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Trademark Registration in UAE

Why should you Trademark your Brand in the UAE?

Registering a Trademark for your brand is a critical component in today’s competitive marketplace. As there are numerous companies opening businesses in the UAE market, there is a need of protecting your Company Assets such as Brand Name, Signatures, Statements, Figures, Letters, Graphics, Logos, Seals, Announcements, any group of marks registered under the UAE’s Trademark Laws.

Trademark Registration allows the brand to have better control over their good and services, gain customer acceptance quicker, curb counterfeiting and expand globally as a trusted brand.

UAE Trademark Laws

The UAE Government has taken stringent measures by enforcing robust Trademark Laws to protect companies and brands in the region. The Trademark regulations in the UAE is very similar to that of the International Standards.

The UAE’s Federal Trademark Law No.37 was first introduced in 1992 and was amended by Federal Law No.8 of 2002. The Trademark Registration cost is a nominal fee and all business can apply for it.

Features highlighted in the UAE Federal Trademark Law:

  • Deliberately imitating or forging a registered trademark that sells original goods and services distinguished logo in a way that misleads the public
  • Using or placing a trademark owned by a third party illegally and with bad intention
  • Deliberately promoting, displaying or selling a product or service that is imitated, forged or illegally associated with a registered trademark
  • Writing statements on commercial documents, deliberately propagating the false impression of a registered product or service.

It is to be noted that there are few words, images, and signs that cannot be trademarked. You can visit the UAE Government’s Official Portal to find out more on Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark Infringement in the UAE

In the event of any trademark infringements (another company using your logo, close imitation, etc.), you must contact the party and inform them about your trademark rights. If they refuse to change their practices, contact the Ministry of Economy’s Trademark Department to follow up on the case.

The Penalties for Trademark infringements in the UAE include confiscation of goods, a fine of at least AED 5000 and even imprisonment.

To know more about Trademark Infringement and the penalties, you can refer to the UAE Government’s Official Portal.

What are the benefits of Trademark Registration in the UAE?

1. Avoid Duplication

Trademark Registration helps in avoiding any duplication of your brand’s assets. Trademark prevents counterfeits and helps to flag any duplicate products and curb illegal import or export as well. You will be the owner of a Registered Trademark and will have the exclusive rights to use the trademark in your marketing and product/services delivery efforts.

2. Enhance Brand Value

Trademark Registration helps in securing brand assets. Trademark enhances brand perception, authenticity, and transparency.  It allows brands to function without any legal hurdles. Trademark helps customers to distinguish the brand from fake ones. It helps in achieving higher customer satisfaction and is a promise to deliver quality goods and services.

3. Brand Identity

Trademark Registration keeps the brand identity intact. Trademark helps companies to gain exclusive rights on using their assets for marketing and delivering quality products/services to the customers. Most importantly, Trademark helps to take action against any unauthorized use of your assets and claim for infringement rights.

4. Legal Authority

Trademark enables brands to have the provision to file a complaint against anyone who misuses their trademark. You will be the sole owner of your brand assets and no other individual/brand would be able to copy it.

5. Security

A Registered Trademark acts as security for your business in many ways. The Trademark adds value to the business establishments. The right to use the word ‘Registered’ or ‘O’ symbol is entitled to the brand. This adds up to the credibility and notifies other people of your rights.

The trademarked assets can also be pledged as a security to loan facilities similar to the immovable property. This adds up to extra support for expansion or even at the time of distress.

6. Global Market Reach  

Trademark is a status symbol and customers today are well aware of the ‘Registered/O’ Symbol along with the authenticity of your brand (if you have a trademark). Hence, it adds up to building an instant brand value among the customers.

All major brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike have established their footprints globally by projecting their trademarked assets in their marketing initiatives and product/service delivery.

Trademarked assets help in effective marketing, as building awareness about the brand is quicker with the registered symbols and also by promoting the trademarked assets through the digital marketing efforts.

Brands such as Airbnb, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, etc., have expanded globally by promoting their trademarked assets across their websites, digital channels, traditional marketing, media, etc.

Having your company’s Trademark Registered in the UAE has multiple benefits. As UAE is a center for business and shopping, branding is a key component for differentiation. So, getting your brand assets trademarked will help you gain that competitive edge.

Also establishing your brand in the UAE is a road ahead to international market expansion and building a legacy brand. A trademarked brand has a competitive advantage over the other market player in gaining a presence in the customer’s mind and achieve quicker market shares and business growth.

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