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FAQs - Business Setup in UAE

FAQs - Business Setup in UAE

1. What are the requirements for the Trade License in the UAE?

The following information is required for issuing the Trade License in the UAE.

  • Business Category & Activity to be performing
  • Nationality & number of business owners
  • Trade Name and other requirements (business owner profile, passport no., etc.) indicated in the application form

Once the application is submitted, register the Trade Name, rent an office space and prepare other conditional documents (Certifications, Memorandum of Association, etc.)

2. What are the types of licenses that you should apply for Company Incorporation in UAE?

Based on the business activity you can choose the license type. There are 3 types of licenses

  • Commercial license for trading business
  • Professional license for consultancy services
  • Industrial license for manufacturing or industry business

3. What is the cost of Business Setup in the UAE?

The cost of company incorporation varies across Freezones and mainland in the UAE.

Aurion Business Consultants offers you customized cost-effective business setup solution in the UAE.

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4. Do I need to rent an office in Dubai for Company Formation?

For Company Formation in the Dubai mainland, you will require to have a physical office. However, in Freezone, there is an option for shared workspaces, small office areas depending on the business activity and Freezone Jurisdiction

To know more on Freezone Business Setup click here

5. What are the major activities performed by a PRO?

There are a whole lot of business support services undertaken by a PRO. It includes Visa Applications (Applying, Cancelling, Renewal); liaison between Government Authorities and client for legal documentation, paperwork for various business activities (Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs, etc.)

To know more on PRO services click here

6. What are the limitations of an Offshore Company Formation in the UAE?

Offshore company formation in UAE has few limitations such as:

  • No provision to issue residency visa
  • No provision to trade within UAE
  • An offshore company cannot lease or rent a local premise in UAE

7. What is an Offshore Company in UAE?

Offshore Company in UAE is an entity that is governed by the UAE Offshore Jurisdiction and is exempted from any kind of tax within the registered jurisdiction. Offshore companies are restricted to participate in business activities within the UAE.

8. How to register an Offshore Company in UAE?

Offshore Company registration is relatively easy by applying through an online registration form along with the right documents. In normal circumstances, the company registration will happen even without the physical presence of the company owner.

9. What are the essential documents required for Offshore Company Registration in UAE?

The following documents are required for Offshore Company registration in UAE: a brief company & shareholder profile, passport copy of shareholder, reference letters (bank/professional), address proof (same as the address of the Registered Agent).

10. Can an Offshore Company open a Bank Account in UAE?

Yes, an Offshore Company can open a Bank Account in the UAE. The company owner will have to visit the UAE to do the paperwork with the bank. The bank will be assessing the business activity, company profile and take a decision.

11. Why does a company need PRO services?

PRO Services are very much required for companies in the UAE, be it small or large. There is a regular requirement of submitting legal documents to the various government authorities.

Hence, especially for a new business, having PRO Services outsourced through an expert business consultancy helps a lot in setting your foot right with having the right clearances made for operating the business.

12. Does a Freezone Company Formation in UAE require a local agent?

Yes, the Company Formation in Freezone requires a local agent as it is a 100 % foreign ownership entity. The registered agent will act as the liaison between the authorities and the business owner.

13. What is the type of business entities that can be set up in a Freezone in the UAE?

The Freezone jurisdiction allows the following business types to set up their base.

  • Private Freezone company
  • Branch of an International company
  • Branch of a company already in operational in Dubai
  • Professional services

14. Is Customs Duty applicable to Freezone businesses?

Freezone offers 100 % foreign company ownership. Hence, 100% repatriation of capital & profits. Exempted from all import & export duties, no corporate tax. A 5% VAT will be applied for all domestic transactions performed inside UAE by the Freezone company.

15. Can a Freezone Company in UAE only rent an office within its jurisdiction?

Yes, the Freezones in the UAE are governed by various jurisdictions and each has a different policy and regulation. Hence, companies registered under a specific Freezone is granted access only to do business within the Freezone and internationally.

16. Does a Freezone Business Setup require an office space on rent?

Based on the Freezone jurisdiction, some Freezones like the IFZA (International Freezone Authority –Fujairah) offers shared desk facility, and having an office space is not mandatory for certain business activities in their designated Freezones.

17. What are the advantages of Business Setup in Dubai Freezone?

Company incorporation in the Freezone has numerous advantages the main ones being 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, no tax or import/export duties, no corporate tax, easy company incorporation, world-class infrastructure.

