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100%foreign ownership in UAE

100% Foreign Ownership in UAE Mainland – What to Look for as a Global Investors?

The resolution passed by UAE Government stating 100% foreign ownership is largely welcomed by the foreign investors across the world who are looking to set their foot in the UAE market.

Until now, for opening a Limited Liability Company in UAE there was a requirement of a UAE National to sponsor the company and own the major shares (51%).

100% Foreign Ownership – Highlights of the New Resolution

Based on the recent resolution there are amendments to this clause and now there is 100% foreign ownership across a list of permitted activities under the mainland license. (For Limited Liability Company structure)

Complete Foreign Ownership in UAE

As per sources, almost 122 business activities in the manufacturing, agricultural, and service categories are categorized into the permitted list. The aim is to drive foreign direct investment as share capital from foreign investors who wish to start a mainland company in UAE.

The businesses will be made eligible for 100% foreign ownership through a thorough assessment of various factors accordingly by each emirate.

Criteria to be Satisified for Qualifying for 100% Foreign Ownership in UAE Mainland

There are various criteria for the foreign companies to qualified for the 100% foreign ownership in UAE. Few of them are:

  • Companies that are to be registered must maintain a minimum share capital. Depending on the industry sector, the nature of the business activity, the government has a list of minimum share capital required to obtain a mainland license.
  • For example, for a manufacturing company for food products to obtain a Commercial License the minimum capital requirement is AED 15 Million
  • The companies under 100% foreign Ownership must comply with the Emiratisation targets as per the requirements stated by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
  • Also, there are certain conditions specific to industrial sectors such as construction-related activities.
    • The companies that develop large-scale infrastructure projects (e.g. airports and highways), and,
    • Utilizes modern production technologies and conduct industry-related research and development for the agriculture sector

Can Existing LLC Companies with UAE National Sponsor sift to 100% Foreign Ownership?

Yes, it is possible during the next renewal, however, it depends on a few factors first also on the current contractual agreement with the UAE National Sponsor and the exit clauses of the agreement.

Secondly, under meeting certain conditions and criteria the Ministry will issue 100% foreign ownership in UAE on a case to case basis currently. Hence, the transition from the current company structure to 100% foreign ownership is not so seamless and is dependent on a lot of factors.

What are the Steps in LLC Company Setup in UAE?

LLC Company Setup is one of the most popular company setups in the UAE. There are many benefits in LLC Company setup like:

  • The flexibility in setting up the business anywhere in the Emirates that issues the Trade License.
  • Depending on the office space, hire employees, and scale up easily.
  • Easily set up new branches in the Mainland and strengthen the presence in the UAE Market.
  • Relatively low maintenance and cost-effective office spaces available at less prominent locations

LLC Company Setup in UAE

Steps in Setting up an LLC Company in Dubai

  • Finalize the trade name and get it approved by the Dubai Economy. Follow the name guidelines while choosing the Trade Name, as this name would be appearing in the Trade License, and other company documents and for future marketing and invoicing.
  • Amending Trade Name at a later stage is slightly complicated and time-consuming as all records have to be amended individually.
  • Choose the desired business activities from the list of permitted activities as per Dubai Economy. Certain special activities and industry sector would require additional approvals.
  • Even though 100% of foreign ownership in the mainland is introduced, it has certain guidelines. So, if you are not meeting the criteria, it is advisable to find a local partner and register your company as an LLC Company.
  • Accordingly prepare the shareholder certificate, memorandum of association, partnership agreement, and submit the documents to the Dubai Economy for review.
  • Choose the desired office space and prepare the tenancy contract and submit it with other documents to Dubai Economy. Pay the required fee for obtaining the trade license.
  • Once the trade license is obtained from the Dubai Economy, the investor can proceed to obtain a UAE residence visa and corporate bank account.

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