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Why it is the right time for setting up a business in Dubai?

It is the perfect time to start a business in UAE, Dubai as City is getting back to normal from the Pandemic. Business activities are gearing up and there are enormous business opportunities in UAE that investors can tap into.

The UAE government is actively initiating stimulus packages to support businesses and instill investor confidence in the region. With more businesses getting to feel the strain of the pandemic with a shortage of orders, employee unavailability, increasing overhead costs, the business scenario globally are feeling strained.

However, in UAE the pandemic is controlled well and there is ample supply of vaccines too. The UAE Government has initiated a series of stimulus packages for distressed companies to revive.

Business Support Ecosystem in UAE

Ranging from rent waivers to loan deferrals, the UAE Government and Central Bank of UAE has collectively launched a round of initiatives to support the business ecosystem in the region and bring it back to the pre-pandemic levels.

UAE Business Setup

Along with the launching of the business stimulus packages, UAE has made major amendments to the residence visa norms, commercial company law, etc.

UAE has also initiated a host of business-friendly measures such as freezing government fees, rent stabilization for three years, and more to make doing business in the country easier for the entrepreneurs.

How Free Zones are helping entrepreneurs?

The Free Zones in UAE play a vital role in providing the right business infrastructure and platform for the entrepreneurs to build their base. The Free Zones offer a wide range of attractive business setup packages for investors.

The business setup options available in the UAE Free Zones cater to a diverse requirement across business sectors. From a General Trading License to a specific software development business license, the Free Zones of UAE offers it all to the investors as per the specific business requirement.

The 40+ Free Zones in UAE are offering more than 3000 business activities across various industry sectors for the investors to choose from.

Few of the Free Zones in the UAE have multi-year business license offer where investors can significantly save on company setup fees by paying the business license fee for 3 to 5 years upfront.

Major Free Zones with Attractive Company Setup packages

1. Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

The Sharjah Media City is a dynamically growing Free Zone located in the Emirates of Sharjah. The proximity of the Free Zone to the Sharjah International Airport makes it easy access for global investors and clients to the facility.

SHAMS offers a 3 – and 5-year Multi-Year Business License Package at heavily discounted rates for global investors across all business categories. Investors can save on the company setup fee and not think about the company renewal fee for the next three years.

Business Setup in UAE

The Free Zone has a range of office spaces available from Flexi-Desk, shared desk, shared office to Executive office.

Based on the investor’s business activity, budget, and other requirements, the specific office space can be chosen along with the business license and easily start operating the company.

2. Dubai Silicon Oasis -IFZA (DSOA -IFZA)

The Dubai Silicon Oasis -IFZA is the fastest growing Free Zone in Dubai offering investors a host of business benefits at the lowest cost in Dubai. Investors have a lot of options in IFZA to choose their right business license type and company setup packages.

With office spaces meeting international standards, and access to a host of business amenities such as conference halls, meeting room, wi-fi, customer support, Tele assistance, post-box, cafeteria, and more; IFZA is a growing business hub in Dubai.

Avail attractive offers from IFZA here for easily setting up a company in Dubai at affordable cost and top-class facilities.

3. Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

Dubai Airport Free Zone is the world’s best Free Zone with top-rated Multi-National Companies and Enterprises having their base. It has an international ecosystem with global companies and associations to support and drive the entrepreneurs in the right direction.

While setting up your business at DAFZA what you get is a prestigious Dubai Address and a world-class office space that is perfect for your business. The Free Zone offers a host of business benefits and additional business support services to the investors.

From world-class industry-standard state-of-the-art warehouses specialized for business activities like food processing, cold storage, other general-purpose warehouses, it has all for the investors to choose from.

Explore the latest Business Setup Offers from DAFZA here.

New Business Opportunities for Startups

With the Free Zones offering low-cost business packages targeting new entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups; UAE has evolved into a start-hub of the middle east.

The Flexi-Desk and Shared Office Spaces offered by the numerous Free Zones in UAE is powering the growth of the startup culture. These affordable business setup packages are the perfect start for a new business to venture into the UAE at minimal company setup cost.

With the onset of Pandemic, many traditional business activities are experiencing downtime.

However, the digitally connected world has given rise to a set of new business opportunities that leverage digital connectivity and reach customers online.

Ranging from online tuition to Yoga-classes, to virtual assistance services, there is a whole lot of new business opportunities out there that startups and new entrepreneurs are exploring currently.

To know more about the company formation process in UAE Free Zones, talk to our expert business consultants right away and get exclusive discounts on the business setup packages!

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