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Growing Business Ecosystem – How Free Zones support Business Setup in UAE?

Free Zones support the business setup in UAE  by providing the right infrastructure and business support requirements for the investors.

UAE is one of the fastest-growing business centers of the world with multi-national companies and startups establishing their presence in the region and driving the business ecosystem.

How Free Zones helps the Business Setup in UAE?

Business Setup in UAE is mainly driven by the Free Zones in the region. The role of the Free Zone in boosting the economy of UAE is vital.

The 40 plus Free Trade Zones of UAE offer the perfect launchpad for businesses to start at the lowest cost and operate successfully by keeping the overall business operations and overhead cost low.

Also, the Free Zones offer exceptional infrastructure and business support for the investors. The ease of setting up a business, 100% foreign ownership, Zero Corporate Tax, easy UAE residence visa, a wide range of office facilities and amenities, and more are attracting global investors to the Free Zones of the UAE

How the Free Zone Business Ecosystem in UAE is helping Investors?

UAE has developed a robust business ecosystem with companies, a wide network of banks, business-friendly government initiatives, Free Trade Zones, startup funding ventures, financial markets, infrastructure support, and more.

The Free Zone business ecosystem along with the UAE government’s business-friendly initiatives and infrastructural support drives the Business Setup in UAE.

1. Business Friendly Policies

UAE has one of the most business-friendly policies and regulations in the world. It encourages business setup and has a relatively easy company formation process.

The investors experience a hassle-free business setup in UAE by leveraging the various company setup packages that are offered by the Free Zones.

Specific to the investor business requirements the Free Zones in UAE offer tailored business setup packages.

2. Free Zone Business Setup

Ranging from Flexi-Desk to executive offices and customized warehouse spaces, the Free Zones offer a wide range of business infrastructure facilities to entrepreneurs.

The Free Zones in UAE offer the most competitive rates starting from AED 11,500 for a business license with zero Visa Quota.

Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

Along with issuing the business license, the Free Zones in UAE offer a host of amenities and business support services such as investor visa processing, in-house customs clearance (selected free zone only), and more.

3.Robust Banking System

UAE has got a well-established and robust bank network with international and national banks. They offer a variety of banking services for entrepreneurs depending on their specific business requirements.

Bank account opening follows certain documentation requirements and strict Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance. The efforts to curb illegal transactions are on high priority In the UAE.

Various Free Trade Zones have partnered with the national banks of UAE for facilitating smooth account opening for the global investors along with their company formation.

4. Tax-Free Status

In UAE there is no corporate or income tax, the only tax is a 5% Value-Added-Tax (VAT) that is levied on companies and individuals for any trade or transaction that is invoiced in the UAE.

Few of the designated Free Zones in the region are exempted from VAT. Hence, companies operating in these selected Free Zones are VAT exempted in UAE.

However, there are few criteria to be met to categorize a company VAT-Exempted. For the VAT Exemption, either the Company must be doing business within the designated Free Zone or must be involved in international trade only. All transactions inside of UAE fall under the regime of VAT.

To know more read VAT Designated Free Zones.

5. Growing Trade Opportunities

UAE is strategically located between the east and the west connecting the world. It acts as a trade corridor between Europe and Asia.

There are immense opportunities for entrepreneurs ranging from trading to delivering IT services.

Business Setup in UAE Free Zone

eCommerce is the latest trend in UAE with more people choosing online for shopping and other daily requirements.

The robust business and logistic infrastructure is making UAE the entrepreneur’s first choice for opening a business.

6. Value-Added-Business Services

The Free Trade Zones in UAE provide a whole lot of value-added business services to the investors in the UAE.

There are registered Business Consultants who facilitate the smooth company set up for the investors in their desired Free Zones. It is best advised to take the assistance of an expert business consultant to have a smooth company setup process and save cost in the long run.

Business Consultants will help in choosing the right Free Zone and Company Formation package for the investors depending on their exact business requirements and budget.

Hence, in a nutshell, UAE is the perfect choice for an entrepreneur to start a company and scale it up seamlessly. With the available business infrastructure and improved lifestyle, UAE is a perfect family-friendly business hub to live, work and settle.

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