How to Change Registered Agent of Offshore Company in RAK?

Offshore companies in any jurisdiction can be setup only through Registered Agents of that particular jurisdiction. Hence the credentials and local presence of that Agent has to be ensured before selecting a Registered Agent. Clients can request for service provider license from any Agent before engagement, to make sure that they are with the right people.
In the course of time, the clients may find it difficult to carry on with the Agent due to several reasons like:-
  1. Not responding promptly
  2. Lack of adequate legal knowledge
  3. Charging excess fees
  4. Agent absconding or no longer a Registered Agent

In the above cases, clients can request NOC from Agent, and the Agent is bound to give NOC. If the Agent is not providing NOC within the reasonable time, clients can submit the matter before Registrar of a particular jurisdiction.

What are the requirements for change of Offshore company Agent?

The requirements for change of offshore company agent are mentioned below.

  1.  Application
  2.  NOC from current Agent
  3.  Fee for amendment of Agent address

NOC from current Agent can be obtained by submitting them a request letter showing the address of future Registered Agent. As per the Regulations of RAK ICC,  If the NOC is not provided within 14 days of submission, the matter can be reported to the Registrar of jurisdiction and Registrar has the discretion to decide the case on merits.

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    1. Greetings! You can get an NOC from your existing agent mentioning the transfer of the offshore company to the new agent (AURION). The next steps (preparing the resolutions, forms, submission to the authorities etc) will be done by AURION. For more details, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or contact me at 0503446046.

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