18. What is Free Trade Zone/Freezone?

The Free Trade Zones are areas designated for international businesses. There are many advantages to having a Freezone company. The major limitation the Freezones have is it cannot do business within the mainland of UAE.

19. What are the essential requirements for a Mainland Business Setup in Dubai?

Based on your business activity there are few requirements to set up your company in the Mainland. Generally, the requirements include:

  • Choosing the Business Activity and Approval of the Business Name
  • Finding a Local Partner/ Service Agent
  • Approval Certificate
  • Court Notarization
  • Memorandum of association
  • Office space and tenancy contract
  • Document preparation and submission
  • Trade license issuance
  • Other documents and clearances from Dubai Economic Department, Chamber of Commerce registration, Immigration & VISA, etc.

20. Where to setup a Mainland Business in Dubai?

The Mainland of UAE consists of various potential jurisdiction for new company setup. Few of the top locations in the Mainland is Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Deira, Al Qusais, Al Quoz, etc.

To know more on Mainland business setup, talk to our consultants!

21. What are the stages of setting up a Mainland business in UAE?

Mainland business in UAE is formed in 3 phases

  • Phase 1 - Choosing a business activity and submitting the list of company names choices for approval.
  • Phase 2 - Once the investor submits all the legal documents (application form, passport copy, educational certificates, business information, financials, etc.), the authorities will assess the investor details and notifies the approval accordingly.
  • Phase 3 - The authority authenticates the business entity, issues business license, other required clearances, and the investor can proceed to the residency visa application.

If you have any specific query, post it on to: [email protected]. One of our expert Consultant will reach out to you soon.

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  • I am a Japanese Chartered Accountant in NewYork and my Japanese Clients are feeling really comfortable with AURIONs support in UAE Business. Actually I have never seen a firm like you in the USA.

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  • It’s happy to note that Aurion registered the branch of BVI Company in Dubai Airport Freezone perfectly complying with all legal attestations. Thanks to Syam and team.

    - Edwin Marshall Berkins – USA MD, PEREGRINE Development International Inc.
  • Quality, excellence and quickness are the hallmark of Aurion.

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  • I have had the opportunity to share the last several weeks with your consultant. It has been an enlightening experience for me and the other company managers.

    - Wadi (M.Munther) Wadi Nabulsi - JordanBargain International FZE
  • I thank Aurion for their timely advice. If definitely saved me a lot of money & time.

    - Chyngyz Shermatov - Kyrgyz Republic Brimpex FZC
  • Aurion is one of the best consulting teams in the UAE for all activities of company formation and related matters. We trust them the most.

    - Ahmed Walid Halabi - US Managing Director, VSD Global (Branch)
  • AURION team has helped us to find the right location to register our company and we appreciate their professional approach.

    - Venkata Surya Prakash Bhaskarabhaitla -
  • I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by AURION. They were very professional and got the work done with expediency.

    - Humaira Siddiqui - PakistanSTRYX FZE
  • Thanks to Aurion's team I am able to concentrate on my work as they handle all other issues in a rapid and professional way.

    - Mr. Marco - Italy PROGESUB GULF FZC
  • I was very impressed on how fast and efficient the team was in incorporating our company within a few days and the exceptional assistance I received in obtaining my visa well within the time advised.

    - Kiabod T Mashad - BritainECAP FZE
  • Very friendly, professional and cost effective company that created a stress free company establishment for GQ Holdings.

    - Adam Wadi - Australia GQ HOLDINGS LTD
  • We feel safe in professional hands of Aurion since 2010 and we are sure we could not feel any safer without them. THANK YOU, AURION!

    - Mr. Hydyr - Turkmenistan Hibrius
  • AURION Team did a great job in Incorporating our Company within the expected time and without any hassle. We were happy and satisfy with their Service. Thanking you!

    - Mr. Lukas - Germany JM HYGIENE MIDDLE EAST FZC
  • Simply the best. Trustworthy, Professional and Caring. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to set-up Free Zone company in UAE.

    - Mr. Shidan Shabrokh - UK PENRIX FZE
  • AURION was the most professional Company to provide Customers with less experience in the UAE Company Establishment field a comprehensive Service and Support to get the Business started.

    - Mr. Chris Alan Schubert - GermanyArabian Consulting DWC LLC
  • It was a pleasure working with AURION, really professional, smart people who do their job FAST, EFFECTIVE and with JOY and HAPPINESS for doing the best.

    - Mr. Marcel Bettim Jacobi - BrasilVictory Global FZE

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