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Technology Adoption in Dubai

Technology Adoption in Dubai – Business Opportunities in Tech Sector

Dubai is at the forefront when it comes to technology adoption and IT-related investments.

Research and real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics are significantly visible in Dubai.

There is a growing number of startups in Dubai developing applications for tapping the opportunities of telemedicine, blockchain, mobile-based consulting, machine learning, etc.

Dubai is keen on developing innovative practices in Healthcare, FinTech, Education, Food Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

Dubai aims to be a Smart City in all aspects by embracing technology to the fullest.

1. Health Technology

The healthcare sector in the UAE is transforming through the latest technology usage like Augmented Reality, cloud-based technology, etc.

AR technology coupled with cloud-based technology enables a cost-effective way of accessing the world’s top healthcare professionals around the world.

It will deliver high-quality patient care easily through the internet. It also helps in reducing travel costs and time for health specialists too.

Through live-streaming and using start-of-the-art AR software, complex diagnosis and surgeries can be conducted by consulting with global healthcare specialists.

Smart Health Devices

Smart health devices collect patient data to provide proactive care. The connected wearable devices are expected to hit over 1.1 billion units by 2022, There is an immense opportunity in the wearable tech market.

2. Financial Technology

The Fintech in UAE is a mature industry sector. There is an array of applications such as financial investments, stock trading, forex, asset management, etc, under the purview of Fintech.

From Mobile apps that track transactions to advanced biometric, UAE has it all. There is increasing adoption of Digital Wallets, Biometric authentication, online banking, digital account opening, in the UAE.

The number of FinTech companies in the MENA region is expected to grow to 1,845 by 2020.

There is an independent UAE regulatory body and the English Common Law judicial system to govern the FinTech Startups.

UAE offers the perfect ecosystem for fintech companies to demonstrate their innovative solutions and expand their business opportunities.

3. Education Technology

Technology adoption in education is becoming common in the UAE. With smart classrooms, digital screens, and online classrooms, e-books, etc., the UAE is revamping its educational system.

EdTech aims to empower children with the latest practices and educational reforms.

With the pandemic, distant learning has become the new normal. The scope of EdTech is vast.

Ranging from interactive content creation for students to smart technology devices, the use of technology in education is becoming popular around the world.

4. AgriTech – For Food Security

UAE is aiming to adopt modern agriculture technologies and utilize renewable natural resources in food production.

The increase of local food production is a top priority due to the Covid-19 lockdown and international border closures.

Adopting modern agriculture technologies and utilizing natural resources in food production is essential to sustain the food availability in the future.

Business Investment Opportunities in the Food Sector

Providing an ecosystem that attracts foreign investments, partnerships to launch food-related investment projects like processing units, warehouses, food testing centers, etc.

UAE is all set for using modern agriculture, water treatment technologies, and raising food safety standards.

5. Artificial Intelligence

UAE is an investment hotspot for technology projects across various industry sectors. UAE is aiming for becoming a smart city by adopting future-ready technology.

There is widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence in all major business activities and industry verticals in the UAE.

Artificial Intelligence in UAE – Area of Application

  1. Instant Visa Processing by Dubai Government by partnering with Dubai Health Authority for a 30 min medical fitness clearance using robots and AI technology
  2. All disputes and cases in DIFC Courts would be dealt with using AI, Blockchain, and machine learning in the future
  3. AI is used to protect the Intellectual Property rights of entrepreneurs and research firms in the UAE
  4. Forming a Blockchain Consortium of UAE Banks to speed the account opening and facilitating Know-Your-Customer (KYC) data sharing and document transfer across banks

6. Robotics

Robotic Process Automation is becoming mainstream in the UAE. With a handful of institutes and robotic tech companies in the UAE, robotic application development is a key focus area in the UAE.

There are already a few areas where robots are used actively in the UAE. From complex surgeries in healthcare to greeting guests at hotels, the scope of robotics application is vast.

Robotic Applications in Dubai

Robots in Dubai Hospitals Performing Complex Surgeries

The Ministry of Health and Prevention is being actively using robots for conducting precise cardiac surgeries for some time.

Robotic Pharmacy

Various Hospitals in UAE use Innovative concepts such as a Robotic Pharmacy. Based on high power computing and robotic technology the robots can store up to 35000 medicines and attend to around 12 prescriptions in less than a minute.

Also, from applications that monitor patient vital signs to remote consulting and surgeries, robotics has a wide range of applications in the medical field.

Robotics in Public Service

Also, robotics are widely applied in public service – The Dubai Police has a Robocop to greet and assist public, Robo Lifeguards in the beach, Robots to serve customers in documents renewals. updating information etc.

The RTA has an automated license plate maker capable of printing 33000 plates/day without any human intervention.

Robots are also used to clean Dubai Metro stations for reducing the consumption of water and improve the sterilization processes. So in a nutshell, robotics is the most sought after technology in the UAE.

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