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Tax Residence Certificate in UAE

Avoid the Double Taxation of Income

Tax Residence Certificate in UAE

Tax Residence Certificate

Tax Residence Certificate in UAE is issued by the International Financial Relations and Organizations Department of the Ministry of Finance. Tax Residence Certificate is issued to companies and individuals who are UAE residents to avoid the Double Taxation of income earned in the UAE.

UAE has more than 42 freezones with separate jurisdictions. Each major freezone has more than 8000 companies registered and investors are forming bee-line to set up business in UAE freezones. Company registration in each free zone has different set of requirements, cost and legal structure.

Eligibility to Apply for the Tax Residence (Tax Domicile) Certificate

Individuals: The Individual must be a UAE resident and must be in UAE for at least 183 days in a year.
Companies: The company must be operating in UAE for at least one year.

Resident companies in UAE – Free Zone and Mainland companies are eligible to apply for Tax Residency Certificate in UAE.

However, an offshore company is considered outside the scope of the Tax Residence Certificate as it is not a resident company of UAE. Also, the Branch of a Foreign Company does not qualify for a Tax Residence Certificate, there is an exemption to this if the shareholder of the foreign company is a UAE resident.

Documents Required for Applying for Tax Residence Certificate in UAE

Documents required to be submitted along with the Application for Tax Residence Certificate in UAE

For Individual

For the Companies

The validity of the Tax Residence Certificate: The Tax Residence Certificate in UAE is valid for One Year from the Date of Issuance.

How to Apply for the Tax Residence Certificate in UAE?

How Will Aurion Assist You?

Aurion will assist you in preparing the required documentation for the Tax Residence Certificate in UAE. Our professionally trained Business Consultants will provide advisory services to businesses and individuals to apply for Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) the right way.

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