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Doing Business in UAE


UAE is the perfect launchpad for your business venture. The Country offers exceptional support towards foreign investors to come and settle in UAE. There are immense opportunities in the region for doing a new business.

UAE stands at No.1 in the ‘Ease of Doing Business index for the Middle East region. Doing business in UAE is a straightforward process supported by the two main business jurisdictions – Mainland and Free Zones of UAE.

There is growing domestic demand for businesses across all categories ranging from services to manufacturing. Technology adoption over years has transformed the industrial outlook of the UAE.

Doing Business in UAE – Target Audience and Business Opportunity

Doing business in UAE is dependent on the target audience and business opportunity of the service or goods traded. However, UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities and a wide audience base for any type of business or service.

Hence any business in UAE will survive easily as it will find the target audience required.

Doing Business in UAE – Parameters Supporting Business Growth in UAE

Doing business in UAE is driven by certain parameters that will help investors to easily set up their business and start operations in the region. UAE is the perfect destination for the entrepreneur to seamlessly conduct business and achieve easy business growth.

Various factors make UAE a perfect destination for foreign investors to start a business and achieve sustainability.

1. Strong Economy

UAE has a strong economy and sound geopolitical scenario for businesses to thrive in the region. Government spending on business infrastructure and other amenities is on the high side and beneficial for investors.

The oil-rich as well as diversified economy support business growth. There is a growing demand for tourism, science, and technology in UAE. The Absence of any political pressure makes daily business operations seamless and highly productive without any hassles.

Doing Business in UAE

For setting up a new company, a strong economy plays a key role in achieving sustainability and constant business growth.

2. UAE – Business Hub of Middle East

UAE is a prominent business hub of the Middle East with a growing number of Free Trade Zones that are significantly supporting the business setup and startups. It is a prominent business hub of the Middle East with a growing number of Free Trade Zones that are significantly supporting the business setup and startups.

For investors, UAE is the ideal choice for establishing a company and scaling it up easily. The ease of doing business in the UAE and minimal paperwork make it easy for the investors to establish a business and settle down in UAE.

There are numerous business benefits for the entrepreneur in starting a business in UAE. The 100% foreign ownership, low taxation, robust banking network, etc., trigger the new company formation in UAE.

3. Low Taxes

UAE has the lowest taxation rates in the world with only 5% VAT charged on all sales transactions happening within the country. There is no income tax or corporate tax in UAE.

Business owners from Europe can start a company in UAE and settle in UAE, obtain the Tax Residence Certificate and save taxes in their home country.

Business Opportunity in UAE

The low Taxation is a major attraction for investors from high tax paying countries to start a company in UAE and benefit from the Double Taxation Agreement. Low taxation is a major driver for Doing business in UAE for foreign investors.

4. Minimal Formalities

The company formation process in Dubai is a very straightforward process with easy steps involved in the company registration. The business-friendly laws support the investors to easily set up and expand their business ventures.

The Free Zones play a significant role in new company formation in the region. There is a well-structured company formation process in the Free Zones enabling easy business setup for the investors.

A company in the Free Trade Zones of UAE can be registered in a single day by providing the required documents and making the business license fee payment. Doing business in UAE is made easier for the investors by the Free Zones in the region.

5. Free Trade Zones Offers

The Free Trade Zones in UAE offer exclusive discounts on company formation. There are attractive packages with office spaces and world-class amenities.

The Free Zones have multi-year business licenses for the investors to think long-term for their business. Multi-Year business license offer enables entrepreneurs to plan their business well and not have the hassle of company license renewal for 3 to 5 years.

Business owners can focus on their core business and not spend time and resources for company license renewal and other administrative works.

6. World-Class Business Infrastructure

The Free Zones in UAE offer world-class business infrastructure for global investors to establish their company in the region and do business in UAE successfully.

Business infrastructure in UAE

The offices, warehouses spaces, and land for light and heavy manufacturing are available in abundance for companies of any size in UAE.

For the global investors, the Free Zone has office spaces ranging from shared desks to exclusive office space, and a customized warehouse location for easy coordination of the business.

7. Workforce Availability

UAE is a perfect location for the availability of a well-trained and skilled workforce for any type of business. UAE is a nation with a diverse population and a perfect destination for the expatriate population.

Business can easily get their desired number of staff with expertise and skill for their business operations. Companies can take up large projects and achieve business growth seamlessly.

8. Living in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect place for the expatriate population to live work and settle in the region. The city has a lot of business opportunities and infrastructure available for investors to do business in the region effectively.

The City of Dubai has it all for the entrepreneurs to establish a business, operate their business, and live peacefully. The world-class lifestyle and business infrastructure attract global investors to UAE.

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