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Trademark Registration Process in Dubai

Trademark Registration Process in the UAE

Trademark Registration is a very essential element for the success of your brand. In this competitive world where there are numerous brands and products, for you to stand out as a brand is becoming quite challenging.

Trademark Registration helps the business to protect their brand identity and enables you to stand out among the competitors. Trademark Registration is a key differentiator for your brand.

The business benefits Trademark Registration brings to you is innumerable. Here are few of the assured benefits from Trademark Registration to your brand.

  • Protect your brand identity
  • Legally protect your brand assets from being copied or used by third-party without consent
  • Enhance brand value, build a reputation and avoid counterfeits

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Trademark Registration Process in the UAE

Trademark Registration in the UAE follows stringent rules. There is a well-defined process for achieving your trademark in the UAE.

1. Conduct an existing Trademark lookup

The first and most important step in the trademark registration process is to ensure the trademark assets you are interested in is not in use currently.

Conduct a trademark check online using the US Patent & Trademark Office database, other third-party online tools, etc. Business Consultants specialized in Trademarking could help you at this step by identifying close matches of your intended trademarking assets.

Aurion Business Consultants are experts in Trademark Registration procedures in the UAE. Our consultants will handhold you throughout the registration process and beyond that. Schedule a free consultation with us to know more on the Trademark Registration process in the UAE.

2. Documentation

In the UAE, the Ministry of Economy is the governing body for processing trademark applications.

The process can be performed online through the e-services. It would require the following documents to be submitted such as:

  • Trademark design sample (brand name)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trading License
  • Passport or Emirates ID for the concerned person
  • List of goods and service to be trademarked
  • Contact information of the applicant

3. Payment

There is a payment fee for processing the trademarking application. Post the document submission the fees have to be remitted to the authorities. The fee is split across various stages such as initial approval, publication fees, registration, certification, etc.

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4. Approval from the Ministry of Economy

The application would be reviewed by the Ministry of Economy. If found the trademarks are already in use or any irregularities in the application form, the submission could be rejected. Finding a business consultant for the application submission and paperwork will be advisable to avoid the risk of rejection.

5. Publishing in two National Arabic Newspapers

To receive a no-objection from the public for the trademarked assets, the application will be published in two national dailies by the Ministry.

There is a 30-day window for registering any objection by the public. If received any objection, the ministry would notify you the status. You will have to re-consider your branding and apply for the trademark registration with the revised brand assets.

6. Registration

Clearing all of the above-specified steps, you will receive the Certificate for Trademark Registration in the UAE.

Once registered there is a 10-year validity for the Trademark Certificate. Post that will require to pay a fee to retain the Trademark.

Trademark Registrations globally is governed by International Authorities such as the Madrid Convention, Bern Convention (Copyright Protocols), etc.

As UAE is not a member of the Madrid International Convention for Trademark Protection, the trademark registered in UAE is protected only in UAE and not globally. Similarly, Companies in UAE cannot copy the trademark of any other company outside of UAE as UAE is a member of the Bern Convention that governs international Copyright Protocols.

Hence choosing your trademarking assets is a very critical step in the process. If your assets’ close match is found elsewhere in the world, it will be subject to rejection by the authorities.

An experienced business consultant could help you out with finding out the right assets for trademarking and will help you in the whole process of trademarking by 100% complying to local and international regulations.

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