration is another essential component of the Franchise System to safeguard the brand assets and maintain the brand identity of the franchisor. There are numerous advantages to getting the brand assets Trademark Registered for an organization in the context of a Franchise system.

AURION at Arab Franchise Expo, DUBAI​

Shatala Speech

AURION ISO Consultant @ Arab Franchise Expo Conference

Aurion participated in the Arab Franchise Expo and our Head of ISO Certification & Trademark Registration, Ms. Shantala Bandihal spoke about the ‘Importance of ISO Certification and Trademark Registration in the Franchising System.

ISO Quality Standard Consulting and Trademark Registration help in enhancing the overall brand quality and recognition. It will help investors in redefining their brand image and gain customer trust.

Safeguarding the brand assets from duplication is highly advisable especially if the organization is looking for an expansion of business through the Franchise System. Trademark Registration will safeguard the Franchisor’s rights and brand assets from getting duplicated or counterfeited without permission.

The Franchise Expo also hosted a Conference where many Business Consultants, Industry Leaders, and Franchise Experts shared their views about the Future of Franchising business in the UAE. The Speakers also highlighted the process of franchising, selecting a franchisee, building a franchising network, and more.

The Experts at AURION provide end-to-end assistance in ISO Quality Standard Consulting as well as support in getting the brand logo trademark registered in UAE without any hassle. ISO Quality Standards Certification and Trademark Registration are essential components when considering a Franchise Business expansion.

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