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Second Passport / Dual Citizenship

Second Passport / Dual Citizenship

Aurion Business Consultants provide confidential professional consultation to high networth individuals, who are looking for possibility to obtain the Second Passport and Dual Citizenship by way of Citizenship By Investment (CBI).

Citizenship-by-Investment programme offers you the opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship quickly and simply, without any disruptions to your life.

The most popular Second Passport and Residency Programs:

  1. St. Lucia
  2. Dominica
  3. St. Kitts
  4. Monaco
  5. Grenada
  6. Cyprus
  7. Portugal
  8. Malta
  9. Uruguay

Aurion Business Consultants have good and trustful connections in each of the country and could advise you the most appropriate country as per your requirements and budget. We are building the easiest way structure and making the process less expensive and hassle free.



Investment purchase

Cash purchase

Time of processing


St. Lucia

$500,000 to $550,000

$200,000 to $250,000

3-4 months

Visa free travel to 121 countries as well as visa free travel to Switzerland or 180-days in the Schengen area of the European Union


Investment amount plus $100,000 per adult  applicant and $50,000 per dependent 21 years and under.

$100,000 for a single applicant, $175,000 for an applicant with spouse, $175,000 for an applicant and up to two children below 18 years, $200,000 for an applicant, spouse and two children under 18

3-4 months

First, the required investment amount is very, very low in comparison to similar programs in other countries – some of which mandate at least $1,000,000USD. Second, there are no taxes on capital gains, gifts, wealth or inheritance. Third, there is no required army service. Finally, the citizens of Dominica enjoy visa-free travel to nearly 100 countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, and Nepal.

St. Kitts

Real Estate Investment with a value of at least US$ 400,000 plus payment of various registration and other fees

charity donation of minimum US$ 250,000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) for single person + payment of processing fees.

2-3 months

Visa free travel to European Schengen area including UK, and Ireland along with other 80 countries; No prior residence requirements; No income or wealth tax; Citizenship for family members (spouse and children); Lifetime citizenship and no restrictions on Dual citizenship


EUR 1 million

None option

2-3 months

While Monaco is a member of the United Nations, it is currently not a member of the European Union so the country is empowered to make its own laws, regulations, and directives concerning taxes and other banking and financial matters. Monaco citizenship offers many financial and economic benefits that entice foreign investors to relocating to this nation.


500000 $

None option

3-4 months

Once an investor receives the Grenada passport, he/she may live, work, study, and travel without restriction in the country. Additionally, because of Grenada’s membership in CARICOM – the Caribbean Community – the investor’s second passport will be a CARICOM passport and will be valid for entry into and travel through the CARICOM membership countries of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago without the need of a visa.


300,000 EUR

2,500,000 – 5,000,000 EUR

3 months

Upon receiving approval of the citizenship application, the foreign national and family will receive Cyprus passports. They can use their passports to travel freely throughout the European Union without the need for obtaining different visas. Additionally, the investor can freely and easily transfer any amount of funds from one EU member state to another, as well as purchase property or make investments in any EU member state.


EUR 350,000 + residence or rental + EUR 150,000 bonds

None option

2-3 months

In receiving Maltese citizenship and a passport, the individual is empowered with full voting rights in the country and is entitled to live, work, study, and travel in the nation. Malta does not bar dual citizenship so foreign nationals will not be required to renounce their previous nationality upon obtaining a Maltese passport.


USD 100,000 per applicant

None option

4-5 months

Uruguay passport is an excellent travel document, allowing the visa-free access to all of South America, MERCOSUR, and Europe’s Schengen Area. While a visa is required to visit the United States, approval rates are higher than other South American countries, so Uruguay is seen as a road to America.

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Clients Testimonials

  • I am a Japanese Chartered Accountant in NewYork and my Japanese Clients are feeling really comfortable with AURIONs support in UAE Business. Actually I have never seen a firm like you in the USA.

    - Mr. Nobu Murata - JapanCREARE FZE
  • Setting up a new business can be a real challenge unless you have consultants who could provide proper guidance. Aurion expertise in incorporation has made things a lot easier to us.

    - Nasr Husain Warour - Syria Oolchi FZE
  • The most trust worthy professional group I've ever seen

    - Serge Ndiaye - France SN AERO FZE
  • It’s happy to note that Aurion registered the branch of BVI Company in Dubai Airport Freezone perfectly complying with all legal attestations. Thanks to Syam and team.

    - Edwin Marshall Berkins – USA MD, PEREGRINE Development International Inc.
  • Quality, excellence and quickness are the hallmark of Aurion.

    - Melanie Silke – Germany Mesity FZE
  • The entire job of setting up company in Freezone and getting warehouse was done in one day. Thanks to Aurion team.

    - Ndibe Obi – Nigeria Next International Middle East FZE
  • I have had the opportunity to share the last several weeks with your consultant. It has been an enlightening experience for me and the other company managers.

    - Wadi (M.Munther) Wadi Nabulsi - JordanBargain International FZE
  • I thank Aurion for their timely advice. If definitely saved me a lot of money & time.

    - Chyngyz Shermatov - Kyrgyz Republic Brimpex FZC
  • Aurion is one of the best consulting teams in the UAE for all activities of company formation and related matters. We trust them the most.

    - Ahmed Walid Halabi - US Managing Director, VSD Global (Branch)
  • AURION team has helped us to find the right location to register our company and we appreciate their professional approach.

    - Venkata Surya Prakash Bhaskarabhaitla -
  • I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by AURION. They were very professional and got the work done with expediency.

    - Humaira Siddiqui - PakistanSTRYX FZE
  • Thanks to Aurion's team I am able to concentrate on my work as they handle all other issues in a rapid and professional way.

    - Mr. Marco - Italy PROGESUB GULF FZC
  • I was very impressed on how fast and efficient the team was in incorporating our company within a few days and the exceptional assistance I received in obtaining my visa well within the time advised.

    - Kiabod T Mashad - BritainECAP FZE
  • Very friendly, professional and cost effective company that created a stress free company establishment for GQ Holdings.

    - Adam Wadi - Australia GQ HOLDINGS LTD
  • We feel safe in professional hands of Aurion since 2010 and we are sure we could not feel any safer without them. THANK YOU, AURION!

    - Mr. Hydyr - Turkmenistan Hibrius
  • AURION Team did a great job in Incorporating our Company within the expected time and without any hassle. We were happy and satisfy with their Service. Thanking you!

    - Mr. Lukas - Germany JM HYGIENE MIDDLE EAST FZC
  • Simply the best. Trustworthy, Professional and Caring. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to set-up Free Zone company in UAE.

    - Mr. Shidan Shabrokh - UK PENRIX FZE
  • AURION was the most professional Company to provide Customers with less experience in the UAE Company Establishment field a comprehensive Service and Support to get the Business started.

    - Mr. Chris Alan Schubert - GermanyArabian Consulting DWC LLC
  • It was a pleasure working with AURION, really professional, smart people who do their job FAST, EFFECTIVE and with JOY and HAPPINESS for doing the best.

    - Mr. Marcel Bettim Jacobi - BrasilVictory Global FZE

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