Top Business Setup Consultants in UAE

VAT in the UAE – Importance of Accounting and Book-Keeping

The arrival of 2018 saw the onset of the VAT era in the UAE. This phenomenon has given rise to mixed reactions among the residents and businesses in the UAE. Consumers feel that their buying habits have altered and that they have cut down the spending on luxury items. It can be observed that they … Continue reading

IFZA – The most Cost-Effective Freezone in the UAE

The International Free Zone Authority of Fujairah (IFZA) is the most cost-effective Freezone in the UAE. It is one of the latest commissioned and fastest growing economic zone currently in the UAE. IFZA has a wide range of business activities that can be licensed for company incorporation. With access to the world’s prominent shipping routes, … Continue reading

How to choose the right freezone in the UAE for your new business?

The business opportunities in the UAE are immense and the same is the business infrastructure support available here in the UAE. To promote the business services and operation in and out of the UAE, business freezones are set up in strategic locations in the region. Based on business activity, you are free to choose from … Continue reading

5 Step Checklist for selecting the best business setup consultants in the UAE

Here is a checklist for selecting the right business setup consultants in the UAE.  Choosing the right strategic partner will help the faster realization of the formation and running of your dream company in the UAE. Every one of you has at least considered starting your own business. To the serious folks out there, it … Continue reading

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – The Financial Freezone of the UAE

The new addition to the financial landscape of the UAE is the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). It is an international financial center for local, regional and international institutions based in the UAE to start their branch, office, or headquarters. ADGM offers an open platform that houses various services such as banking, insurance, wealth & … Continue reading

6 Key Components to build a Knowledge Management Strategy

Knowledge Management is becoming a vital component of every organization’s business strategy. The importance of Knowledge Management is to be attributed to its two main functionalities, i.e., Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. Knowledge Sharing is becoming very crucial as employee retention is slipping to an all-time low figure. In the present competitive world, employees are constantly … Continue reading

Can a RAKICC Offshore Company Buy Property in Dubai?

Yes, companies in RAKICC Offshore Jurisdiction can now buy property in Dubai. Dubai is an investment hotbed and the real estate sector is the most sought after investment by the foreign & local investors. Real estate investment in the UAE is one of the most lucrative businesses in the long run. Though the property prices … Continue reading

Can a Freezone Company do Business in the Mainland of Dubai?

When it comes to company formation, the Freezones are the first choice for every investor due to the various benefits like tax-free zone, 100% foreign ownership, and the ease of setting up a business. However, as your business grows there will be a stage where you would want to expand your business out of the … Continue reading

5 Reasons to have a Mainland Registered Company in Dubai

Mainland Registered Company in Dubai remains a stronghold for investors due to its scope of growth and diversification. Foreign Investors are increasingly looking for a Mainland Registered Company in Dubai as part of their growth strategy. Benefits of Mainland Company Registration in the UAE Let’s look at 5 reasons why companies chose to set up … Continue reading